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  • Watch this series

    Inuyasha is one of the best animes ever created, I used to stay up late to watch it when I was a kid and haven't watched it in about 10 years until the other day when I decided to watch it again for old time sakeeping and I gotta say I still love this as much as I did back then :)
  • Fan Girl

    I agree with many others at saying, THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST EPIC ANIMA/MANGAS EVER!!!
  • You will want more.

    I just finished the series and I'm proud to say i did shed a couple tears. It''s such an amazing series and as you begin to watch only the first few episodes you will be sucked in. I managed to watch all of it within a week and half. It's romantic and humorous but still gives you the frustration that's craved. I loved it so much words can not explain.
  • One of the Best Anime Around

    I love this anime. The only reason I no longer watch it on Adult Swim is because I am unable to stay up long enough to watch it and I drink an entire pot of coffee on Saturdays. The animation is superb, it has a great story of love, reincarnation, magic, and fantasy. The villain is almost pure evil, yet also complex and tragic. Character development is done very well. Fight sequences are awesome, especially once Inuyasha unlocks a new power for Tetsuiga.

  • Watched it in Arabic Once!

    I'm a Private Personal Trainer and I was at my clients house and we worked out to season 5. I was not a fan at all! Just not for me.
  • Inuyasha had many emotions,turing points we ppl should bring the half demon back even Inuyasha needs saving!

    InuYasha, sounds strange, but if you like romance with a truck load of action you have it. The first time I came across it was 3 am, and my first thought was "what the hell is that girl doing riding a huge cat thing?" Turns out that "cat thing" was Kirara, and that girl was Kagome.

    When you first watch it you might really dislike InuYasha for his anger but for a half demon with a broken f-ed up past he calms down fairly quickly and learns to love again.

    As for the perverted monk and the demon slayer they are a match made just for one another. Although the monk seems like a complete jerk-off perv, he isn't as bad as he seems and really does care for the girl he loves.

    Shippo is also a nice touch, a little brother to all of them and has a huge place in their hearts.

    Danger corners them many times but hey somehow they find a way to escape!

    It's worth watching because it isn't something you see everytime you watch an anime, there are MANY scenes that will catch you off guard.

    If you are a fan of Ranma 1/2 or vice versa you will enjoy it!

  • It's a Cartoon

    But I really got into it. It was like I knew them and I cared for them even though I know they weren't real. But that's really something when someone can take 2D drawings and make them come to life that well.
  • Miroku the wrong guy

    The first time i ever seen inuyasha i was a big fan but i was disturbed by miroku i mean come on hes wrong but boys will be boys. ^-^
  • The story just goes on forever…

    Sunrise is always full of surprise. Sure they are known for prostituting themselves to the fans, but at the same time all their productions have a certain dignity that distinguishes them from other stupid shows. Inuyasha is a good example. I mean, face it, the manga is horrible. Thanks to Sunrise however, the anime is far from the worst even though they share the same story. Therefore, a fair portion of this review will be aimed at how Sunrise saved Inuyasha through their amazing presentation skills. 1
    The story of Inuyasha started out ok. I was not really psyched about the whole time travel and reincarnation stuff. Then the boring Monster-of-the-Week kicked in, followed by the Seeking-Jewel-Shards saga. When I started to get bored of all the monster killings, the story took a really sudden turn (I mean really really really sudden, no foreshadowing or anything) and went straight to the Final-Boss-Is-Naraku Let-Us-Defeat-Him stupid Shonen theme which just dragged on and on and on and on and on and…Until this day I still don't understand how Naraku is connected to all those previous chapters. The story lost me around the Band of Seven arc, at that point I couldn't follow what was going on anymore. There were times when Inuyasha travelled to Kagome's world and those chapters are probably the only ones I found enjoyable. Traveling to the future always leads to mayhem and the humours really appeal to me for some reason ^^. Also the mangaka did try to build up a suspense regarding Inuyasha, Kikyo and Naraku's past in the beginning of the story. Personally I think the built-up is really average. If you want to introduce a villain, at least give some foreshadowing. The chapters involving Naraku making his first appearance felt rather sudden to me. But let's not be too mean and at least give her the credits for trying. Now what Sunrise did, and I think they knew the story sucked, was to either skip some of the monster fighting chapters or to condense two or three of those chapters into one single episode. Very smart decision. Doing one-chapter-one episode is how they screwed up the DBZ anime. They also stayed very true to the manga story. I know the story sucked but it would still be much better if the studio had decided to make their own fillers.
    The characters don't really differ that much between the manga and the anime. Surprisingly I find them a little bit more realistic and more likable than the ones in Bleach (except Orihime of course ^^), and I did give Bleach a 4.2. I guess having some romance in your story is always a good idea. Besides that, they are just some typical Shonen characters like the ones in Bleach. 1
    In terms of the artstyle the manga totally sucked. The facial expressions are ok but it lacks details in all other things. The anime is a huge step up however. The color scheme is very bright and very colorful. The graphics is certainly not bad at all, especially on the background. More importantly Sunrise seemed to get all of the characters redesigned, adding more details to their hair, eyes, clothes etc. 1
    I can't really comment on the voice acting since I only watched some dubbed episodes on YTV. I can't comment on the OP and EP either. But I do like to comment on the background music. Background music is very important in terms of what I call presentation or delivery. Basically what it does is to enhance the atmosphere of a particular scene. In Inuyasha, background music was excessively used which certainly helped the delivery of the story. Sunrise also picked the right choice for the background music. A lot of them have that feudal Japan feel which fits the setting very well 1
    The theme is err…defeating the evil…? The love element is cute but is nowhere near Suzuka. I didn't expect much in this area from a Shonen work anyways. 1
    Basically what it comes down to is that Inuyasha is perhaps the only manga-based anime that's better than its manga counterpart. Sunrise did everything they could to save the series. However the story really sucked and the fact that the anime production was ceased is a strong proof. What I don't understand is that why this show was cancelled but the Naruto anime is still running. Inuyasha is superior to Naruto in almost every aspect. I guess it's probably because Inuyasha is not a f ag:P
  • Inuyasha

