Season 7 Episode 2

Miroku's Past Mistake

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and gang go to a lakeside village, where a sea-demon is threatening the people there. Then, Miroku is confronted by an old flame from his past. Needless to say, this is not good news for Sango.

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  • A Miroku-Sango ep. where their relationship tested when Miroku cames across a girl he apparently agreed to marry.

    I didn't like this ep. at first just because it was a let-down after ep. 160 before. However, seeing it a second time allowed me to have a change of heart.

    This is a pretty funny ep. Especially with Inuyasha's few little lines. First when Kagome makes him "sit" for saying Miroku would "be a fool to turn down a girl that offers herself", asking who believes that saying (Shima's father quotes it a few moments later). Then Inuyasha keeps having to bring out Tetsusaiga, but doesn't get to use it. In the end, he's like, "I guess I'm not needed... for once," makes me feel bad for him.

    I feel bad for Sango, but Inuyasha did have a point, Miroku's womanizing isn't new, so I didn't truly get why she was taking things so hard. It was a sweet ending where Miroku calls Sango his girl and she has him chasing her with a smile on her face.moreless
  • The team runs into one of Miroku's old flames...and Sango gets angry

    This episode opens with Miroku being his normal self -- Hitting on Sango of course. The team run into a group of villagers who seem to know Miroku. Miroku had promised to marry a girl from the village. Though Miroku is now inlove -- and engaged. This episode is absolutly amazing to me. My favorite out of all of them. I really felt bad for Sango in this episode. When Sango "called things off" I really went crazy, though assuming things would be fine afterward. I still found this episode amazingly done and would recommend it to any Inuyasha fan.moreless
  • This ep was great! Bad Miroku, look at what you did to Sango!

    Well, the episode starts out with Miroku being a perv to Sango (as always). They go to a village where an "earthquake" had occured and one of the village men recognizes Miroku as the one who had saved his daughter. And, although I didn't find this very surprising (I mean, come on, we're talking about Miroku here), Miroku had supposedly asked the daughter to bear his child when she was well again and of course she believed him. I felt so bad for Sango. Miroku, you just need a slap sometimes! But, in the end, it all turned out okay. That water god of the lake was really weird looking (he was weird altogehter). I don't know why anyone would want to marry him! :Pmoreless
  • Inuyasha and friends help a young girl betrothed to a "water god".

    Miroku suddenly remembers the young girl and her family. He "helped" her recover from sickness. She grew into a beautiful young girl and has decided to take up Miroku's offer (marriage proposal and bear his children). Snago keeps her cll, but in her head, it's a different story. Burn in Hell You Pig is what Miroku reads through a little body language. Later, it turns out that the water god is actually real. He comes for his Pure Bride (virgin girl). She tells the ugly god that she slept with Miroku. Deeply hurt and disgusted, Sango runs away. Her feelings as usual make her vulnerable. She's captured by the water god and will be made into his concubine. Unbelievablely, Miroku loses it and retrieves his one true love t tell her the trith. Will Sango ever be able to talk to the perverted monk again?moreless
  • Inuyasha and the gang made a stop into a village.There they ran into someone from Miroku's past.It was a girl that Miroku helped two years ago and who promised to bear his child, but Sango promised too...This too bad for Miroku...moreless

    Inuyasha and the gang made a stop into a village. There they found a man who was tring to hold a demon with some charms. The man recognised Miroku and he said that he is pleased that Miroku hadn't forgot what he promised: to marry his girl.

    There was a problem: Miroku promised Sango to take her as his wife...and the girl, Shima was promised by her father to a demon catfish named Nushi...

    Miroku did not told them that Sango is his bride-to-be and Shima and her parents think that Miroku is Shima's Shima's father sais that they had to prepare the wedding right away, if they want to save Shima.

    Sango gets realy pissed of by all of this and looks at Miroku like she wanted him to dye.

    The demon comes after the girl. She does not want to go with him, and lies that she have bound her self to Miroku two years ago. The demon gets mad and transforms into his real form: a big catfish. After Inuyasha punches him, he transforms back to his little size and kidnaps Shima.

    Sango tries to save her, but the demon captures her and sais that he will make Sango his concubine. Miroku gets mad and sais that he will not allow him to take his woman. Then he defeats the demon and makes up with Sango.

Natsuko Kuwatani

Natsuko Kuwatani

Shima (J)

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Catfish demon (J)

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Jason Simpson

Jason Simpson

Shima (J)/Catfish Demon (E)

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