Season 6 Episode 6

Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha must save Sango and Miroku from the village women and the demon that is controlling them..

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  • I LOVED this episode!!!!

    I absolutely LOVED this episode!!! I have been a fan of Sango and Miroku's relationship for a while, so this episode was a real treat. It begins where the last episode left off; Sango was in chains, Miroku was face to face with the demon that ate the flesh of males, and InuYasha, Kagome, and Shippo were facing off with the "demon women". The demon reveals that she used to rule the marsh and that a preist sealed her in a hanging scroll and painted the deity Kannon on it and that to return to her former glory, she needed to devour the flesh of men. Miroku was about to suck the demon into his wind tunnel but one of the possessed women got in the way and Miroku ended up not using the wind tunnel at all. Meanwhile, InuYasha and Kagome(Shippo did practically nothing) had to fend off the women without killing them which proved to be a difficult task. Miroku however had problems of his own; he also had to deal with the women without killing them. Wakana and Shinosuke were walking down the path to the Kannon shrine. After he had a run-in with one of the possessed women, he was running on the path to the Kannon shrine to warn Shinosuke about the demon inside the shrine and about Wakana. However, Miroku's warnings were in vain. Fortunantely, Wakana snapped out of it long enough to save Shinosuke. Miroku, within a couple of minutes figured out how to save the women; he had to punch them in the stomach with a sutra wrapped around his hand. So he did that to the woman that was with him and she immediately threw up a baby salamander. Miroku then went to Wakana to do the same thing to her. Afterward, he went to the marsh and sees Kagome and InuYasha struggling to fight the women, so he employs the same tactic as before to unpossess the other women. He eventually decides that there are too many women to handle by himself, so he calls to Sango for help. Kagome mentions to Miroku that Sango went off by herself to fight the women and never returned and also mentions that she was upset by Miroku flirting. Kirara then comes up to Miroku and tugs on his robes to get him to to come with her. He does so and finds himself underwater and is surprised when he sees Sango's Hiraikotsu. When Kirara flys out of the water, Sango comes out as well and Miroku gets off of Kirara and sees that Sango herself is possessed which leads to a battle between herself and Miroku. Eventually, Miroku is able to get the demon salamander egg out of her. Later, feeling guilty, Miroku is alone with Sango and apologizes to her for what happened. Also Miroku tells Sango that he has deep feelings for her but that he can't love her as any regular woman. Sango, clearly upset by this, gets up and begins to walk away. Miroku stops her, telling her that the conversation isn't over yet and asks her if she would live with him and bear his children if Naraku was ever killed and Miroku was still alive at the time and his curse was broken. Sango asks Miroku if he would stop flirting with women only to be answered with an "uhhhh...". The episode ends with Sango leaning on Miroku and InuYasha saying that it won't last for more than a day or two. This was one of my favorite episodes that ended with what every Sango and Miroku fan has been waiting for. Now if only they would kiss...moreless
  • Good

    Miroku and the rest of the group must fight woman who have been possesed by something. Mirou then learns that Sango has been possesed by a demon egg. He realizes that he must fight her to rid her of it. The two then begin to fight, and Miroku who has been badly wounded, manges to rid her of the egg. She recovers fully, and tells Miroku that when the finally if ever deafeat Naraku she would liek to be with him for the rest of her life. This is a pretty good episode, but the ending was pretty dumb. 7/10moreless
  • This one was a good one to watch dont miss out on the monks feelings.

    This one was a good one to watch dont miss out on the monks feelings. After the monk escapes from the water demon, he knows whats going on and casts the water demon out of the shrine. Than he started taking out the lizards out of the women bodies that was possessing them. When the monk got to the lake, inuyasha was fighting a huge water demon, the monk had to go under the water to get sango. Sango launch his weapon at him and came out of the water. The monk and sango begin fighting, until finally the monk was able to release the possess sango. In the end he told sango how he truely felt about her and he wants her to bare his children.moreless
  • This was such a cute and funny episode

    This was probably the cutest episode.Miroku was sorry and that was cute. The look on Miroku's face when Kagome was like "You were too busy fooling around with the other woman to notice." was priceless. It was cute when he said sorry to Sango. That was probably my favorite part. Then when he was like "I want you to hear my feelings. I don't want you to say anything just please hear me out." Then when he was like "Your not like the others Sango. Your very special to me." I was like OMG! I know what's gonna happen next. Then finally he proposed and I was like awwww! And it was also funny when she was like "And you'll stop womanizing." and he was like "Ehhhhh." I just started cracking up.moreless
  • Yes!Finally Miroku admits his love unlike Inuyasha.I thought the scene where Sango was feeling bad for attacking Miroku was touching and especially the last scene.

    Yes! Finally Miroku admits his love unlike Inuyasha. I thought the scene where Sango was being controlled by the egg, and attacking Miroku was sweet, you wouldn't think that she would use her weapons the way that she did. The fact that she was feeling bad for attacking Miroku was touching, and especially the last scene. It's about time he made a more serious move on her, besides touching her buns. Inuyasha is still as slow as ever Kagome and Shippou are tickled pink, and Miroku probably won't change his tune lecherous monk, but hey! Sango finally said yes, Ha! There's no getting around her love for him now.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Near the end of the episode 78, Sango tells Takeda that until she rescues Kohaku, she can't consider marriage. Yet, in this episode, her actions contradict her previous assertion.

    • This is the second time that Kagome, Inuyasha,and Shippo spy on Miroku and Sango.

    • Miroku says that Sango would have given him an even tougher fight had the egg hatched. This implies that the egg does exert contol over its "host."

    • Possible Goof:
      The woman, who put the Demon Egg in Sango, said when it hatches in her stomach then she would become like the other demon possessed women. When Miroku punched the demon out of Sango's stomach, it was still an egg. I thought it had to hatch first before it could control Sango. There are only two possiblities that would not make this a goof. One, the egg has some control over the person, but it will have complete control after it hatches. Two, the egg was on the verge of hatching, and it was starting to influence Sango.

    • This is the first episode that Miroku has a moment with Sango, and he doesn't mess it up by doing his usual move.

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  • NOTES (4)


    • The village of the demon women is very much like the village of all women in A Mermaid Never Smiles, the first story in the series also written by Takahashi commonly referred to as the Mermaid Saga. The villages both have only women who kill all the men who stumble across the village. Also the strong connection between the women and water. In the comic the women are mermaids and in one scene attack the heroes under water, similar to the underwater battles in the episode.