Season 5 Episode 4

The Band of Seven, Resurrected!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jun 04, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and the group learn about the deadly Band of Seven. This group consisted of seven mercenaries who were executed for their inhumane acts. Sango goes off on her own and finds her lost brother Kohaku. Meanwhile, Inuyasha encounters one of the Band of Seven, Jakotsu, who wields a strange and deadly sword.moreless

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  • This is one battle you dont want to miss, things are heating up. You cant miss one second of this.

    This is one battle you dont want to miss, things are heating up. You cant miss one second of this. Inuyasha and the gang came up to a group of soldiers that were killed by one of the band of seven. Inuyasha took out his sword and began to fight him, the band of seven sword bends like a snake and inuyasha is having difficult time getting a shot. Sango came flying in the air and threw her weapon and that wrapped up with the band of seven weapon. Inuyasha than went after her and punched her in the face and she said that was a cruel thing to do. What gets me is why these character they make look like girls and they're really guys. This really desturbs me a bit.moreless
  • Hahaha Great episode, Had me falling off my chair because it was so funny!

    Jakotsu , if you are not a girl , then you are defiently gay Man , I was laughing my but off , when Jakotsu said those things! ; " Inuyasha is handsome, but you are pretty sexy yourself monk. " , " Nobody minds if i suck him up , do they? " Hahaha hilarious! Really , Inuyasha is great show , just keep up the good work Inuyasha! Jakotsu, you are way to gay for this world!moreless
  • Jakotsu of the Band Of Seven makes his appearance! He has a strange sword and a major crush on Inuyasha, but the way Jakotsu shows love is not at all sweet.moreless

    Very funny! Jakotsu is my favorite of the Band Of Seven! He's just so cute. Then again I have a thing for girly guys (zoisite, haku) Anyone reading this should hear the character song for Jakotsu and another member of the Band Of Seven (won't spoil who it is) the song is called "abarero" It"s worth listening to (but in Japanese cuz it's the japanese voice actors)
  • InuYasha and others continue their quest, and the second member of the Band of Seven appear while soilders are heading off for a battle. Jakostu launches an attack against them with the mysterious bending sword. InuYasha confronts him later, and fights himoreless

    Jakostu is my favorite Band of Seven character, but at first he was a girl because of the way he dressed, his voice was, and talking about how handsom InuYasha was. If your confused about what gender he REALLY is: HE'S A MAN, AND HE'S HOMOSEXUAL! Get used to it!
  • The Inuyasha gang learn of the Shichinintai, a gang of seven extremely powerful warriors who were merciless in their attacks. Inuyasha faces off with Jakotsu, a Shichinintai member who seems to have an obsession with Inuyasha. Naraku has apparently resurrmoreless

    Starting with birds eating off the ground. Jakotsu ask Kohaku if InuYasha was handsome. Jakotsu wants Inu. badly. Inu. and the gang were walking through a village and overheard a few men speaking about the Shichinintai. Miroku wanted to learn more so they went to talk to them. One of the village men says," it happend over a decade ago, The Shichinintai is a mercenary seven of men. They didnt want to be bossed over by anyone, they wanted to do there own thing. Its said that they lived by going around everywhere to join wars.Their war fighting skills equal to one hundred men. Their way of war fighting is too cruel. Its just a hobby to them. They were so cruel that the Kings were affraid of them. A crusade was sent against them. They excaped to the mountains, but later were caught by the gangsters and they were beheaded. The town has built a grave to console their souls. Their grave site was broken in half and the souls excaped." Kiara transforms and Sango gets on her and flies off. She see's Naraku's bee's and spots Kahaku. She knows Kohaku is still under Naraku's spell. Jakotsu killed the marching army men, just with one swing of his snake sword. Inu. smells fresh blood and goes to see whats going on. Jakotsu says," are you Inu.- He's so cute and the ears, I like them so much, give them to me." Inu. knows he's one of the Shichinintai's. Kagome notices that Jakotsu has a jewel shard in his neck. Jakotsu says," you look good Inu. when you are angry." Inu. demands where he got that jewel shard from. Jakotsu keeps attacking and Inu. keeps dodging. Jakotsu says in a horny way," Inu's. face looks sooo attractive." Sango comes and blocks the attack. Jakotsu says in a very mean way," Darn woman, don't disturb me and Inu." Inu. socks Jakotsu in the face. Jakotsu says in a sad way," you're so cruel." Sango tells them that the jewel shards must be from Naraku. Jakotsu blushes. Mukotsu shows up at the top of the cliff. TO BEmoreless
Trevor Devall

Trevor Devall

Mukotsu (E)

Guest Star

Tetsu Inada

Tetsu Inada

Mukotsu (J)

Guest Star

Jenn Forgie

Jenn Forgie

Jakotsu (E)

Recurring Role

Akiko Yajima

Akiko Yajima

Kohaku (J)

Recurring Role

Danny McKinnon

Danny McKinnon

Kohaku (E)

Recurring Role

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    • Miroku: (about Sango's arm) Are you all right?
      Kagome Sango!
      Shippo: You're bleeding!
      Sango: It's just a graze. (referring to Jakotsu's shard) But something tells me the sacred jewel shard was probably from Naraku.

    • Miroku: (speaking to Jakotsu) Are you one of the Band of Seven? (a few seconds of silence) Answer me!
      Jakotsu: Inuyasha is handsome, but you're pretty sexy yourself monk.
      Miroku: Nobody minds if I suck him up, do they?
      Inuyasha: No.

    • Jakotsu: (gasps) Are you the one I'm searching for? Are you Inuyasha?
      Inuyasha: I've never met you before, how do you know my name?
      Jakotsu: You're adorable!
      Inuyasha: What?
      Jakotsu: I especially love those fuzzy ears of yours! I want them.

    • Kagome: (referring to Jakotsu) Maybe he revived through the power of the shard.
      Inuyasha: Makes sense. (speaking to Jakotsu) Who gave you the sacred jewel shard?
      Jakotsu: Hmm, you know, you're cute when you're angry.

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