    I loved this show in the beginning but then it just kinda dragged on forever. It was kinda pathetic

    how Inuyasha chased after a dead woman when he had her reincarnation with him who was alive and loved him. Not to mention all that over a jewel?
  • A most unusual hero

    InuYasha is the Anime based on a manga series by Rumiko Takahashi in which a cute teen schoolgirl, Kagome is involved in a series of adventures with InuYasha, a demon/human hybrid along with their compatriots Shippo (a cute fox demon), Miroku (a monk of dubious piety) & Sango (a female demon hunter).

    They must face many dangers to seek out shards of a mystical jewel that in the wrong hands, can increase an evil being's powers. They must also deal with various characters in their travels in feudal Japan (some nice, others EVIL), including InuYasha's sinister brother, Sesshomaru & their archnemesis, Naraku.

    I'm so glad when i first saw this Anime on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup back in 2005 & i'll be looking forward to a planned series of never-before seen episodes soon to be seen!
  • A great example of a potetional series ruined by severe repetition

    The first couple of episodes admittingly, were good, decent characters, decent set-up, decent storyline, great art, voice-acting and animation,& a top-notch soundtrack, the series went on, plot and character development had taken a MAJOR backseat for overdone gags(I.E "sit boy"), unneeded characters introductions, lame fight scenes,& pointless character name shoutings. To simplify it, Inuyasha is jacked with filler, but I don't mind filler really as long as it's entertaining or helps develope the plot and characters atleast, much like a good series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece,or Yu Yu Hakusho. As for Inuyasha, the relationship between Inuyasha or Kagome never really went anywhere, it also adds to the confusion that Inuyasha also has feelings for Kikyo, there's the Wolf guy who likes Kagome, not the mention there were other so many characters I won't name were include in that mess as well, so that makes it a...I don't know what geometric shape can cover all them...anyways, the relationships never progressed at all, Kagome is also a complete drama queen, she's always causing unneccessary drama, Inuyasha has to bust his @$$ to save her from time to time repeatedly(he even says so himself). The fight scenes are lame as heck because the characters never developed in their skills, it follows the same pattern of: Kagome gets into trouble, Inuyasha and Kagome spent too much time shouting out each others names then Inuyasha attacks, gets hit for blindly attacking, this keeps on happening untill he defeats the enemy with the same, predictable moves in nearly every fight. The show also tries to tackle humor, the comediac timing is terrible, it tries too hard to be funny, you can easily tell when the characters are gonna use their annoying running gags, whenever Inuyasha does something Kagome disapproves on(very often), she says sit dog and his face is slammed to the floor,& when the little cub boy annoys Inuyasha, he attacks him or throws him miles away. You'll almost always know when it's gonna happen,& it's annoying. The plots are severely repetitive after the first couple of episodes, almost Pokemon repetitive(I do not kid), it goes: Searching for the sacred jewel shards, get distracted from the mission to save a village because they feel sorry for them, Inuyasha and Kagome bicker, fight a lame-@$$ villain, kill the lame-@$$ villian, done. The character development is also very thin, Inuyasha stays the same Jerk @$$ all the way throw, Kagome stays the same b!tch all the way throw,& the cub boy stay the same childish cutsie lump of hair... you know the story...and the biggest slap in the face of all, it lacks a proper ending, Naraku never dies and they never find all the sacred jewel shards. Suprisingly, the series ran for 167 episodes, I felt like it ran for 300-400+ episodes, Inuyasha would not have felt so long if it had more developement, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z with their long 200+ episodes length atleast had developed their plot and characters(as well their skills), not to mention they have good fight scenes as well. ---------------------------------------------------

