Season 2 Episode 1

Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 22, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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After Miroku sucks a mantis demon into his Wind Tunnel, the demon manages to rip the tunnel. Panicked, Miroku returns to the home of his mentor, Mushin, to repair it. Haunted with memories of his father's death, Miroku must come to terms with his Wind Tunnel as demons attack Mushin's temple.moreless

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  • Pretty good episode, really good to watch.

    Pretty good episode, really good to watch. They were at a village that need demons to be slayed, the monk saw a beautiful woman and decided to go after her. It was a trap the woman turned into a mantus and the monk use his wind tunnel while the mantus was getting sucked in he injured the monks wind tunnel. He decided to go to his old friend to get it healed, but it turned out that naruku got to him first and he was possesed. He try to kill the monk but his friends came and took the evil spirit out of the monks friend. And he stitched up the monks hand said that the sooner they naruku the better.moreless
  • Though he was always known to be a silly monk who simply enjoys flirting with any beautiful girl that catches his eyes, Miroku really has a good and hounarable side to him as well... And Inuyasha discovers the real powers hidden within the Tetsaiga.moreless

    After setting sight on a beautiful girl in a village while Sango and Kagome was busy trying to capture what seems to be a rat demon, he followed her to a field outside the village, only to realise that the so-called princess and lone surviver of her people was a giant praying mantis demon. While using his wind tunnel to capture the demon however, Miroku accidentally nipped the sides of the wind tunnel, causing it to expend.

    This caused the start of Miroku's worries as he feared that the wind tunnel would soon expend till it eventually sucked himself in as well. From this point on, we finally get to know a little bit more about this young monk. We learned about his past, how his father died, and even had a chance to look at his hometown. Much friendship, teamwork, courage and sacrifice was also potrayed in the personality of not only that of Miroku, but also Inuyasha, Sango, as well as Kagome and Shippo.

    Also, we are able to see the start of a successful team starting to built, with Inuyasha beginning to be concern of his comrads, Sango agreeing to work with the rest of the team, and not forgetting Miroku, who after recovering, is still as loyal a friend as before, and most certainly as flirtatious as ever.moreless
  • Rise of a Power and the Return of a Nature!

    Miroku Leaves the group!? Oh My God!

    noooo Dont let it be true!!! Poor Sango! I feel for her oh though no feelings yet :P

    Yes the Introduction of Master Mushin or Innocence in Japanese. The Drunk old man all Sake and No Talk. He is Miroku's Foster Father after when Miroku's Fathers Wind Tunnel Kills him he adopts Miroku.

    Yet along this Detour there is a merit! The unvieling of the Kaze No Kizu!moreless
  • Miroku's flirtatous nature comes back and takes a bite out of him, literally...

    This really gives us a look into Miroku's past as well as his "sensitive underbelly". This one couldn't be any more perfect. There's a lot of action in this one as well as a lot of anticipation.

    The best surprise yet was Inuyasha using the Wind Scar and it was totally accidental (very much like the Backlash wave when he first learned it). I was thinking when he got all of those demons at once that I couldnt believe he could take them all out in that one swing. I then realized, wait, was that the Wind Scar?

    Makes me feel bad for Miroku, but this would definitely win for his most melodramatic episodemoreless
  • Miroku's greatest fear is uncovered.

    I love this ep. because of the way Miroku presents himself and how the others treat him. Inuyasha telling Miroku that he will not die with him around, shows that Inuyasha is starting to care for other people. He is starting to gain a family of friends. Everyone works together when one of their group members is in trouble. Mirolu still keeps his ways about him, though, even in hi fears and life or death situations. This is not one of the best ep.s or my favorite, but it is informative and a good watch. If nothing else watch it for the humor.moreless
Alec Willows

Alec Willows

Mushin (E)

Guest Star

Ellen Kennedy

Ellen Kennedy

Mantis Princess (E)

Guest Star

Izumi Ohgami

Izumi Ohgami

Mantis Princess (J)

Guest Star

Terry Klassen

Terry Klassen

Hachiemon (E)

Recurring Role

Toshihiko Nakajima

Toshihiko Nakajima

Hachiemon (J)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • After Hachiemon escaped with Miroku, the door that Hachiemon was under remained off the ground, even though there was no one under it.

    • While on their way to the Shinto temple, Hachiemon has bandages on his forehead. However, after he transforms back, they are gone and there's not even any sign of the stings.

    • Hachiemon mistakenly calls Mushin a "high priest" when in fact he's a monk.

    • There is water in the pail behind Miroku. But after Sango hits him with the pail, there doesn't appear to be any spilled water.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Inuyasha: Well drunkard, I hope you did a good job stitching up the wind tunnel.
      Mushin: I did the best that I could ...

    • Miroku: I will accept my death with grace. I will face my foe, unflinchingly, and I will die with honor. I won't fight when it's futile, like Inuyasha would.

    • Inuyasha: I don't care whether you live or die, but you're not going to do it while I'm around, got it? I won't be accused of abandoning you. I'm not having any guilt trips. You're not gonna lay that responsibility on me!

    • (After Miroku's wound is treated, he wakes up)
      Kagome: It's okay. The monk stitched up your hand.
      (Miroku glances at his palm and gasps)
      All: What's wrong?
      (Sango suddenly blushes and stiffens because Miroku is touching her butt.)
      Kagome: Looks like he's back to normal!

    • Miroku: Tell me, Inuyasha, is it my imagination, or have the girls been staring at me quite coldly?
      Inuyasha: I don't know, maybe it's from all the womanizing.
      (Miroku grunts and looks surprised.)
      Inuyasha: What do you expect, Miroku? They think you're a philandering creep!

  • NOTES (3)