Season 2 Episode 2

Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Naraku uses one of Sango's fellow demon slayers as a bargaining chip to try to persuade Sango into giving him Inuyasha's sword, Tetsusaiga.

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  • This episode was ok, but a lot of things that didn't make sense. She agreed it wasnt her brother but yet she would take the sword from inuyasha to give to naruku. Based on experience she knows he lies.moreless

    This episode was ok, but a lot of things that didn't make sense. She agreed it wasnt her brother but yet she would take the sword from inuyasha to give to naruku. Based on experience she knows he lies. When sango chases her brother that she thought was dead, into the barrier that know else can get through she meets her brother and naruku thats right behind him. Naruku say bring me the inuyahsa sword and your brother can have eternal life. Right now he being kept alive with a jewel shard similar to what sango had. So when they were sleep back at the village sango decided to try to take inuyasha sword. :/moreless
  • Emotional yet lacking

    This is definetley lacking something to make it memorable.

    It does show you a bit more into Sango's life and how she thinks yet...its not quite the best. Poor Kohaku though, you really must feel sorry for him, forced to be Naraku's slave, not even servant but Slave. And it shows you just how far Sango would go to save her brother. I do hope I'm not getting mixed up between this episode and the next. Though, really they should have compressed the two into one, make it much easier.

    The peeping toms bit was funny, seeing Miroku's and Inuyasha's averse reactions to getting bonked on the head.

    At last I am glad that someone finally explains why Kagome is back in the feudal era. I mean, yes I know she can see the jewel shards and all but it rather had an air of "Being in it for kicks" or "Being in it because she likes Inuyasha". Whichever you chose really. Though having it pointed out does make it seem quite obvious as to why she is along there.

    Not the best, watch for plot advancement.moreless
Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Kagome's teacher (E)

Guest Star

Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Sango's father (E)

Guest Star

Masahiko Tanaka

Masahiko Tanaka

Sango's father (J)

Guest Star

Alex Doduk

Alex Doduk

Kohaku (E)

Recurring Role

French Tickner

French Tickner

Grandpa (E)

Recurring Role

Saffron Henderson

Saffron Henderson

Sota/Eri (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • As we see Sango step into the hot springs, she's holding a towel up to her chest, Yet when we see her close-up, the towel seems to have disappeared, but we didn't see her let go of it. Later, after she's out of the hot springs, Sango has the towel back on, and there's no sign of wetness.

    • When Miroku and Kagome are digging graves for the villagers Kohaku killed, only Mikoku's left arm has an arm band on it. The right arm is bare. But when Kagome leaves to comfort Sango and Miroku is talking with Inuyasha, both of his arms have arm bands on them.

    • Sango wears her civilian clothes over her demon fighting outfit. She never takes off her demon fighting outfit, which allows her to change quickly and always provides her with protection against sudden demon attacks.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Kagome's grandpa is looking in the newspaper thinking of a new disease for Kagome and he says "foot and mouth disease only affects young children" when actually foot and mouth disease only affects cows!

    • When Sango and Kagome were in the hot spring talking about Kohaku and the sacred jewel, one moment Kagome doesn't have the jewel around her neck, and the next moment she does.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Sango: (about to throw a rock) Did you follow the deeper points of our conversation, you peeping Toms?

    • Grandpa: She can't just rush off to school. I thought up a really good illness. Kagome is such a importunate child!
      Kagome's mother: What is Grandpa talking about? He's losing it.

    • Kagome: My little brother Sota's only in elementary and he keeps saying stuff like "if you flunk six times, we'd be in the same grade. Then I can help you study and we can graduate together". He's such a little geek. He thinks he's so hot.
      Sango: I bet he acts tough and pretends to be cocky, but hates to be lonely and cries easily. He's a good boy this little brother of yours.

    • (Miroku and Inuyasha have black eyes and goose eggs for walking in on Kagome and Sango's bath)
      Shippo: This time you actually were in deep conversation and rushed to help.
      Inuyasha: Why did they have to suspect me too?
      Miroku: It was worth the pain! That was a wonderful sight we just saw!

  • NOTES (3)