Season 6 Episode 4

Shippo's New Technique, The Heart Scar

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Shippo meets a group of fox demons who heard a legend about the mighty and powerful Shippo and they ask him to protect them from a lizard demon. Shippo uses his ultimate attack, the Heart Scar.

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  • Some of the scenes on here were hilarious, overall it was a good episode. It was nice seeing a little shippos since we seen every other character filler episode.

    Some of the scenes on here were hilarious, overall it was a good episode. It was nice seeing a little shippos since we seen every other character filler episode. Inuyasha and shippo was left behind at the villager to watch for the demon. Why kogame left with them was beyond me, you figure she'll give them some alone time. That part was kinda off, basically it was somewhat out of character. Shippo try to teach the lil fox demons how to fight, and in the end they found a cool technique they can you on demons. Me personally it was nice seeing shippo's filler but didnt really like the storyline. And this is the first I said that on any inuyasha storyline. They had the 5 fox demons they have no place to go or live, if i was going to make it a filler episode. Since you brought the fox demons in there I would of atleast try to find them a home or help them find their parents. The writers messed up when they gave up the fox background, so it made it seem that you should help out the foxes instead up going through a whole episode to learn a technique to bite a demon. To me everyone was out of character, and if they were in character they would've help those demon out find thier parent for a filler episode. Not a nice written one here, the writer gave it away, and shippose wasnt suppose to touch inuyasha sword he a full demon. They messed a lot of things on this one.moreless
  • Shippo means some other Fox Demons who assume Shippo is a great and powerful demon.

    This episode was boring. The demon wasn't even anything big, just a dumb lizard demon that Miroku ended up killing. Shippo's "Heart Scar" was lame as well. It was only Shippo biting the Lizard Demon out of rage because he made the girl leave after getting pissed off. The other little demons were funny, though. "Mister, Muster, Mew, Meow" Hahah! I wish we would have seen a bigger fight or something more important coming for the next few episodes, but oh well, this was a boring, creepy filler episode. Shippo just got really ticked off and went off on the Lizard Demon. The End.moreless
  • An interesting episode for Shippo fans or lovers of character development, but people who enjoy the plot of Inuyasha will find themselves wondering if there wasn't a better show they could waste 30 minutes on.moreless

    In this episode Shippo gains deciples that think he is the leader of the group he travels with, however they want to learn attacks to defeat a band of demons that seperated them from their parents. Since Shippo knows no dangerous attacks, he tries to use the wind scar and fails, the deciples also think that he was decieving a girl that she likes, and pressured him to attack her. In my opinion, the episode is alright. It is better than the previous one because it does involve mild character development, but it also doesn't have any plot development. I hope that they have a plot-related episode coming up and this arc doesn't end up being filler-loaded. 6.4/10moreless
  • This episode features Inuyasha and the gang taking a rest at a temple. While Inuyasha is asleep, Shippo ventures out on his own, only to come across a group of five fox demons. They look to Shippo as a hero, so they want to learn new techniques directly fmoreless

    This episode is kind of interesting, but very disappointing in the end (in short, it was awful). Shippo tries his best to show some fox demons a new technique. This is my least favorite episode because this marks the first time Shippo gets rejected completely by a young girl. I liked the previous episodes where he was paired with that girl Satsuki from the 3rd Season. That was better.
  • i am a die hard shippo fan i love shippo he is my favorite character on the show

    now let me star off by saying that i am a die hard shippo fan i love shippo he is my favorite character on the show, but having to watch shippo get thrashed and run away like that i want to see him get a good move and be usefull to the group and not always be on the sidelines watching helpliesssly. It was kind of his trait in the first season when the show was at it's prime i thnk he was the humor of it but now that it has been, what, 100 episodes but i have to say that it is a step in the right direction however patheic it may be i can still dream of shippo being a strong fighter but dont worry shippo i still love you keep trying you'll get it one day.moreless

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