Season 3 Episode 19

Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's Feelings

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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To break Naraku's barrier, Inuyasha must strengthen the Tetsusaiga by making it absorb the blood of a bat-demon protecting its nest with a strong barrier.

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  • This was another great episode to see and we do see more character development.

    This was another great episode to see and we do see more character development. When the whole gang was camped around the fire playing card games. The flea told inuyasha he knows how he can break through naraku barrier, the flea told him he need the blood of a demon bat. So the blood can get abosorb by his sword, as they were going there a woman was being attacked inuyasha stopped. Once inside the woman house she said that she had to give up her daughter just to save the village. Inuyasha ask to be taken over there once there he fought with the grandfather bat and inuyasha couldnt break through the barrier so they left. Soon after a flock a bats went towards town to eat.moreless
  • to me this episode really showed inuyasha soft side

    Inuyasha and Shiori had something in common they both were half demons and were treated badly by other ppl i think that was wrong how some1 would b treated a certain way by there race etc it hurt me 2 watch this episode thinking about wat it would b like 2 live back in that time an 2 b treated like that but i really liked the episode it was filled with flash backs an had very little action but it really was good. It was good that inuyasha was able 2 make his sword stronger it looks cooler red than whitemoreless
  • In order to make the Tetsusaiga stronger, Inuyasha must go to the cave of the bat demons and kill... another half-demon?

    Man, do I remember this one? It was among the set of ep's I saw in December where they did three shows in a row per week. I've been wanting to see this one for a while just because Shiori and Inuyasha had similar backgrounds, but it also meant another flashback for Inuyasha.

    It makes me feel so bad for him just thinking about the kind of childhood that he had. I also liked that they centered the show on another half-demonmoreless
  • Shiori is a half demon child. She's probably no more than 6 years old. Her father was the bat demon leader's son. When Shiori was born, her father forced the other demon bats to leave the villagers alone. Until his mysterious death, it was peaceful.moreless

    Now that Shiori's father is dead, the burden of having to hold the sacred barrier is passed down to Shiori. InuYasha initially came to the bat demons' village to break the barrier, so that tetsusaiga can break through any barrier(including Naraku's). InuYasha shows his compassionate side in this episode. InuYasha has a lot of sympathy toward Shiori because he went through similar hardships as a child. For example, rejected and attacked by both humans and demons. During this show, there are flashbacks of InuYasha difficult childhood. InuYasha soon finds that in order to increase tetsusaiga's power,he must kill Shiori.Is this truly the only way?moreless
  • A great InuYasha episode.

    This episode is about InuYasha trying to get his Tetsuiga stronger so he can break through Naraku's barrier. He then travels to the cave of bats where he must kill the protecter. I simply loved this episode because it involves InuYasha being caught up in things. He feels sympathy for the half-demon. It's a great episode where you see InuYasha being picked on by his fellow demons. You get to see more of what InuYasha is about. I recommend this episode to anyone who likes a great story, a lot of action, and those who like to see a deeper side of the show.moreless
Richard Ian Cox

Richard Ian Cox

Inuyasha-child (E)

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Lisa Ann Beley

Lisa Ann Beley

Shizu (E)

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Nicole Bouma

Nicole Bouma

Shiori (E)

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