Season 1 Episode 21

Naraku's True Identity Unveiled

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Dec 28, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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As Kagome goes on a date with Hojo, all hell breaks loose in the past as Inuyasha battles with Royakan. When Naraku reveals himself to the group his true identity is soon discovered!

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  • well another well written episode.

    well another well written episode. kogame comes back finally and inuyasha smells her scent. She was able to come back cause of shippo well down well to run a way from the wolves. Inuyasha rushes over to knock out the rest of the wolves and threw a huge tree at the demon wolves. Kogame missed inuyasha so much she ran over there and hugged him. Inuyasha said what are you doing here and kogame said I just need to see you again and was wondering if he was ok. Than she senses naruku and said he gots a lot of jewel shards so the inuyasha and monk start running toward him and thats where it gets interesting.moreless
  • A very good episode

    this episode shows us how hard is for kagome to go back to her own time and that she can't concentrate on what her doing there

    they both miss each other and i think it's really a classic one

    it's also an important episode for the storyline of the series if you will skip it you wont understand later episodes
  • "Love, Love, Love Is All You Neeeeeeee-EEEEEEEED"

    After the Meaningful!Hug from the 2nd-to-last episode, everyone's getting by in their own time, Kagome going to school and dating teenage boys, and Inuyasha fighting a 4-story-tall demonic wolf who pukes out smaller 3-eyed wolves.

    The first part of the episode is really a nice portrait of how these two function without each other. Kagome tries to go back to her normal life and promptly zones out obsessing about Inuyasha. Meanwhile, back in the past, the gang discovers that Inuyasha's strength is directly tied to how afraid for Kagome's safety he is at the moment. I like the character development here, since before we only saw these two react to each other when one or both their lives were in danger. And who doesn’t love thoughtful voiceovers!

    Oh, Kagome’s gramps RULES THE WORLD! The funniest scene was when he was making up his granddaughter’s Random Ailment of the Week on the phone to her friends. Dude, “pinworms!!” I think he should come over to the Feudal era to hang out with the gang, so that the next time Inuyasha runs off to save/kill/stare-dumbfoundedly-at/make-out-with Kikyo, Gramps can cover for him by telling the gang that Inuyasha’s just gone off to find some medicinal roots for his sarcoptic mange mites (a cause of ear infection in dogs, as Gramps would consequently explain).

    Naraku's backstory is interesting. He didn’t acquire his powers by any kind of special talent, or skill like Inuyasha, but rather by selling his soul to a bunch of icky little demons as a last desperate gesture. Which really makes him a nice anti-hero in that you don’t really like him; whereas a villain who spent his entire life building his Legion of Doom and a masterful plan, you might feel sorry for when he dies. But Naraku’s this creepy next-to-nothing disfigured thief who leeches his power off of hundreds of tiny demons and pathetically drools over Kikyo -- not a very likable arch-nemesis. Which is nice, since you’re not supposed to feel sorry for him in the first place.

    And.....Fine, ok, I'm like 12 at heart, because I found that slow motion scene where Kagome comes back to the Feudal Era endearing. That weird misty twinkling, when she comes out of the Time Well and he’s ...I guess, landing, and they share the Slow!Motion!Meaninful!Stare and then she runs to hug him. "I needed to see you again." AW!

    I really liked this episode. They crammed so much in it, yet it’s not one monotonous battle. It establishes that the two main characters aren’t just hanging out together because the Jewel Detector needs a bodyguard, and it introduces Naraku’s past from his perspective into the storyline. Plus, come on, any episode where a wolf-demon barfs 3-eyed mini-wolves at his opponent is absolutely bound to rule.

  • Just an episode that makes you go- Awwww...

    Very heart warming (or as close as you can get for Inuyasha) but not overly romantic. Very cool battle scene, you get to find out alot more about Naraku and this is rather the end of a three part episode. I'm glad Kagome is back, cute Shippo going- Three seconds and they're already at it again! Gotta agree with that one,

    Once again, nice for Kaede to have a part, Miroku was well placed when he and Inuyasha went to fight Naraku but thankfully the writers placed him just where he would not hog the spotlight yet make him noticeable enough, quite classy in my opinion.

