Season 8 Episode 1

Naraku's Heart

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 03, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Hey_loserrr

    I really don't understand how to use this... & I'm still trying to fine out how to fine the inuyasha shows in the final act!!! Ugh it has to be so difficult..
  • It is the beginning of the end and the end is coming fast. Hakudoshi carries out plans to destory Naraku, Sango and Kohaku reunite, and the whereabouts of Naraku's heart are discovered.

    Yeah, Inuyasha gets a final season. It seems like some time has passed since we left the gang in the last episode of season 7. Kagome is failing all her classes and worries about how she will get into any decent high school with her grades. Inuyasha quickly comes by her school one day when she is taking a make up exam and the two of them hurry to the feudal era. Meanwhile Hakudoshi, Kagura, and Goryomaru/Moryomaru (moryomaru ate goryomaru and can now use his powers and at times look like him) all join sides and plan to kill Naraku but first they need jewel shards. Naraku is full aware of this plan but just decides to watch for now. Koga, Kikyo, Sesshomaru, and Kohaku are looking for Naraku's heart with the green stones they have. Moryomaru attacks Koga but Kikyo arrives in time to make sure that Koga's jewel shards are safe but she is exhausted after the battle. Hakudoshi attacks Kagome and successfully gets her one jewel shard. Inuyasha and the gang go after him. Kaguara finds Kohaku and is about to kill him until Kohaku says that he will not die an honerable death if he can not kill Naraku. He wants to be free of his guilt and Kagura understands since she wants to be free of Naraku. Hakudoshi does not and attacks them. Inuyasha and the gang come in time to learn that kagura is no longer their enemy and they go after Hakudoshi with Kagura and along the way sense Kohaku's jewel shard. They fight Hakudoshi and Naraku stops using his barrier or insects in protecting him. Allowing the gang to kill Hakudoshi. Kagome asks for Kagura to join them but she refuses and says she is going to enjoy the freedom she still has.

    Sango catches up with Kohaku who was captured by Moryomaru and is almost killed. Inuyasha and the gang catch up and fight off Moryomaru but he flys off before they can kill him. Sango is so happy to see that Kohaku has his memory back and at first Kohaku does not want to stay but Kagome convince him to for now. Meanwhile Kikyo is becoming weaker and knows she has little time left to destroy Naraku. This epsiode had alot going on, a little too much but it was still a good episode. It also feels very true to Inuyasha fashion with comedy, emotion, and action all intact so do not worry this is the same old Inuyasha.
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