Season 2 Episode 23

That Unforgettable Face!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Sango and Kilala fight off demons in the woods, while Inuyasha and Miroku face off against Kagura, a horde of demons and Naraku's wasps. Meanwhile, Kagome faces Kohaku, who is being ordered to kill her by Naraku.

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  • This episode has a very well written plot, however it is poorly executed and takes away from what could have been an excellent episode.

    This episode is actually quite disappointing despite being a very good episode. The episode is very well written. Naraku's scheme, Kohaku's internal struggle and Sango's decision all come together to make a plot well beyond other average Inuyasha episodes. However, with this good writing, there is a downside.

    This downside was the execution of the episode. While it should have been sad when Sango was talking of killing herself, energetic music was played taking away most of the drama from the scene and turning it into a scene that I couldn't care less about. And it's a shame, because this could've been a tear-jerker episode. But it's not.

    However this episode IS above average and probably places somewhere in my top 25 favorite Inuyasha episodes.moreless
  • This was a good episode, but sadly not what was hope of the gang.

    This was a good episode, but sadly not what was hope of the gang. When kogame was trying to get hokaku from killing her and snap out of it, he couldnt. Inuyasha and the monk was still fighting the demons when they realize that it was a trap and that hokaku was after kogame. So the monk uses his wind tunnel to give a diversion to inuyasha to help kogame. Inuyasha found kogame and said that hohaku could've killed me but he didnt. Inuyasha understood what was happening to hokaku, and went to find him. Hokaku sister was fighing him and was going to kill him until inuyasha stopped her and said that he still have a human heart and that he disobey narakus orders to kill kogame.moreless
  • Naraku utilizes Kohaku in an attempt to kill Kagome.

    While Kagura attacks Inuyasha and Miroku, Sango and Killa race to catch up with Kagome and Kohaku. By then, however, Kohaku has been ordered to kill Kagome, attacking and injuring her. Kagome flees and Sango eventually catches up.

    What follows is hard to watch. Sango is one of the strongest characters - on the exterior - and to see her break is painful. Feeling as if she has to free Kohaku from his suffering and ensure the safety of her friends, she attacks and pins Kohaku down. But she is suddenly conflicted as to whether or not to end his resurrected life. She comes to tears, and the scene evolves into an emotional standoff. By the end, the viewer is shocked by her actions and enthusiastic about Sango's relationship with her friends.

    An amazing episode, and the one I immediately think of when I think of this show.moreless
  • Poor Kohaku... I hate to see him controled by Naraku. And Sango was ready to kill him this time. At least now they know they know that Naraku is still controlling him.moreless

    Overal it was a sad episode and had a tearjerking moment between Kohaku and Sango, but its basically the same thing that's been happening between those two... I mean every time they meet its the same thing, Sango tries to save Kohaku and he turns on her again. At least now he's fighting back a little more. But him depending on the Jewel Shard can only end bad. Either way they need to take the jewel out, wether Naraku takes it back or Inuyasha needs it to put the jewel back together. And Kagura just needs to die, she is overly annoying...moreless
  • Sniff.. Sniff...

    Very, very deep. I ask you all one simple question, if you were forced to kill, and i mean kill, your younger brother, who you've loved since forever, what would you do? Kill him and then commit suicide, or let him go and leave him under controll of a evil and cruel person? It's this hard for Sango.
Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud

Kagura (E)

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Alex Doduk

Kohaku (E)

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Izumi Ohgami

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