Season 3 Episode 5

The Beautiful Sister Apprentices

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jun 05, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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As Sango is repairing her damaged Hiraikotsu at her home village, she encounters two sisters who ask her to teach all she knows about demon slaying.

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  • This was not a bad episode to watch, it was interesting to see sango and what she is really like.

    This was not a bad episode to watch, it was interesting to see sango and what she is really like. Kogame came back and gave everyone gifts at the well, kogame wondered where was sango. Sango was still forging her weapon when to girls started attacking her. Sango went after them, and the girls said that they wanted to be trained by her. Sango began teaching them of out to keep small demons away. Later that night the girls snuck out to steal the weapons of demons, sango notice that they were ninjas and they escaped. Sango caught up to them and said put down the weapons and run thier are hundreds of demons comming. They put them down and inuyasha and the gang came in and wiped all the demons.moreless
  • i love this better than the first lmao

    this one is the best ep to watch during this season and its soo frekaing awesome coz like this ep really shows some emotions if you ask me like inuyasha walks in on kagome when shes taking a bath or w./e and he doesnt even care he just saw her naked he just thinks thank god shes alive lmao i love it adn then at the end he saves her risks his life and doesnt care as long as she lives aww and haha its just awesomemoreless
Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Sango/Kohaku's father (E)

Guest Star

Anna Cummer

Anna Cummer

Serina (E)

Guest Star

Brittney Wilson

Brittney Wilson

Suzuna (E)

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The episode preview was narrated by Inuyasha and Kagome. This is the first time that two people have done the narration.

    • Miroku seems to feel out of place with Sango gone and almost makes a move on Kagome to lighten things up. This is the first time he's ever tried to make a move on her, since Sango joined the group.

    • Notice that when Sango decides to take the two girls on as her apprentices, she says that "Miroku and the others will wait for her a couple more days." Not "Kagome and the others," not "Inuyasha and the others," but Miroku.

    • Sango left the others to go repair her Hiraikotsu because of a crack put in it by the coyote demon in episode 56, 'Temptress in the Mist'. Yet, in episode 44, 'Kaijinbo's Evil Sword', the Hiraikotsu gets snapped in half and then appears an episode or two later intact.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Miroku fondles Sango's bottom and she slaps him)
      Shippo: (to Inuyasha and Kagome) He will never learn. Don't let me be like him when I grow up.

    • Inuyasha: Maybe she's not gonna come back because of a certain lecher who won't leave her alone!
      Miroku: I am guilty of no such thing!

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