    Despite the negative aspects, it DOES have it's positives, the art is great, the character designs are highly detailing, the animation is near incosistiency free and moves very sharpely,& the soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard in an anime, my personal favorite has to be "Fukai Mori" by Do as Infinity, the voice-acting is also nothing to scoff at..but sorry, it's gonna take more than slick art styling and an amazingly sound quality to win me over with all the anime's numerous flaws.


    It isn't one of the worst animes out there, but if you're looking for a good action Shonen, you might wanna look somewhere else. Inuyasha is not worth missing a good night's sleep.
  • this show stinks....

    I think this is the worst show ever! I don't know why i used to like this! If i could only have one wish, i would wish to take Inuyasha off the air. So far, the worst episode is, all of them. I would not reccomend this show to anyone in the universe. If you love Inuyasha (the show), I disagree with you. How could Inuyasha be a number 1 hit it USA, Japan, Indonesia, and China? So if you watch Inuyasha every night, you are a true fan, and you should change the channel. Oh, and this concludes my review
  • Inuyasha is probally one of the worst and overhyped anime series. The characters and the storyline is downright horriable. The storyline seems to go nowhere and the characters never develop as the series continue. The anime also makes you feel "dumb" by r

    Inuyasha revolves around a dog-like half demon/half human character named Inuyasha and a school girl named Kagome. Kagome goes back through time by going through a well and meets Inuyasha. The storyline doesn't go far every season and turns out to be a horriable designed storyline with lackluster characters. Somehow they always seem to be looking for crystals but the series will never end.

    I'm a big anime junkie so don't flame me for voicing my own opinion on this anime. I have been watching several episodes of this show for several weeks but I couldn't seem to get hooked to it like other fans of the show.

    The characters are very annoying and repetitive due to the amount of repeats of words they do. An example would be Kagomi saying Inuyasha at the end of every sentence she says. The characters of the anime series seem to never develop and learn no new abilities so you would see Inuyasha doing the same moves every fight.

    For an anime series that is still going on Japan and on to its 7th or so season, the storyline seems to be a very long soap opera drama. Most of the shows in the series seem to be filler episodes and doesn't reveal anything new. If something big does happen in the series, it usually takes 5-7 episodes before the event actually ends. Inuyasha and Kagome still has that "I hate you, I love you" relationship every season so dont expect them to go far with their love life.

    There are some good things about this anime series. The characters are drawned very nicely and has a beauitful soundtrack. Other than that, you should watch some other series such as One Piece or Naruto.

    Overall...Inuyasha=80% filler episodes
  • Some little puppy dog demon goes around looking for a little crystal. He is helped by a schoolgirl who fell through a well. Utter Crap

    Complete and Utter crap. It will rot your mind and waste your time watching it. It has a cult fan following, but only because the girls think Inu Yasha is cute. Don't waste you time. Please run for your life or you will not make it. All it does is go on forever, without any story at all, any good story writer could have a great to make it go on. ANd when it is finally over, they make a sequel about guess what? Kagome and inuYasha's child, how overused can you get in the world of anime?
  • I still wake up early to watch this!

    Oh my gosh, this is one of my favorite animes and i love it so much. Although the manga is better, and i don't really get the point of why they put in fillers, it's pretty good. I still like the first season the best. The second season got annoying when InuYasha kept turning from demon to half demon to human and on and on.....3rd season has too many fillers. My favorite character would have to be shippo, but after Sango joined, everyone forgot about him and it was just InuYasha and Kagome or Sango and Miroku. All characters need to receive the same amount of attention, except the main character might need more since they are the "main" All and all, i say this show is great and the drawing is nice, and i laugh while watching because of shippo (But how can a man give birth to a woman?) Hilarious!
  • It is a feudal fairytale!

