Season 8 Episode 1

Naraku's Heart

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 03, 2009 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The full moon shines brightly in the sky during the middle of the night. A small castle stands amongst the tall rocky walls of a mountain. Inside the castle, Kanna and Naraku reside. Kanna stands and holds her mirror as she quietly talks to herself, revealing that no matter how much she has struggled to live in this fleeting world, she still wishes to continue living in it so she can gaze once again upon the midnight moon. Naraku sits nearby, holding Kagura's beating heart in his right hand. He speaks, ordering Kagura to not let him escape.

In a cave, Kagura stands guard before wooden bars that hold a prisoner inside. Goryomaru sits in the middle of the cell, staying silent. Suddenly, a violet dark aura appears inside the cell, and Kagura gasps as several airborne demons emerge from it. The aura disappears as the demons fly straight for Goryomaru, intending to kill him. He stands up and opens his prosthetic right arm to fire a bright wave of demonic energy at the demons, blasting them to pieces. The demons fall, and purple rope-like appendages branch out from the light blue demonic energy residing in his arm. They pick up the pieces of the slain demons, bringing them back and taking them inside the energy. Kagura watches, realizing that he is devouring the demons. She speaks to Goryomaru, asking him what he is and why Naraku has him locked away here. He does not answer, but someone appears then, telling Kagura she should release Goryomaru if she wishes to know the answers to her questions. Kagura turns to see Hakudoshi, and he scoffs, asking her if she is afraid of Naraku now that it is finally time for them to commence their plan of betrayal. She replies by asking him if he is even capable of betraying Naraku, but Goryomaru finally speaks then. He demands that she decide whether she will die in allegiance to Naraku or release him from this cell so they can find freedom. Kagura questions his idea of freedom, leading Hakudoshi to add that the only way she will ever obtain true freedom will be with the death of Naraku. Kagura knows this, and reminds herself of when Naraku had detached his body from his heart at Mount Hakurei, creating the Infant that was eventually split in two by a spiritual monk's power, leading one half to become Hakudoshi while the other half remained as Naraku's heart. Hakudoshi asks Kagura if she will join them, and confidently says he can retrieve her heart before eliminating Naraku. Kagura asks what she will do for him after releasing Goryomaru, causing Hakudoshi to admit they currently are not strong enough to face Naraku, so they require more power. Kagura understands their predicament, and knows they will have to obtain the Shikon Jewel shards before they can even hope to kill Naraku.

Daytime has arrived for the villagers living near the Bone Eater's Well. Miroku stands close to the well, watching as Shippo transforms to look like a clone of him. Shippo asks how he did, and Miroku praises him for doing such a good, precise job. Shippo's mission is to stay with Sango the entire time Inuyasha is over in Kagome's world. While Shippo is doing that, Miroku intends to go off and do more exciting things. He begins walking away but doesn't get far before Sango appears, hitting Miroku on the head with a piece of wood. Miroku collapses to the ground, laying face down with a goose egg on his head from the sudden attack. Shippo quickly transforms back to his original form, exclaiming that he had no idea of Miroku's plan. Sango makes it known she is already aware of that fact, but it doesn't stop Shippo from trembling at her violent temper.

