Season 5 Episode 16

Lured by the Black Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Jakotsu attacks Sesshomaru while Suikotsu kidnaps Rin. However, Suikotsu's good alter ego takes over temporarily as he takes Rin to the village where he tended to children. When villagers ask for Suikotsu to leave, his evil alter ego takes over and kills one of the villagers. Jakotsu then shows up from hiding. Meanwhile, Kikyo and Sesshomaru head off to go after the three despite the barrier on the town.moreless

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  • This is another great episode, so dont miss out.

    This is another great episode, so dont miss out. Inuyasha took koga and the others to lay them in a safe place to rest cause they might come back and get the jewel shards from his legs. Sesshomaru battles one of the band of seven, and he is no match for sesshomaru, they try to take rin as hostage for an upper hand. Jekken helps defend rin from being taken by the evil doctor, but when the bridge gives way they fall and sesshomaru rushes down to see if rins alright. He only finds jekken who pretends to be dead, they go rush to find rin. Turns out the doctor has taken her to the village which he said that he never really turned back to the good doctor. And he slayed the rest of the villagers, he was about to slaughter the children the good doctor from within him stopped him from doing so.moreless
  • Sango and Kagome proceed up Mont Hakurei as Inuyasha and Kagome get Koga to saftey. Suikotsu has gone back to his village with Rin. He says he nolonger has a split personality and is just himself. He then attemps to try kill the children he was caring formoreless

    I got the whole DVD set and i gotta say, this was one of the best episodes. Its Hilarious with Miroku and Sango proceeding up mount Hakurei and Miroke continously attempting to grab Sango\\\\\\\'s ass but the purity of the mountain paralyses him.

    Sesshomeru gets into a fight with Jakotsu and meanwhile Jaken and Rin get to saftey. Suikotsu appears and abducts Rin. He later goes back to his old village as a good doctor. He seemed to have changed back to the good doctor but things look otherwise as he kills an innocent man.

    Jakotsu appears after following him and asks if he is the goodie doctor or the Suikotsu of the Band of 7. He says he is neither and just plainly himself, he tried to prove this by killing the children he looked after but then get paralysed by his thoughts. Meanwhile Kikyo has a brush in with Bankotsu and asks him some questions about his purpose now that he is alive again, then she proceeds to look for Suikotsumoreless
  • Sesshomaru shows how much he does care for Rin by doing his best to protect her from Jukotsu and Suikotsu, and something tells me that the score between them has yet to be settled!moreless

    The highlight of this episode was definitaly watching Sesshomaru battle it out with Jukotsu, proving that he does indeed care about Rin, even though he doesn't express it in words or with anything emotional, but hey! Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

    This is really the only time we've seen Sesshomaru in a sticky situation, and we didn't even get to see them finish their battle. And since Sesshomaru has never let anyone off easy before, I think it's safe to say that our aristocratic Dog-Demon will get to slay another member of the Band of Seven before this is all over.

  • Sessohomaru may have shown he cared for Rin before, but this episode shows how much he cares for her.

    Sessohomaru is still fighting with Jakotsu. When he realizes the fight could get out of control, he orders Jaken to take Rin to the bridge. A minute or two later, Rin and Jaken are attacked by Suikotsu. The fight between Jaken and Suikotsu causes the bridge to collapse. When Sessohomaru heard Rin falling, he actually stopped his fight with Jakotsu, and he jumped down the cliff to find Rin. Jaken actually pretended to be dead, so Sessohomaru wouldn't be angry at him. At the end of the episode, Rin is kidnapped by the Suikotsu and Jakotsu. Seeing Sessohomaru made finding Rin as his primary objective is kinda of touching. I like that Sessohomaru has changed from being cold-hearted at the beginning of the series to being more caring for others.moreless
Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Jaken (E)

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Akiko Yajima

Akiko Yajima

Kohaku (J)

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Brenna O'Brien

Brenna O'Brien

Rin (E)

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