    I just happen to come across this show one day and I'm really glad I did now! I love the whole romance in it. Which is saying a lot because I usually don't get really into that part of a show. But I just love Kagome and Inuyasha together. I also love the fantasy element part of this show with the demons, priestesses, and magical objects. It perfect show to watch if you're an anime fan but wants something a litter bit more mature. The only complaint I have is that it ended too soon. They need to bring it back!
  • Oh the memories...

    Looking back on when I watched this show, it brings back so many fun memories of when me and my friends would watch it and were all assigned a different character that we would refer to each other as. At first, I thought the show was incredibly stupid, but my friends convinced me to watch it a little more and eventually I found that I really liked it. Time travel is something that has always fascinated me, even if it is a little on the confusing side. My favourite character was Sango, the character my friends matched me up with, and Shippo was a fun character as well.
  • Worst... ending... ever!

    Seriously, this was a great show. It had all the cliches done right. There was a school girl, massive battles, useless allies (Shippo), sibling rivalry, magic, enchanted jewelery, and a fury (Shippo again). Which reminds me, is Shippo a boy or a girl, cause I'm still confused on that subject. Anyways, this was a pretty good anime only (and that's a huge only) if you overlook the fact that the ending really blew it. I don't care if you run out of funding or lose ratings, you never end an anime like that. At least have the decency to say that you can continue the adventure through the manga.
  • I remember that show...It's still on Adult Swim, right?

    The show was a good idea. A girl who goes to the old days in Japan...? COOL!!! However, there IS a such thing as "Too much of a good thing". It's like eating ice's good at first, but after a few hundred mind-numbing hours, it REALLY hurts. First off, the english dubbing (as ALWAYS) was HORRIBLE. The concept of the show seemed cool, but then they dragged it on forever. They had over 200 episodes, and they STILL didn't even find half of the jewel thing they were looking for. The openings were REALLY good, though. It upset me...I mean, WHY waste amazing J-pop on such a waste of valuable time and effort? I'll probably have a TON of fans on my back about this, but I'm being very honest and understand that opinions differ between us otaku. ...I rest my case. (p.s. the art was ALSO wasted on the show)
  • Very Popular Anime

    InuYasha is by far one of the most popular anime series I have come across and has become a favorite of mine. It's colorful cast consist of InuYasha, a scruffy inu-hanyou. Kagome, a Japanese school girl with mystical powers. Shippo, an orphan kitsune. Miroku, a pervertd monk with a cursed hand. Sango, a passionate demon slayer. And finally the antagonist of the show, Naraku, an evil demon seeking the destruction of InuYasha and his friends. With it's mixture of adventure, comedy, drama, and angst, InuYasha appeals can appeal to older people, but mostly I find it would sit well for teens. The series does seem repetitve and runs a bit too long (Note: most normal anime series run 22 to 26 episodes, give or take. InuYasha has 167). However, for most part, the show is well worth watching.
  • It's ok

    For an anime, it's ok. The storyline basiclly follows some warrior (I believe thats what it is anyways) trying to defeat another warrior and his army, as their connected to some dark power (haven't seen much, but thats what I've got out of what I've seen.) The storyline's good, but it was severely hampered when we learned one of the main characters was immortal, making this whole thing a never-ending story of sorts. The action sequences and battles were cool. So yeah, this, I think, an ok anime, better than most animes, In my opinion, maybe worth watching. 7/10 C-
  • It was really good when it first started but was ruined shortly after they revealed the main character naraku is immortal.

