Season 7 Episode 11

Swords of an Honorable Ruler

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Swords of an Honorable Ruler
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father actually had three swords, known as the Swords of World Conquest. Tetsusaiga is the Sword of Earth and can kill one hundred demons in a single blow. Tenseiga is the Sword of Heaven and can save one hundred humans in one swing. Sou'unga is the sword that dominates this story and puts Inuyasha, his friends and even the entire world, in peril. Can Inuyasha and Sesshomaru team up, for once, and defeat this new nemesis?moreless

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  • The best out of the four movies. I also wish they would do more on inuyashas father and the battles he went through this movie sparks my interests

    I really love this movie it was well done. Action packed with a a really good story line. I love how this movie fills in alot of the questions some of us might have about the past of inuyashas up bringing. All thought there is alot of action there is alot of funny moments and the guest characters are well done. The voice acting is well done. The art is done by a different guy than the anime series it self which i dont like as near as good as the anime itself which is well done but that all changes in the next movie anyways a must have for any inuyasha fan or anime fan a great buy worth the money.moreless
  • fantastic backstories


    This is the best of the four Inuyasha movies produced to date. We get to know the characters better. Inuyasha's parents were awesome! The English voice actors consistently do a good job. I'd like to give a special mention to the English voice actor for Inu's dad. He did a very good job of making him sound authoritative, strong, caring, and wise. We even get a pretty good idea of his human face.

    We also see Sesshomaru lose a bit of his aloofness. Though he'd never admit it, he did eventually have people to protect.

    We see all of Inuyasha's friends get into the thick of battle, save for Myoga (typical). Totosai, Kirara and Shippou did their best to pitch in.

    Rin had wonderful scenes. She's grateful to Kagome for rescuing them; and she risked her life to give Sesshomaru his sword. There are nicely done romantic scenes when Sango insisted on staying with Miroku, and Miroku later saying, "What's the point of having this cursed hand if I can't use it to defend the woman I love?" (not an exact quote).

    I would've given this movie a perfect 10 were it not for Inu's consecutive attempts of the Backlash Wave. They should've cut that to 2 consecutive tries in the end.moreless
  • My favorite movie of all anime movies!!!

    This movie is the best! The 1st, 2nd, and 4th movie have barely any Sesshoumaru in it! This nnot only has tons of Sesshoumaru in it, but he's extremely gorgeous! If you all have noticed (Which I'm sure you have) that the Inuyasha movie's animation is a lot different than the actual series. Well, personally I don't care for it, but Sesshoumaru is hot beyond words. Plus, this movie makes any speakers feel like surround sound with the effects it has! I have watched the movie on my computer and at my friend's house (She has surround sound, and a large plasma screen TV) And The speakers on my computer sounded like surround sound the effects were that great! I want to watch it over and over again!moreless
  • A father has two sons from two different worlds. One is a a demon lord with prestige and power, and the other, is an outcast who must fight and scrape for whatever her has in life. The brothers have one thing in common- wanting their father's acceptance.moreless

    This is one of the if not THE best movie that Inuyasha came up with. We see so much new things and it's all amazing. The intro was THE best seeing Izayoi and Inu no Taisho! Seeing their love for each other the fight just for Inuyasha to be born. I love seeing Inutaisho fight. It was amazing!

    Seeing the Dragon Twister was the most amazing move I've ever seen, and the drama between Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, and their relationship with their father. It's obvious that Sesshoumaru who knew his father but still feels like he will never be good enough to be his accepted. Inuyasha never met his father and wants to know if he will ever know him, let alone, be able to compare to him.

    This is a movie not just about fighting and defeating the Sounga, the sword of hell. It is also about the relationship of two sons and their father. About them finally putting away their differences and finding out how strong they really are. Not because of thier power, but because of their love to protect another, just as their father's true power was his love for Izayoi.

    The ending was the best! If you haven't seen this then go out and buy it, because it's a must-see for any Inuyasha fan.moreless
  • We get to see baby inuyasha.

    This is my favorite movie of the four. I loved the beginning when we see inuyashas father talking with sesso and then goes to help inuyashas mom. Then we see baby inuyasha. I also loved how the evil sword took control of inuyasha and he went on to attack everyone. I thought it was touching when the sword slept, inu was calm and reserved in behavior of what was happening to him. Then he goes on to fight sesso. Its a good fight but then he goes after rin and almost really hurts her. but ofcourse kagome comes and saves the day. Even the ending was great, when the brothers had to work together and are then rewarded by seeing their papa.moreless
Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Inu no Taisho (Inuyasha's Father) (E)

Guest Star

Alaina Burnett

Alaina Burnett

Izayoi (Inuyasha's Mother) (E)

Guest Star

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Saya (E)

Guest Star

Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Jaken (E)

Recurring Role

Jillian Michaels (I)

Jillian Michaels (I)

Yuka (E)

Recurring Role

Brenna O'Brien

Brenna O'Brien

Rin (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The wound that Inuyasha's father received from Ryukotsusei in the episode Father's Old Enemy: Ryukotsusei, allowed his father to be weak enough to be killed in battle with a human during a fire. It is unknown if Inuyasha's father would have survived Ryukotsusei's wound, otherwise.

    • Since Inuyasha was born the same night his father died, and the spirit in the sheath was only able to keep Sou'unga sealed for 200 years after that (as Myoga stated in the flashback to the conversation about what to do with the three swords following the death of Inuyasha's father), Inuyasha is roughly 200 years old, including the time he spent sealed to the tree by Kikyo's arrow.

    • Myoga: The Dragon Twister, the attack of a dragon from hell. Its destructive power surpasses that of even the Backlash Wave.

      It's odd that Inuyasha's father was unable to fully defeat Ryukotsusei with The Dragon Twister attack when Inuyasha defeated Ryukotsusei with the Backlash Wave, unless you remember that he wouldn't use Sou'unga to kill an enemy, because they then become the walking dead.

    • Sou'unga was not originally made or forged from one of Inu no Taishou's fangs. He found the sword and kept it, so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

    • About 25 minutes into the movie, Inuyasha is about to kill a crying child. Miroku takes the prayer beads off of his right arm so that he can stop Inuyasha, if need be. After the camera moves to show Inuyasha's face, then flashes back to the original camera angle, the beads are still in Miroku's left hand.

    • When the sheath put up a barrier around the group of humans, Jaken and Kilala, the sheath said that if anyone leaves the barrier they would die almost instantly, but then Kagome runs outside it to go help Inuyasha. She's out there for a full five minutes before Inuyasha hands her Tetsusaiga's sheath to protect her.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Inu no Taisho: Tell me Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?
      Sesshomaru: The answer is no, I, Sesshomaru, have no need of such.

    • Inuyasha: (dashes out in front of Kagome and grabs volleyball that she was about to hit, then leaps to roof) Hmph! (puncturing the volleyball) Nobody's gonna hurt Kagome with something like this!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Shippo: Who needs three swords?
      This is a classic joke of Roronoa Zolo from the anime, One Piece, who uses three swords: two he holds with his hands and the third he holds with his teeth.