In the modern world, numerous students mingle outside of Kagome's school. Inside, Kagome is taking an exam in an otherwise empty classroom. The edge of her mechanical pencil breaks off from being pressed too hard into the paper, but she pays no mind to that as she stares with wide eyes at the questions to answer, horrified over the fact that she cannot even remember how she is supposed to answer them. In the hall outside the classroom, Eri, Yuka and Ayumi sit and wait for her to finish. Eri remarks on Kagome being the only one that has to do these make-up exams, then Yuka states how Kagome has been absent quite a lot lately. Ayumi reminds them of the entrance exams coming up soon as well, and she wonders if Kagome will be able to handle it all. Inuyasha appears in the hall then, wearing a purple scarf to cover up his dog ears. He crawls around while he sniffs the floor, and sees Kagome's friends shortly after they notice him. Meanwhile inside the classroom, Kagome struggles with the exam. She forces herself to calm down and remember, feeling certain she read the answer to this question in the study guide before. Suddenly, she finds some determination, and an answer comes to her. She boldly begins to write again while telling herself she can succeed at this. Outside, Kagome's friends learn Inuyasha has come here to pick up Kagome, which Ayumi thinks is very sweet of him. Inside, Kagome tells herself to focus and finish solving this question, but Inuyasha opens the door to the classroom then, breaking her concentration. Kagome comically snaps as though she were a machine that just broke apart, and Eri peers in, wondering what that snapping sound she heard was. Yuka thinks it was the sound of Kagome's concentration breaking, and Ayumi agrees, saying that happens to everyone at some point. Suddenly, Kagome yells at Inuyasha, ordering him to sit. The Beads of Subjugation around Inuyasha's neck yank him to the floor with a loud slam, but he quickly sits back up, demanding to know why she just did that. Kagome bends down to his level and says that he was supposed to wait at home for her, but Inuyasha claims she was taking too long to return. She tries to explain how she was attempting to finish up her exam quickly, but instead takes on a dark demeanor Inuyasha finds very intimidating. She practically hovers over him with a curse-like aura surrounding her, declaring him to be the reason she has completely forgotten the equation she was close to remembering. Kagome's friends find her sudden change to be frightening, and Eri decides that she must be controlling Inuyasha with the power of fear. Their teacher shows up then, looking at Kagome's exam paper. He declares every single one of Kagome's answers to be incorrect, and adds that this will make getting into a school of her choice quite difficult, which only causes Kagome to be downright petrified.

Inuyasha carries Kagome on his back while walking on a tall, green metal fence. Kagome's friends walk on the street not too far away. Eri asks Kagome if she's all right, which she only gives a sigh as a response to, and Inuyasha points out that it was a good thing he came after all. Ayumi finds the sight of the two of them to be a lovely thing, and Yuka tells Kagome they'll be going now so they aren't a bother to them. Kagome looks back and asks them to wait, but they've moved on and Inuyasha keeps walking. She turns to look at Inuyasha, and decides to be content with how things are. She gives a small smile and closes her eyes as she gently sets her head down on his shoulder. They return to Kagome's home, where her mother eagerly greets them. A short time later, Kagome's mother, brother and grandfather stand next to the well leading to the feudal era. Kagome dashes over to the well with her large yellow backpack on her shoulders, and Inuyasha follows right behind her. Sota asks if she really is leaving already while her grandfather calls her a restless girl. Kagome assures them she can study for her exams in the other era. Inuyasha goes ahead by jumping into the well while Kagome says farewell, and her mother tells her to take care of herself. Kagome jumps into the well, beginning their journey to the feudal era. Inuyasha asks her if she wants him to eliminate her 'school of choice' and 'entrance exams', talking as if they were opponents. Kagome simply replies that it would be impossible for him to do, but Inuyasha is certain they are actually weak demons, and also says their names make them sound as flimsy and pathetic as Jaken. Kagome doesn't reply, and the two disappear into the light leading them to the feudal era.

Elsewhere in the feudal era, Jaken abruptly sneezes, which almost leads to him dropping the crystal of demonic aura. Rin is riding atop Ah-Un, and decides to ask if he is feeling ill while Jaken wonders if someone is saying bad things about him somewhere. Close by, Sesshomaru asks Jaken if the crystal has experienced any changes. Jaken states he can still sense a demonic aura, meaning they are still a good distance away from the Fuyoheki, which Naraku is using to conceal his heart. He becomes lost in the thought of wondering where it might be located, meanwhile Rin starts singing as she, Ah-Un and Sesshomaru are moving away. Jaken eventually notices and dashes to catch up, causing him to trip and fall down.

