Season 2 Episode 20

Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 10, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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As Inuyasha and the others recover from their battle with Juromaru and Kageromaru, Kagome goes home. Meanwhile, Naraku comes after Kikyo, and she must flee for her life.

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  • This was a nice episode of the truth.

    This was a nice episode of the truth. More and more inuyasha is discovery what love is and who he love. When kogame told shippo the truth in why she was leaving, and promised shippo that he wouldnt tell anyone he agreed. Inuyasha felt guilty for her going so he was waiting at the well. Kikio appear and was being attact by naraku and she said that naraku human heart still has effections towards me after all these years. Inuyasha ran to her and vow t hat he will always protect her and that your life is mine also. Kikio pulled out a knife and flew off and said how stuburn humans are, and kogame was there the whole time listening and she was looking at inuyasha and inuyasha at her.moreless
  • Kagome and Inuyasha get into a fight and Kagome leaves but only to get medicine wiithout telling Inuyasha. Meanwhile, Inuyasha runs into Kikyo and they share a moment after he rescues her from a giant demon. He reveals to Kikyo that he still loves her.moreless

    This was one of those episodes that makes you keep watching. Kagome leaves because she is angry at Inuyasha but because she loves him and cares for him, she confides in Shippo that she'd return to help Inuyasha. Inuyasha sees Kikyo and he realizes that he still loves her. Even though she tries her hardest to push him away, she even hints that she may still be in love with him as well. Kagome returns only to find Kikyo wrapped in Inuyasha's arms. BEAUTIFUL! This episode is the one that complicates Inuyasha's relationship with Kagome. It was already complicated to begin with but this episode...he makes his choice and he chooses Kikyo. It just amazes me how people get so pissed at Kikyo when she's the one trying to push him away. It is not Kikyo's fault that Inuyasha is so indecisive but judging by this episode, he'll never--even IF he finally ends up with Kagome--he'll never get over Kikyo and he'll never stop loving her. Great episode. I think it's a can't miss!moreless
  • Inuyasha encounters Kikyo while Kagome returns to her own era.

    I just recently watched this episode (i know, i'm late). It didn't really wow me like the others that I have watched. Nothing happened. I have it a very generous ranking because of my love for the show, and there was some action. The story on the plus was revealing, and shows you how Kikyo really is, and how in love Inuyasha is with her. In my opinion, it was just kind of boring. Like I said before, nothing really happened. The episode also showed how stubborn Inuyasha is to admit he is wrong (though that is shown in almost every episode). There's not much more to say. It was jus boring :(moreless
  • Still fuming over Inuyasha's jealousy, Kagome returns to the present. While Inuyasha is feeling guilty that she didn't return right away, he comes upon Kikyo

    Having seen this one twice already, it was one of my least favorite ep's mainly because of the 15 minute scene with Inuyasha and Kikyo under the Sacred tree. The fact that she allowed him to embrace and then taunted him, saying he's no different from Naraku. She comes off as a back-stabber (almost literally). Still, there was something about the look in Inuyasha's eyes when he asked if he had changed... it's crazy, this time I really felt that he was this super nice guy, very weird, considering what a hot head he was being earlier.

    I feel like this shows how I've developed a change of heart towards Kikyo. What she did in this one still gets on my nerves, I feel bad for Inuyasha since he's truly in love with her and she doesn't seem to care.

    It was even funnier how Inuyasha was in such a bad mood earlier where he was fidgeting, then he seemed so sad that Kagome wasn't coming back, when she actually fell asleep... that scene was even funnier. There was more good than bad in this one, so I gave it a 2nd chance and raised its score considerablymoreless
  • looked like a filler episode but turned out to be more

    The episodes started off much like the episode 'Two Hearts, One Mind' a few episodes back with Kagome getting pissed off with Inuyasha and return home and seemed like it was going to be a filler however the episode developed further with finding out some weakness's with Naraku's soft spot for Kikyo...and to get rid of it he attempts to kill her. This episode give more of a look into Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo....this actually turned out to be a better episode then I was expecting.moreless
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Pam Hyatt

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Miroku mistakenly says that Juromaru was the fourth incarnation of Naraku, and the younger one of the two incarnations. During the previous episode Kageromaru stated that he was the elder sibling. If this is true, then Juromaru would in fact be the fifth, and Kageromaru the fourth.

    • In previous episodes, it is shown that Kikyo can use her soul collectors as a form of transportation. so why does she take a horse when she is trying to escape from the giant soul collector that Naraku sent to kill her?

    • When Miroku and Sango are discussing their battle with Juromaru and Kageromaru, they speak of them in the present tense, even though they were slain by Inuyasha.

    • In the preview for the next episode, the text reads "Return to Where We First Met" when it should be "Return to the Place Where We First Met"

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Inuyasha: (to himself) Stupid Kagome! Just because you didn't come back right away, I'm the one who gets all the blame. What did I do that was so wrong anyway?

    • Kikyo: (thinking) Once the threads of fate are tangled they cannot be undone.

    • Kikyo: Another example of how men are pathetic fools. You have this belief that once you embrace a woman that she belongs to you.

    • Miroku: Say, Inuyasha, aren't you gonna call Kagome to make sure she comes back to us?
      Inuyasha: Forget it. We're gonna be better off without her hanging around anyway.
      Sango: If that's the case, then would you mind doing us all a favor and stop that nervous fidgeting? It's incredibly irritating.

    • Kikyo: Inuyasha, what are you, what are you doing here?
      Inuyasha: That's what I was going to ask you. Why did you come here?
      Kikyo: That demon was chasing me.
      Inuyasha: And you led him here, knowing that I would rescue you.
      Kikyo: Don't be a fool Inuyasha! I was running blindly for my life when I happened to come upon you.

  • NOTES (3)