    Now Naraku, thats a whole nother can of worms. A DISGUSTING can of worms might I add. Now we know that Inuyasha and the Gang are dealing with a complete wacked out physco. Must make Kagome feel better...

    This episode is not for those who have a very weak stomach, because Naraku is sick in this episode and what he has done...eurgh. Still, it only gets worse from here on out, doesn't it? Then again, if it got better we would have a very short show on our hands.

    Watch it, extremely good, good plot advancement and detail fill in especially.moreless
Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Royakan (E)

Guest Star

Kiyoyuki Yanada

Kiyoyuki Yanada

Royakan (J)

Guest Star

Pam Hyatt

Pam Hyatt

Kaede (E)

Recurring Role

Matt Smith (III)

Matt Smith (III)

Hojo (E)

Recurring Role

French Tickner

French Tickner

Grandpa (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Kaede: Do you mean, "I, Onigumo"? Is that not your name?
      Naraku: Onigumo... That name brings me such fond memories.

    • Naraku: (about Kagome) That young woman, she's Kikyo. Nah, Kikyo perished 50 years ago.

    • Kagome: Note to self: Ignore those little voices.

    • Inuyasha: Naraku, why do you bear such a grudge against me?

    • Shippo: (about Kagome arguing with Inuyasha) Thirty seconds and they're already at it!

    • Inuyasha: You could use more fiber!

    • Naraku: Farewell, Inuyasha! It seems you have succumbed to my cloud of destruction.

    • Inuyasha: Hey, stop the tears. You don't have to be sad about me.
      Kagome: Who said I was crying over you? These are tears of frustration!

    • Grandpa: (answers phone) Higurashi residence.
      Yuka: Hi, Mr. Higurashi, this is Yuka.
      Grandpa: Oh, so good of you to call at a time like this.
      Yuka: A time like this?
      Grandpa: it's her back. She's been bedridden with pinworms for so long her back's out.
      Yuka: Are those contagious?
      Kagome: (annoyed) Thanks, Gramps. You're a huge help. Gimme that.

    • Eri: Beriberi neuralgia and rheumatism?
      Grandpa: It must be something she ate. (looks at Kagome) Er-r.
      Kagome: (snatches phone) Hey, would you give it a rest, Gramps? If you do have to make something up, how about a young person's disease, like mono or chickenpox.
      Grandpa: My illnesses are perfectly valid! Besides, I'm doing you a favor, acting as your personal secretary every time you cross over to the feudal era. I thought I was being very imaginative!

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is the first episode in which Sango, Koga, and Rin's names are listed. Yet they don't appear until later episodes.

    • When Kagome is on her date with Hojo, an instrumental version of Dream's "My Will" can be heard playing in the background.

    • This episode is based on the last chapter of volume 7 and the first four chapters 69-72 in volume 8 of the manga.

    • Japanese episode title: 奈落の真実に迫る桔梗の魂 前編 〜50年前の真実 奈落の正体〜
      Romaji episode title: Naraku no Shinjitsu ni Semaru Kikyō no Tamashii - Zenpen ~50 Nen Mae no Shinjitsu Naraku no Shoutai~
      Translated episode title: Truth About Naraku and Kiyko's Soul - Part One ~50 Years of Truth - Naraku's Origin~

    • This is the first episode where Do as Infinity's "Fukai Mori" (Deep Forest) is the ending song.

    • "The Inu Yasha Special" first aired in Japan on April 9, 2001

    • This is part one of "The Inu Yasha Special" which counts as episode 21.


    • Inuyasha: Hey, Naraku. Want to see something really scary?

      This is a line taken from Twilight Zone: The Movie.. Dan Aykroyd in the prologue to this movie asks, "Want to see something really scary?"

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