Inuyasha jumps out of the Bone Eater's Well while Kagome slowly climbs out. He carries her on his back while he runs on a path through a forest. Suddenly, multiple schoolbooks fall out of Kagome's backpack, causing them to stop so she can retrieve them. She concludes that she must have stuffed the backpack with too many things, and Inuyasha asks what she's doing, clearly agitated over their unexpected stop. Kagome tells him that he could be helping her pick up the books instead of just watching, but the topic is quickly dropped when numerous of Saimyosho suddenly appear in the sky above them. Inuyasha wonders if Naraku is here, but his question is swiftly answered upon sighting Hakudoshi in the sky instead. Surrounded by his spherical barrier, Hakudoshi laughs and greets them, stating that he had been worried something had happened to them since they had disappeared. Inuyasha quickly unsheathes Tetsusaiga, but before he can use it, he hears Kagome cry out in alarm from behind and looks to see what's wrong. Kagome falls down, letting go of the jar containing the Shikon Jewel shard. A Saimyosho is quick to snatch up the jar and fly away, causing Kagome to yell that they have taken the shard. Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kilala appear then, running down the path toward them. They stop running and Miroku decides to use his Wind Tunnel, but Sango reminds him of the poison lurking inside of the Saimyosho, and Shippo adds that he might also end up sucking in the Shikon Jewel shard as well. Their words stop Miroku, meanwhile Hakudoshi now holds the jar containing the shard. He tells them his business here is now over with, and begins to float up higher as he starts leaving the area. Inuyasha declares that he won't get away, and sends his Wind Scar attack soaring through the air to Hakudoshi. The attack is quickly repelled by the barrier, and Hakudoshi bids him farewell as he escapes. Kagome says she can still sense the Shikon Jewel shard, so they can begin to chase after him.

In a rocky region, Koga, Ginta and Hakkaku are running through the area. As usual, Koga runs on ahead while Ginta and Hakkaku desperately try to catch up to him. Hakkaku asks why they're in such a hurry, and Koga explains that there is a suspicious scent in the air. Not too far away, Moryomaru stands. As Koga approaches, he says Shikon Jewel shards are coming toward him. The two embedded in Koga's legs.

In a village, a man rings the village bell as a warning of an attack. A large, vicious canine demon with purple marks branching out around its left eye is killing the villagers, but Kohaku swiftly appears, using his chain scythe to hit the demon in its left eye and then chop off its head. The demon's body falls as Kohaku lands and catches his scythe, but the demon's head comes back to life. It quickly floats up and away into the nearby forest, so Kohaku gives chase. Shortly after, he is walking through the forest when the Shikon Jewel shard embedded in the back of his neck suddenly begins to glow, and Naraku's voice echoes, ordering him to go out and hunt down strong demons. The voice and glow fade away, then Kohaku turns around to see the demon's head charging at him. The head manages to grab Kohaku's left arm with its teeth, but he quickly stabs it in the middle of its head with his scythe. The head falls, and the purple marks around its left eye suddenly move and break off from the head. The small root-like demon flies away while Kohaku wonders if that is the demon's true body. He continues chasing it, and soon sends his scythe flying out to attack a presence he senses from a fair distance behind him. He sees the scythe flying straight toward a young boy, causing him to quickly pull back on the chain so the scythe doesn't hit him. The scythe chops off a small branch near the boy instead, meanwhile the boy's father appears, calling the boy Taichi. Both Taichi and his father stare at Kohaku apprehensively, and the father asks Kohaku if his bleeding arm is all right. His question causes Kohaku to stare at the wound on his left arm, and a short time later the three of them are in Taichi and his father's home. The father wraps up Kohaku's arm and asks if it still hurts, but Kohaku says it's fine. Taichi walks back inside the home as Kohaku thanks his father. Looking over to Taichi, Kohaku is shocked to see the same purple marks that were on the demon around Taichi's left eye. Kohaku realizes he has been possessed right before Taichi swings an ordinary scythe at him, but he swiftly counters with his own scythe and knocks Taichi to the ground. The father rushes toward Taichi out of concern as Kohaku warns him not to do that. Taichi picks up a cleaver knife laying next to him and slashes at his father, cutting into his arm and causing blood to fly through the air. Kohaku watches in horror, recalling the memory of killing his own father when he had been possessed. Kohaku then dashes forward and parries a second attack from Taichi, knocking the knife away. Taichi's father questions what's going on, so Kohaku explains that his son has been possessed. Taichi takes several steps away from them and begins floating away as his father yells his name. Kohaku promises to save him no matter what, and then runs out to chase after him. Taichi flies through the forest while Kohaku follows by jumping from one tree branch to the next. He tells himself that he cannot let anyone else end up just like him. He refuses to let that happen. Using the chain, Kohaku sends it flying toward Taichi, successfully wrapping it around his left leg. The demon abandons Taichi then, flying away as Kohaku catches Taichi and lands. He leaves Taichi laying on the ground so he can pursue the demon, but the chase doesn't last long before Kagura appears, ripping the demon to pieces with her Dance of Blades attack. Kagura tells Kohaku that she has learned the location of Naraku's heart, which greatly surprises him. However, Kagura states that he doesn't stand a fighting chance, so she will kill him here and now instead. She opens her fan and uses her Dance of Blades attack, sending it flying at a shocked Kohaku.

