Season 1 Episode 10

Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 02, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and Hiten engage in a fierce battle for the jewel shards, while Kagome and Shippo face off against Manten.

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  • The Thunder Brothers showdown with Inuyasha in a desperate bid for their shards of the Shikon Jewel. Will Kagome and the others get caught in the crossfire?

    This episode is evidence of the majesty that it can command command. It's pace is fast and exciting. The Thunder Brothers have perfect and deliciously villainous dialogue to where even the villain-turned-hero Inuyasha is disgusted. The battle is of a grand scale with music perfect to match and ends with enough to leave you wanting more. If this doesn't get your interest, then this show will not be for you.

    As this is a review on the dub:

    Manten's speech to Hiten is so clever and witty, that even as a farewell, it is profoundly touching despite their shrewdness. The heroes are still trying out their characters, but the villains make it look so easy with their crafty lines.

    There is nothing that can be complained about here, as even the infamous loophole is overlooked here and will usually go as such until it is mentioned by someone else. (I wouldn't spoil that.)moreless
  • Inuyasha cries aww!

    I though it was sad to see Inuyasha cry because he thought Kagome and Shippo were dead, very entertaining episode. This episode is really what made me fall in love with this show I think I missed acouple episodes and watched when the series first came out and this was the second or third one I had seen. The battle was pretty cool and you got really tense when you thought that Kagome and Shippo had died because of what the flea(don't know how to spell his name) sais they came for there final good bye's. I almost cried haha! But i was like 7 or 8.moreless
  • A Series Classic indeed. The best episode ever! I love the fight scenes and at the very end the sarcasim between Shippo and Inuyasha is great. What mroe can we ask for in an episode?moreless

    Shippo is a fox tyke that that needs to avenge his father that the Thunder Brother's killed. Him and Inuyasha have never liked each other, so that causes a bit of problems between Inuyasha and Wench. After the battle, they avenge Shippo's father and they all live happily ever after. Well...with some sarcasim as the after thought.
  • InuYasha defeats both of the Thunder Brothers.

    I liked this episode. There was a good battle between InuYasha and Hiten, Shippou avenges his father's death, and InuYasha reveals once again he does care about Kagome. Also, Kagome is surprised when InuYasha blurts out the words "Don't leave me!" That was such a funny part. When he finds out they're alive, he goes back to being upset. He's just upset he showed some feelings.

    InuYasha is fighting Hiten while Kagome and Shippou are busy warding off Manten...who is determined to kill Kagome after her arrow shot off the last strands of his hair. Manten pins and chokes Kagome to the floor, and InuYasha uses the Tetsusaiga to kill him. Manten goes to the side of his fallen brother. Manten tells hiten he'd rather be born bald again if only to be Hiten's brother once more. Manten then dies. Hiten becomes furious, takes Manten's jewel shards, and vows to avenge his brother. Hiten then resumes his fight with InuYasha.

    Since InuYasha has lost his Tetsusaiga for the time being, he has no way to protect himself from the lightning strikes from Hiten's staff. He uses the sheathe from Tetsusaiga to block and absorb the attacks, but only for a short while. The sheathe soon cracks and can no longer be used. He finally regains the Tetsusaiga, and slays Hiten. During the battle, Kagome was struck by an attack when she used an arrow to shoot one of the wheels that was keeping Hiten in the air. She had Shippou in her arms and a blue aura was surrounding them. InuYasha thought they had died and reached for her arm exclaiming "Don't leave me!" Kagome was shocked and so was InuYasha. Come to find out, it was Shippou's father who used fox fire from beyond the grave to save them both. InuYasha throws her hand away and snarls at her. Shippou then joins the group and now InuYasha can pick on Shippou any time he wants.moreless
  • Inuyasha battles the Thunder Brothers and wins... but in a moment of grief, he reveals more than he wanted to. Heh.

    The fight between Inuyasha and the thunder brother was really exciting. I was on the edge of my seat when I first watched it.

    I give a lot of 10.0 to Inuyasha episodes and it comes down to two things. 1) awesome battle scenes that leave me on the edge of my seat or breathless, 2) revealing another side to Inuyasha that was otherwise non-existent.

    This one has a little of both... well, more of 1), but the splash of 2) makes it cool.

    In the end when Inuyasha thinks that Kagome and Shippo were saying good-bye, he's like "don't leave me"... and he actually admitted not caring about the jewel... very first time he puts someone else in priority before the jewel. And then he gets all defensive when they're alive and he's like "well, what's with the 'you fought the good fight' line"...

    Those are the kind of moments I'd pay to see, heh.moreless

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