Season 8 Episode 3

Meido Zangetsuha

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 17, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Inuyasha tickles my funny bone with it latest installment that has a grieving Sesshomaru, five Miroku's, a prankster named Shippo, and a dozen fox demons.

    This episode was hilarious, it starts off with Sesshomaru thinking about Kagura's death. Totosai arrives to tell Sesshomaru that the time has come to learn a technique on the tenseiga. Meanwhile, in Japan, Kagome and her friends drop off applications at a local high school they all want to attend. Kagome's friends worry that Kagome may not graduate with them and get into the same high school due to her poor grades and many absenses. Kagome goes home and studies harder than she ever has, things start to make sense to her and she is learning material real easily, if only it wasn't so cold. OH Wait. it is cold cause kagome is dreaming and Inuyasha is watching her through an open window. Kagome is furious that her understanding the material was only a dream. Kagome and Inuyasha return to futial era. Shippo is telling Lady Kaeda about Kikyo's plan to purify the jewel shard and using Kohaku's shard to do it. Lady Kaeda and Shippo meet up with Miroku and Sango as they talk about Kohaku. Miroku is being really nice so Sango rubes his butt in order to make sure that it is really Miroku and not Shippo in disguise. Kaede and Shippo overhear Sango and Miroku's conversation and Kaede tells Sango that it is okay for her not to want her brother to die in order to defeat Naraku and that their must be another way. Inuyasha and the gang continue on their journey to find Naraku, completely unaware that a women is watching them from the bushes. The come across a temple for Fox demons and a bunch of lovely ladies invite them to stay, and Miroku can't say no to beautiful girls. Shippo is knocked out by someone shotting a leaf onto his head and falls behind the rest of the gang. When he wakes up he meets some other fox demons and they tell him about a test going on today to raise fox demons ranks. When Shippo catches up with the rest of the gang he realises that playing tricks on Inuyasha helps him raise his ranks. So he continues to play trick after trick on Inuyasha and pissing him off. Meanwhile, other fox demons are turning into women and charming Miroku. Sango is jealous. Soon the fox demons turn into four Miroku's to comfort Sango but Sango aint having it. Eventually Shippo runs out of tricks and must run away from Inuyasha. Inuyasha uses wind scar to draw him out.

    A girl, the one hiding in the bushes, finds Shippo and uses her sword to absorb Inuyasha's sword of the wind scar eventually stealing all the wind scars energy. She then uses the attack against Inuyasha but it does not work since her skills with a sword are weak. Inuyasha then makes the girl reveal her true form as a demon and then kick his butt out of their. Meanwhile, Totosai teaches Sesshomaru a new attack called Meido Zangetsuha and it opens a hole and sucks a demon into the underworld. Hilarious episode, possible one of my favorite Shippo centric episodes.
  • The gang enter grounds for a Fox-demon entrance exam. Shippo attempts to go up ranks by dishing out fox magic trickery mainly on Inuyasha while impressing other fox-demons. Miroku gets his fair share of comic relief in this episode as well...

    I like filler episodes just for the sake of giving comic relief to the gang's serious journey to face Naraku in the end. Although not as worthy as the past filler episodes, I give props whenever Shippo can take Inuyasha off the spotlight, even if for a moment's time. Miroku also provides some relief as well with his womanizer ways. It would have been nice if Kagome, Kirara and Sango had more part on the episode instead of just background characters. My question is how in the world does Shippo get to level 24 while not attaining any new abilities?
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