In the rocky region, Koga jumps in the air and kicks Moryomaru in the abdomen, tearing through him. Koga slides on the ground as he lands while Ginta and Hakkaku comment on the battle from a distance. Moryomaru begins to merge his body back together again, frustrating Koga as he thinks about how this demon keeps regenerating no matter the number of times it is ripped apart. Just like Naraku is able to. He realizes then what this means, and accuses his opponent of being one of Naraku's minions. Moryomaru finishes regenerating and asks why it would matter if he did work for Naraku. At those words, Koga declares his intention to kill Moryomaru and avenge his comrades. He jumps in the air and moves in to attack with a kick once again, but Moryomaru morphs his left arm and catches Koga in midair with new root-like appendages. Moryomaru laughs and tells Koga that he will now take away his life and his Shikon Jewel shards. As Koga tries to break free, Moryomaru chuckles, thinking the battle has been won. Suddenly, an arrow flies through the air and rips apart Moryomaru's arm. It goes all the way down his arm and blasts through his abdomen. Koga manages to land safely while a stunned Moryomaru flies up in the air, immediately fleeing from the battle. Koga yells that he will get revenge as Ginta and Hakkaku walk over to him. Ginta questions if the arrow was a Sacred Arrow, and Hakkaku says it must mean Kagome is nearby. Koga informs them that they are mistaken, and looks behind him to a cliff. At the top, Kikyo looks intently down on the area, realizing her spiritual energy has now been significantly drained just from firing a single arrow. She thinks of how Moryomaru has changed quite a bit since she last saw him, almost as if he has now acquired a soul somehow.

The sun is setting while Kohaku runs through the forest, consistently dodging Kagura's Dance of Blades. Kohaku pleads for Kagura to tell him where Naraku's heart is located, but Kagura only claims she needs to have his Shikon Jewel shard first. Kohaku jumps several times to reach the top of a cliff and keeps fleeing, while down below Kagura states how Kohaku will die if his shard is removed, so she will do her best to give him a quick death. She surrounds herself with her wind, using it to transport herself. Kohaku soon stops running when Kagura lands in front of him. She tells him there is nowhere else for him to run and asks if he is prepared to die, causing Kohaku to respond that he has been prepared to die for a long while, but that time for him is not now. Kagura only stares as he explains that she could take him and his shard to where Naraku's heart is located as an offering, and then he will proceed to do whatever it takes to kill Naraku's heart. Kagura scoffs at his plan, so Kohaku takes out a crystal used for finding the Fuyoheki, asking her if that was not the entire point behind her giving him this crystal. Elsewhere in the forest, Taichi is sitting upright when his father finds him, and Taichi begins crying as the two embrace. Meanwhile, Kohaku talks of how he killed his own father and comrades. Despite the fact that he was under Naraku's control at the time, he still feels responsible for his violent actions.

Elsewhere, Inuyasha is carrying Kagome while Miroku, Sango and Shippo are riding on Kilala. As they travel forward, Kagome tells them Hakudoshi has not gone too far. She suddenly senses another Shikon Jewel shard then, and Shippo asks if it is Koga, but Kagome says it isn't. This shard feels different from Koga's, so Sango wonders if it could be Kohaku.

