Season 1 Episode 11

Terror of the Ancient Noh Mask

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 09, 2002 on Cartoon Network
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Kagome returns home to study for a test. Meanwhile, inside the storehouse on the Higurashi shrine grounds, an evil Noh mask that was sealed away a long time ago awakens.

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  • Awesome episode

    So this was a very good episode. I like how this episode and the soul piper episode takes place in Kagome's time. Its rare that an action episode takes place in kagome's time...the next episode this happens is in season 4 or 5,I believe season 4. I like that Kagome's brother (Sota) had a more main

    role. He sorta replaced Shippo for this episode. That mask was freaky as heck!!! I felt bad for Kagome's grandpa,people always see him as a crazy old man. He's really just misunderstood. Its episodes like these that old the true heart of the show! Somegret action and a good plot make this episode golden.!!!!!moreless
  • The Noh-Mask, also called the Flesh-eating Mask has broken out of it's seal and is planning on getting the jewel shards from Kagome in order to gain more power. Thus, a more stable form...moreless

    At the start of the episode, my first impression was rather hilarious. Kagome wants to go back in order to get to school, but InuYasha forbids her to do so. Therefore in the process of closing up the ancient well for good with a huge rock, Kagome immediately shouts "sit" to stop him. Of course, if she just yelled "sit", then it wouldn't be as funny. But instead she said "sit, sit, sit, sit, sit" in a row. With so many shouted out at once, poor InuYasha didn't even have time to react to all of them! And when he did, the big rock fell onto him and hurt his back. I pity him...

    Plus, because of that, although InuYasha went through the well to save Kagome and her brother from the Noh-Mask, he onece again argued for an apology. Of course, Kagome said it, but I don't think she really means it. Her brother on the hand, quotes: "Know what? I've got a new hero. Bet you can't guess who it is."moreless
  • Another great episode in this great anime. You finally get to see how things progress in wenches Era. We actually get to meet Sota for the first time and everyone in her familiy as well.moreless

    In Japan masks belong to a highly developed theatrical tradition. Its purpose used to be strictly religious but this has long since changed. Of all the Japanese masks the Noh mask is said to be the most artistic one. The origins of Noh theatre go back to the thirteenth century. At that time a very popular performance was 'Dengaku no Noh' which translates as 'Field-music Performance' and it had its root in rustic acrobatic and juggling exhibitions. By the fourteenth century, however, Noh had become a kind of opera in which the performers recited while sitting next to each other and then danced. As the fourteenth century went on, another type of Noh, Sarugaku, which used a lot of buffoonery, developed into a serious dramatic performance.

    In 1647 the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu (the Shogun was the Japanese military ruler) ordered that no variations were allowed in Noh performance. At that time stage directions were written down, costumes and masks were clearly defined and actors were allocated fixed positions on stage.moreless
  • InuYasha helps Kagome fight a demon in her own Era.

    This episode is quite interesting. InuYasha helps Kagome in her own era, Kagome's grandpa is injured and taken to the hospital, Kagome tries to protect her brother, and Sota reveals that he has a new hero...InuYasha.

    InuYasha is waiting for some special bees to seal the crack of Tetsusaiga's sheathe. Him and Shippou keep themselves occupied while bothering each other, and Shippou is bummed out since Kagome went home to her own era and left him stuck with InuYasha. Meanwhile, back at home, Kagome is going on about her normal life. Her grandpa is in the shrine making sure everything is as it should be. However, an ancient mask, embedded with a sacred jewel shard is freed from it's protective scrolls and attacks her grandpa. He is injured and taken to the hospital.

    The Noh mask is trying to find a body to inhabit. It kills a few people in the city after it takes over them. However, the bodies it's using cannot be stabilized, and it needs more shards to do so. It returns to Kagome's house in the fire truck it took overafter absorbing the fire fighter's bodies. Kagome gets cut on some glass when it bursts through her window. Kagome grabs Sota and they run away from the house. Kagome then figures out it's after the jewel shards and runs off on her own to protect sota. She instruts him to go get InuYasha because he can help.

    Sota tries to go into the well and retrieve InuYasha, but is unable to pass through. He starts to cry when the well begins to glow and InuYasha shows up. InuYasha tells him "hey" and they head off to help Kagome. Sota rides on InuYasha's back to catch up to where Kagome has lead the mask. InuYasha tells Sota that he came because he could smell Kagome's blood all the way through the well. They finally catch up with Kagome at a construction site. There, InuYasha battles the Noh mask. He becomes ingulfed by the the mask's body, but breaks free and destroys it.

