Season 1 Episode 25

Naraku's Insidious Plot

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Believing that Inuyasha destroyed her village, Sango goes after Inuyasha.

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  • A lot of truth comes out in this episode.

    A lot of truth comes out in this episode. Sango becomes weak when walking with naruku, naruku asks if she was alright sango says yes I am. Than naruku gives her a jewel shard and says this will stop the pain and keep you going. Meanwhile inuyasha and the gang are trying to find the castle to find sango the last survivor of the demon slayers. On their way they got lost and than, sango finds them and starts fighting with them. Naruku is behind her and released the bee hive so the monk wont use his air void. During fighting sango figured out it wasnt inuyasha that destroyed her village but naruku.moreless
  • Sango the killer demons

    well i like a lod this episode because sango is my favorite character she is very strong and a difficult girl .Sango how had to wacth how his little brother killed all her family and how her brother die and discover that this tribe were distroyed by inuyasha ''supously''. she is now angry and try to killed inujasha and his gang... but she in in the wrong side she was manipulated by naraku that S.o.b. is terrible first he destry the life of inuyasha and kikyo and now the life of sango...

    well in enjoy the battel sango alook and her beast kirara is great.To tell the tre i just wacth theis episode anf my be the show by sngo she make a diference and the best thing... she did't had power .but i like a lot her bgig moster bumerang i thing that is called, Hiraygotsu. well now tho ther history songo had suffer alot because heer brother and father dead .The thing is that she love her brother alot and i fell sad for her .other thing is is good to see the good relationsheep of her brotherhood

    in the dseries in other peisode we sow more abaut her histoy and how naraku use Kohaku the little brother of sango like a puppet for her plan to control sango. Is obiusly that sango like her brother alot but thar terrible of to bad that they not killed him in the end of the show DAMM. what ever i still enjoy a lot his show and this is noe of my favorite show specilay for sango and her attacks.moreless
  • When revenge blocks ones own thoughts, pain is not an issue.

    Poor Sango, after the slaughter at Naraku's castle, she is now left all alone in the world. Blinded by rage and grief over losing her friends and family, she believes the lie that Naraku tells her. She knows that she's in pain, but she needs to accomplish one more thing. To kill the half-demon who she so willingly believes is responsible...Inuyasha. However because she is in so much pain she needs a jewel shard to fight him, But Inuyasha has no idea what she is talking about, and soon takes her out. When she comes to, she doesn't know wheather to trust Inuyasha or not. After seeing Naraku's puppet fight the others, and learn of his "trap". She can't help but become enraged with angered and grief. As she moves towards Naraku's puppet he removes her shard causing the pain to intesified. As Naraku disappears, Sango is left to regret her trusting in him. Back at the castle, all is "well" as Naraku places on his baboon fur once more.moreless
  • ok i guess i feel sorry 4 sango's. little brother

    this episode not bad was kinda a cool niroku up 2 his evil sceems again. tryin to make sango kill inuyasha by inbeddin a jewl shard in back that guy is such a loser he cant even fight his own battles ohh well. i would hate 2 be sango. lol i didnet realise how confusing inuyasha's life was. then a gain he is a half blood demon with a powerful father and a cool sword. i think he really needs to trim his finger nails there really long j/k jokes i wander wats gonna happen next. . . . :roll:moreless
  • Clever

    Like I said, clever, though I think Sango is too quick to trust- first Naraku and then Inuyasha. She falls easily into each of them. It shows just how despicable Naraku is that he would do that to her.

    Clever how she came in as fighting to the death and all that, great episode for fight scenes, really nice ones. Loved how the demon puppet came into play at last and how you get to see Naraku's real face.

    Anyway, yay Sango! Good girl to the extreme and my fave character from this show I think. Good thing Kilala was there to help Miroku, that is one smart kitty.

    Anyway, awesome episode, some very funny lines in it! Watch it to find out what happens with Sango.moreless
Wahei Lida

Wahei Lida

Hitomi's assistant (J)

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Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Hitomi's Assistant (E)

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Alex Doduk

Alex Doduk

Kohaku (E)

Recurring Role

Akiko Yajima

Akiko Yajima

Kohaku (J)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Kagome tells Miroku to close his Wind Tunnel for fear of him being poisoned by the Saimyosho, Shippo's mouth was moving, not Kagome's.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Naraku: Well, well, if it isn't the holy monk.
      Miroku: Naraku, prepare to die!
      Naraku: My apologies for not obliging you, but all I should prepare to do is gather the jewel shards.

    • Miroku: You were after the jewel shards in the village, aren't you?
      Naraku: You're not as slow as you look, monk. The villagers should have been prepared to defend such valuable bounty.
      Inuyasha: You could have just taken them. You didn't have to kill anybody!

    • Naraku: So you're still alive, Inuyasha.
      Inuyasha: You think a mere human can kill me? Think again.
      Naraku: The last time I looked, you were losing to a wounded slayer.

    • Inuyasha: (to Myoga) Yeah until the going gets rough, then your big talk about loyalty and courage dries up, and you take off on me again.

    • Inuyasha: He called you Sango, right? Well, Sango, bug me anymore and I'll dump you off right here.
      Sango: What?
      Kagome: Inuyasha! We really got to work on your people skills. No wonder everbody thinks you're rude.
      Kagome: (to Sango) He puts on a big tough guy act just to hide that he's actually a big softie underneath.
      Inuyasha: Humph, you wish!

    • Naraku: (to Sango) Trap? Is that what you call my simple diversions? I thought the slayers of your village could handle any sort of demon. They literally did not live up to their boasts.

    • Inuyasha: (to Sango) You idiot. Haven't you realized that maybe Naraku has been tricking you? Give it up. I haven't even gotten started and you're covered in blood.

  • NOTES (4)