    It was interesting when it first got started but after miroku joined the show starts to suck. They obviously wern't thinking when they made the bad guy all powerful and immortal. Thats the reason why they had to end it cause there's no possible way to kill naraku. Its sad to see shows like this that start out good and then just seem to fall apart. They make the bad guys have atk power over 9000 and then to correct that mistake they make the good guys gods with infinite atk power. Basically they only needed to keep with the basic story line and not make naraku. They could of made it like tokko. I honestly think this anime would of lasted if they had a good idea for the main villain. Should of been sesshomaru sp? trying to get the jewel shards so that he could become more powerful. it seems like the show turned out just like pokemon.
  • BRING THIS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this was one of the best animes ever!!!! and it was the 1st one i ever watched it needs to be finnished tho it was great but it ended way before its time thay are saying thay ended it because there was not enef people watching it but their was and now there is about 10x more people watching it and there is even a pottion site to bring it back idk if its still up if it is when im at my house comp i will get the link and put it up here for any one that wants to can sign it we will bring inuyasha back to let it end were it is ment to end
  • This show is all about Kagome and Inuyasha searching for a sacred jewel that all evil doer want to get their hands on. They journey through the land of olden-day Japan meeting all kinds of evils and finding out more then they expected about hidden truths.

    This show may be older then most, but it's not lacking in anything the newer anime have. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. The relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha is a halerious hate/love relationship that continues throughout the entire series. The funny starts in the very first episodes and continues throughout the whole thing. You'll be rolling on the floor throught the show, esspecially when Kagome shouts out the beloved word "Sit!" \

    Inuyasha isn't lacking in action either. It may be a more toned down anime compared to others such as Naruto or Bleach, but it certainatly has its moments. It's a must watch for any anime lover and for anyone looking for a good watch and a good laugh.
  • This was and still is one of my favourite animes it has such a great sotry line. the story is about a modern day girl who ends up in the feudal era of japan filled with demons and warriors this show is great for any fan of romance comedy and action.

    The show is great one of my favourites i own the whole series on dvd and still watch it all the time its a great story and one i have never heard before it is a show for all ages. I strongly recomend this to any anime fan of any age it did have a very bad ending and i hoped they would finish it but sadley they didnt but i think the movies made up for it in some way but the bottom line is it was a great show and to me it still is i give it 10/10
  • Awesome show! However somebody needs to get the producers to finish it....

    One of my favorite shows of all time! I agree the ending sucked but thats because it wasnt the ending. Ive been told it was stopped because of lack of ratings and money but all you ever hear is how much it brings in to Viz media with its DVD sales and all, so somebody needs to bring it back because I would really like to see the ending that I read in the Manga happen in the show. I do not know hwat gave the producers the idea that nobody watches is because it looks like a whole lot of people do. Overall its a pretty amazing show, it does have its long needless arcs but is worth watching over and over.
  • This is the best anime ever! It's my favorite show. Please, people. If you want quality anime or just a good show to watch, InuYasha is possibly your best bet!

    Alright, this show is absolutely fantastic. Heck, it's my favorite show! The characters are hilarious, and they all have a great depth to them. The plot is so creative, and the ongoing suspense hanging after every single episode is phenomenal. Honestly, there's something in this show for everyone. If you like romance, there's plenty of that. What, with InuYasha always rushing off to save Kagome and Kikyou, and Sango and Miroku's love, there's definitely love spreading in InuYasha. Like funny shows that will give you a good laugh?? The constant "sitting" of InuYasha and womanizing of Miroku is a riot. Do you prefer darkness and horror?? You can find that in the forbidden romance between InuYasha and Kikyou, and in the constant darkness Naraku engulfs the group in. Or are you more into action, adventure, and challenges?? Well, there's not many better shows than InuYasha. Fighting demons and trying to restore the Shikon Jewel, InuYasha and his friends constantly pack on the humor, action, and romance and make one fantastic show!!
  • I (and most of my friends) are absolutely obsessed with this show.

    I love Inuyasha. Though I have kinda grown out of it, I still will watch it from time to time. It's a good anime for anime newbs, and long-time anime watchers may find it repetitive. It kind of is. I do find that the Manga is better, as you get the real story. During the show, you get more of the fillers (pointless episodes that do not further the plotline). This is one of the reasons it's good for someone just starting out in anime. You don't have to watch religiously to get the point. The show can be quite funny, and is very entertaining. If they came out with new episodes, I would watch them. I give it a 10!
  • It is a turely amazing show.

    I really LOVE this show, And I watch it every day before school actually.
    It's a show based on a girl named Kagome, who falls in a well, which takes her back in time in Japan!
    She ends up breaking the sacred jewel, shattering it into shards all across the country. But she has the power to see, and sense where they are.
    By her side is Inuyasha,Shippo,muroku,kirara,and sango. All of them are on a mission to obtain all the lost jewel shards, and defeat the villain, Naraku, who has messed with everybody's life, and is also trying to obtain the sacred jewel shards.
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