Kohaku tells Kagura that he has committed many horrible sins while serving under Naraku, which has done nothing but cause his sister great suffering. However, he has managed to keep himself alive for all this time. Kagura asks if it was so he could get revenge, which Kohaku confirms, declaring it to be his duty. Tears run down his cheek as he admits that he won't ever be able to apologize to his father or comrades in the next life if he fails. Kagura thinks to herself, stating how him telling her all of this is useless since she will never be able to understand his determination or feelings, and he will also never be able to kill Naraku, the Infant or Hakudoshi. It is hopeless, and he is doomed to lose his shard in the end. In Naraku's castle, Kanna stands with her mirror showing Kagura and Kohaku's confrontation while Naraku holds Kagura's heart in his hand. The words Kagura is thinking float through the room from her heart, and Naraku agrees with everything while Kanna sadly says her name. Kagura continues thinking, her thoughts about how she has only changed her loyalty from Naraku to the Infant since there is no such thing as true freedom. Kohaku pleads a final time for Kagura to take him to Naraku's heart, but she does not change her mind. She opens her fan and swings, creating a blast of air that knocks the crystal of demonic aura out of Kohaku's grasp, then destroys it with her wind. Kagura makes it clear that he now has no way to find Naraku's heart, and Kohaku wonders why she is doing this. Suddenly, Kagura tells him to run away, since it would be troublesome if he lost his shard. Her abrupt change of heart toward Kohaku's situation causes Hakudoshi with the barrier surrounding him to appear. Armed with his naginata, he declares Kagura to be a very untrustworthy woman, startling her. He asks her if she intends to betray them after already betraying Naraku, which she doesn't give an answer to, but instead tells Kohaku to run away. Kohaku does not want to, but she again orders him to run while sending her Dance of Blades attack toward Hakudoshi. He merely moves from his current location to dodge the attack, and Kagura removes a feather from her hair, telling Kohaku to take care of himself after he lands. Despite Kohaku's wishes, she uses the feather to send him up and away from the fight. Hakudoshi begins chasing after him, but Kagura uses her Dance of the Dragon attack on his barrier. Hakudoshi simply looks down and asks Kagura if she would like the opportunity to feel her own attack. He then uses the barrier to absorb her attack and send it flying back at her.

While Kagura looks shocked, Inuyasha appears and uses his Wind Scar, countering Kagura's Dance of the Dragon. The attacks battle for a short time before canceling each other out, and Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kilala stand nearby. Inuyasha asks Kagura what is going on between her and Hakudoshi, but Kagura only says she doesn't have time to explain everything. Miroku tells Sango to follow after Kohaku, and she agrees to, quickly getting on Kilala and flying away. Inuyasha sends his Adamant Barrage attack soaring through the air toward Hakudoshi, but he quickly disappears before the attack can connect. Kagome says she can still sense the Shikon Jewel shard, so Hakudoshi is still somewhere nearby. Inuyasha jumps over to Kagura, landing in front of her. She asks him if he honestly thinks he should be leaving his back turned to her, but he simply retorts that he will beat her up if she dares to try anything. He urges her to explain the situation to them, since he's certain Hakudoshi won't actually leave until she is dead. Hakudoshi reappears then, and Kagura states that he is probably trying to kill her so she doesn't reveal the location of Naraku's heart. Suddenly, Inuyasha blocks an attack of demonic energy with his Tetsusaiga, and looks to see Goryomaru standing not too far away. Kagome, Miroku and Shippo are stunned to see that he is still alive. Hakudoshi floats over to Goryomaru, noticing blood staining his clothes around his abdomen. He asks who was responsible for the injury, but Goryomaru says it is not important. A green glow emits around Goryomaru, and numerous thick root-like appendages burst out of his body, enveloping him. Everyone watches in shock as it hardens over then promptly breaks apart, leaving Moryomaru standing in its place. They all realize this means Goryomaru and Moryomaru are one and the same. Upon demanding the Shikon Jewel shard, Hakudoshi gives it to him. He embeds it into the wound in his abdomen, causing it to heal over completely. Hakudoshi tells Moryomaru to chase after Kohaku's Shikon Jewel shard, meanwhile he will handle Inuyasha and the others here. Moryomaru sprouts wings to fly away with, but Inuyasha quickly moves in to attack him. Before he can attack, Moryomaru opens his mouth and unleashes a wave of miasma, forcing Inuyasha to back away. Moryomaru successfully escapes, leaving Hakudoshi to fight. Inuyasha uses his Adamant Barrage, but Hakudoshi again vanishes before it can connect. Inuyasha wonders if this is some sort of illusion, but Hakudoshi reappears behind Kagura, calling her a traitor. Using the barrier, he traps Kagura inside and moves up and away from Inuyasha. Hakudoshi lets Kagura know that she can't escape, and he tells Inuyasha to attack them both. Inuyasha refuses to attack because it would kill Kagura, causing her to think he is a soft fool. Hakudoshi admits to Kagura that he didn't expect to be able to use her as a shield, causing her to quickly turn around and slice him in two with her Dance of Blades. She turns to look down at Inuyasha, and conveys the location of the Infant, which is Naraku's heart: It resides inside of Moryomaru.