    Kagome thanks him and noticed that the sun is rising. She hadn't studied and had to be at school in just a few hours. Kagome rushes home leaving InuYasha and Sota at the construction site. Sota tells InuYasha he has a new hero...which he was referring to InuYasha. Later, Kagome and InuYasha head back to the feudal era. Kagome is lifted out of the well by InuYasha and complains about failing a test. Shippou is there waiting for 'em.moreless
  • I agree it's a filler, but it's one of the better ones.

    This ep. is definitely good for a few laughs. It starts with Kagome going home, but not before she makes Inuyasha "sit" 10x and threw his back out. (aww, poor Inuyasha ;)). It's cool how he's acting like the hero to Sota and later goes back to his old self when he wants an apology from Kagome. "It's like she's apologizing for stepping on my foot"... but the end is cool when he's standing there with his sword, seeming all nice and stuff. And Sota tells him that he's his new hero and Inu's like "oh... man..." That's one of those million dollar moments, heh.moreless
Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

Flesh-Eating Noh Mask (E)

Guest Star

Kazuko Yanaga

Kazuko Yanaga

Flesh-Eating Noh Mask (J)

Guest Star

Paul Dobson

Paul Dobson

Myoga (E)

Recurring Role

Jillian Michaels (I)

Jillian Michaels (I)

Yuka (E)

Recurring Role

Cathy Weseluck

Cathy Weseluck

Ayumi/Kagome's mom (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Kagome had cut her left hand on some glass. Yet later her hand doesn't have any signs of injury.

    • This is the first time in which Kagome is shown going to school and the first time we see her friends. It is also the first time Hojo appears.

    • This is the first time and possibly the only time a jewel shard has been recovered in the Modern era.

    • This is the first time someone has tried to go through the well and failed: Kagome tells Sota to go to the well and get Inuyasha. But when he tries to go, nothing happens. Then a few secounds later Inuyasha pops through claiming to have smelt Kagome's blood.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Kagome: (thinking) Okay this is weird! When did Inuyasha start being so nice? I mean not so nice, but kind of nice, and maybe it's just the morning light, but he looks pretty cool standing there with his sword.

    • Grandpa: Now for the sacred rice wine. (throws pail into well and onto Kagome)
      Kagome: (sniffs hair) What is this stuff? It smells like sake.
      Grandpa: Kagome, it's you! I knew my prayers would be answered.

    • Souta: Know what? I've got a new hero. Bet you can't guess who it is.
      Inuyasha: (rolls eyes) Oh, man!

    • (Inuyasha is holding a huge boulder and is about to drop it on the well)
      Kagome: What are you doing?
      Inuyasha: Whadda ya think? I'm closing up this damn thing for good!
      Kagome: Inuyasha! Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit!
      (Inuyasha drops face first to the ground and the boulder falls on him)

    • (Kaede is humming and Inuyasha is trying to get up.)
      Inuyasha: Oh, uh, ow! (falls back down.)
      Kaede: Stop lazing about. Get off ye duff and seek out some information on the Sacred Jewel.
      Inuyasha: And if ye hadn't noticed, my back's outta commission thanks to all those "Sit" commands. (thinking) Oh, you just wait till you come back Kagome. You're gonna pay for this. (cracking sounds) Ow!

    • Sota: (thinking) What, all this for an apology? What happened to my hero? He's shrinking down to life-sized proportions before my eyes.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This episode was published in the Inuyasha Ani-Manga Volume 4.

    • This episode is based on the events from chapters 23 to 27 from volume 3 of the manga.

    • Much of what happened in the manga never happened in the show., e.g., the mask coming back after Inuyasha sliced it in half, the fact that the mask belonged to a woman, and not Kagome's grandpa, etc.

    • When Kagome finds out she's late for school, you can hear the instrumental music of Dream's, "My Will" just before it hits the credits.

    • In the manga, this episode happens before Inuyasha fights the Thunder Brothers or meets Shippo. That is part of the reason they didn't have Shippo appear in this episode.

    • Japanese episode title: 現代によみがえる呪いの能面
      Romaji episode title: Gendai ni Yomigaeru - Noroi no Noumen
      Translated episode title: Reborn In the Present - The Cursed Noumen

    • This episode first aired in Japan on January 15, 2001


    • There's a character similar to the Noh-Mask in Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" called Noh-Face. Noh-Face exhibited similar behaviors (i.e. eating other people) and also didn't have a definite form. The main difference between the two is that Noh-Face wasn't all bad.

    • Kagome's Grandpa: "Noh-Mask"
      A mask used in traditional Japanese plays.