This information stuns the group, and Kagura also reveals that the Infant and Hakudoshi are intending to use Moryomaru to overthrow Naraku. Hakudoshi, having not yet regenerated, tells Kagura he is impressed she was able to figure all that out. He states that it was a mistake for Naraku to release his heart from Mount Hakurei, and also a mistake to give the Infant the Fuyoheki, which masks its demonic aura. The Infant then had the idea to create a durable armor, which ended up being Moryomaru after he devoured Goryomaru's body. Hakudoshi finishes regenerating, saying that a Naraku without his heart inside him is nothing but an empty shell, thus he considers himself and the Infant to be real while Naraku is now a false being. Hakudoshi makes his intent to eventually overthrow Naraku known to them all, but Kagura is certain Naraku has been aware of their plan from the beginning. Hakudoshi does not doubt that at all, but reminds Kagura that she should care about her own life first and foremost. Especially since she has betrayed Naraku, the one who holds her heart captive. He tells Kagura to give up on ever having freedom, but she only orders him to shut up and attacks him once again. With his body torn apart again, he confidently declares that she can destroy his body as many times as she'd like, but he will never die, not even by Naraku's hands. Meanwhile in the castle, having heard the entire conversation with Kagura's heart, Naraku smirks.

Suddenly, Hakudoshi's barrier wavers and vanishes, stunning Hakudoshi while Kagura falls and lands safely on the ground. Inuyasha is quick to unleash his Wind Scar attack, which hits Hakudoshi directly, destroying everything other than his head. Miroku takes off the prayer beads on his right arm while Shippo asks him if he intends to use the Wind Tunnel. Hakudoshi wastes no time in having himself surrounded by Saimyosho to prevent Miroku from using it, but they suddenly fly away from the area. Hakudoshi questions why they are leaving, and Kagura guesses the reason to be Naraku deciding to abandon him. Hakudoshi makes it known that he refuses to die, and suddenly releases a miasma to hide himself in. Kagome quickly fires a Sacred Arrow to purify the miasma, revealing Hakudoshi to have regenerated his right arm so he can attack Kagura with his naginata. He declares himself to be different from Kagura since he refuses to be used as Naraku's tool, and Inuyasha yells at Kagura to run while Hakudoshi swings his naginata down at her. Suddenly, Miroku opens his Wind Tunnel, sucking up Hakudoshi's arm and naginata. Hakudoshi yells, proclaiming himself to be real. With his final cry, he is sucked up into Miroku's Wind Tunnel.

Miroku closes the Wind Tunnel and places the prayer beads back on his arm, then states his displeasure at this situation. He feels as if he was just used by Naraku, and Inuyasha agrees that he was since Naraku wanted Hakudoshi dead. Kagome walks over to Kagura and asks her what she will do now. Kagome suggests that she come with them, but Kagura refuses, saying she couldn't join them now. It's far too late for that. She then tells them they should be chasing after Kohaku since Moryomaru is after his Shikon Jewel shard. Miroku and Shippo agree, and both urge Kagome for them to hurry and leave. Inuyasha tells Kagura they will get back her heart from Naraku for her, but she retorts that he shouldn't say such optimistic nonsense. She takes a feather from her hair and uses it to start flying away, and Inuyasha demands that she not die before they can retrieve her heart. Up in the sky, Kagura speaks quietly, saying she doesn't need Inuyasha telling her that she needs to flee for her life. She'll go as far as she can to escape if she must.

Nighttime takes hold as Kilala flies through the sky with Sango on her back. On the ground in a rocky area, Kohaku listens to Sango calling out his name again and again, silently urging her to just leave him be. Suddenly he looks behind him, seeing Moryomaru right before all of his limbs are ensnared by a root-like arm. Moryomaru has a small hand form near Kohaku's left leg, using it to touch his leg and thus see what resides inside of Kohaku's heart. A faint purple glow emanates from the hand as Moryomaru conveys all he has now learned: Kohaku is haunted by the sin of killing his father and comrades, intending to seek atonement for what he did by giving up his own life. Moryomaru says he admires Kohaku for his dedication to his cause, and that he should die now for the sake of his sister, who will never be able to forget how her father was killed by her brother. Both siblings will keep on suffering for as long as he is alive. Unable to move, Kohaku only glances up in his sister's direction while a new root-like arm sprouts out from the main one. As it reaches for Kohaku's glowing shard in the back of his neck, Sango throws her Hiraikotsu, slicing off Moryomaru's arm. Kohaku is freed while Sango catches her Hiraikotsu. Kohaku turns and yells at his sister to stay away, stunning her as she realizes his memory has returned to him. He takes out his chain scythe so he can fight, but Moryomaru tells him it is a futile struggle. Reaching out again to grab Kohaku, Moryomaru's arm is suddenly shredded to pieces by Inuyasha's Adamant Barrage attack. Inuyasha stands nearby, telling Moryomaru that he is the one fighting a futile battle. He reveals to Moryomaru that they all know he is Naraku's heart, so they will not let him escape. He uses another Adamant Barrage attack, but Moryomaru dodges it by flying upward. As he flies higher, Moryomaru makes a vow to absorb the demonic power residing inside of Inuyasha's sword, and then he disappears in a bright flash of light. Kagome claims she can't sense the Shikon Jewel shard anymore, meaning Moryomaru has escaped from this fight.

Sango asks Kohaku if he recognizes her and has remembered everything, which he affirms. He remembers even the day he killed his father and comrades, causing her to gasp. Kohaku says he cannot stay here with her, but she tries to change his mind by asking him what he could possibly do by himself that won't get him killed. Kohaku is still reluctant, and Kagome walks over to them, asking Kohaku if it hurts too much for him to stay with her. Kilala rubs up against Kohaku's right leg as Kagome reminds him that no one can ever take his place. The two siblings then gaze at each other, while nearby Shippo says it means not even Miroku could fill the void that would be left in Sango's heart. Miroku then states he would like to say he too could never be replaced, causing Inuyasha to look away and humph.

In a forest, soul collectors fly high above a barrier. Kikyo sits at the base of a tree while Kocho and Asuka float nearby. Kocho asks her if she is in pain, but she claims it isn't a serious injury. Suddenly two monks show up, them being master and apprentice. The master calls her an apparition, and Kikyo stands up, noting how the two of them can see her. As she comes closer, the master orders her to stay back and takes out several demon repelling charms to ward her off with. They quickly burn up in blue flames as Kikyo informs them that those charms have no effect on her, causing the two of them to apologize and run for their lives. As they leave, Kocho talks of the two monks having broken through Lady Kikyo's barrier, while Asuka wonders how exactly they managed to do so. A shock of pain suddenly courses through Kikyo from her chest, causing her face to contort in agony. She thinks to herself, saying how she will not have the time to defeat Naraku at this rate.

As the full moon shines high in the sky above the forest, Kanna's silent wish to once again gaze upon the midnight moon reverberates.