Season 7 Episode 8

The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard! (Part II)

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • It was a good episode, but a horible series finale!

    I personaly love Inuyasha. Its a long series but nicely done, but why did they have to just leave us with an empty feeling. I mean they could've added a little more to make a real ending. If your just looking at the show you don't know whats gonna happen. Are they gonna catch Naraku, is Miroku gonna die? I mean its nerve wracking!!!! This would be a good episode, but is one off the most if not THE WORST season finale I have ever seen, and thats realy an under statement. After making us wait all this time they couldve done more!
  • Epic conclusion FAIL. I've seen every episode, and I couldn't possibly feel more betrayed.

    That's it?????? I want to burn things. I'm feeling evil after watching this episode. I want to tear apart small villages all over the ancient Japanese countryside.

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED. It wasn't even one of the better episodes. There are way too many loose ends still dangling from the frayed break in the rope that is the end of this show. They didn't even bother to kill off Kagura, even though they implied they were going to the entire episode.

    The writers completely punked out. I know the manga hasn't finished yet, but Rumiko Takahashi owes me many hours of my life back if this anime does not get wrapped up. I can't help but feel like there is another episode coming. I can't seem to convince myself that they could have ended the series that way. It wasn't as much of an resolution as it was an execution.

    This episode is not worthy of a review. Everyone with great expectations hoping that all of their hopes will be fulfilled, that Naraku will be slain, that Inuyasha will finally be with Kagome/Kiyko (whichever you prefer), that Maroku and Sango will be wed, Kohaku will live, or if you are expecting a conclusion of any form or fashion then turn back now. Abandon those foolish dreams and forget you ever watched a single episode of this show.

    Sunrise Animation had expressed interest in finishing the series through OVAs once the manga series ended, but there are no set plans to continue InuYasha at this time. They better do something.

    I feel like someone just played a very dirty trick on me.
  • I was not dissapointed

    You shouldn't be so dissapointed about this series finale, they had to end it...all the japaniese people werent watching it much anymore because of filler episodes. they weren't just gonna wrap the whole thing up in one episode because they couldn't and that would be dumb. It was a bummer that the show had to end and we will all it horribly much and mabey one day they will make new episodes. the end was not dumb it was just how they had to do it, there was nothing else for them to do. I will forever miss this show!!! please please make more episodes!
  • Dumb

    This was one of the worst episodes of the entire series. The group goes off to confront Naraku after Kagura betrays him. The group eventuallly comes to a demon made of stone and enter inside of it. After a while, they confront Naraku, and they engage in a short battle in which Naraku escapes. The demon comes to life, and the group is trapped inside with nowhere to go! This episode made wathing all the other ones worthless. The conclusion has a lot of cliffhangers left open for the viewer to decide what happens. A very bad epiosde, a 2/10
  • wish thay would have made more new episodes thay left us in a cliffhanger

    1.thay still need to kill naraku so thay shude make more new episodes

    2.maybe the newer episodes shude take place in kagome's era and some how inuyasha and the rest of the team came to kagome's world were naraku has new demons waiting for thim

    3.this shudent be the last episode this show shude be on hiatus not ended

    4.i hate it when my favorite animes get canelled befor thay can finnish and catch up with the manga series

    5.i hate cliffhangers dont you.....iam running out of things to say (sigh) inuyasha rules so bring it back with new episodes already man kagome is hot
  • Quite a disappointment. Nothing was resolved, Naraku still wasn't defeated. Such an amaznig series, yet such a suck ending.

    Okay, so I do have to give praise on the fact that there was some slight character decelopment here. I adored the ending where Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting on the tree, and are having one of their rare sincere moments. It was cute, but it just seemed like the episode was a season finale, not a SERIES finale.

    Yes, they are continuing the manga, but it's not the same! And what if you don't have the money nor the time to buy the manga everytime the new one is released? I guess it's just a "tough luck" and pat on the back for those who can't.

    Inuyasha is among my favorite animes, but the last episode made me lose repect for the writers. I mean, how cruel can they be? Sure, if it were a cliffhanger for a season, and I had to wait until the next season cam out to know what was going to happen, then that would be a different story.

    So, I guess I'm just a whiny baby and complain too much, but I was extremely unhappy with the way it ended.
  • in if they dont continue like the manga is doing then so be it. Ill make make my own ending lol i think that might be the point though alot of you think differently.

    I don't know if they'll decide to make more episodes or leave it how it is but only time will tell. Though i do see a movie wrapping it up nicely would be cool too. The episode was well done nothing bad about it except its over but as always all good things come to end. Well I'm glad the series last as long as it did because most anime last far last most average less than 50 so its nice to see it surpassing that and every episode was superb. Well unit ll they decide to do something or make it official that there will not be any other episodes this episode will suffice.
  • Last episode of Inuyasha, Kagura betrays Naraku and leads Inuyasha to him, they are then trapped inside a stone demon which turns real.

    I've been a really big fan of Inuyasha for a while, and I'm sorry to say that this last episode is very dissapointing. If you are going to make an last episode, at least make it meaningful...and worth watching. Other episodes of Inuyasha have been fantastic, but the last two episodes made me utter some words I'd rather not say. Nobody even accomplished what they were supposed to accomplish. It was like all this fighting and searching they were doing was pointless. They never found Naraku, they never even saved Kohaku. I understand that the series is continuing in the manga, however I also understand that not everyone wants to read the manga. I may not know why this series have ended, but it would have been better if they continued it on screen, other than the manga. But, I guess that is the only way to find out what will happen next.
  • This episode was enjoyable, but it was not a good way to end the anime.

    This episode was enjoyable, but it was not a good way to end the anime. The choice to end the show at this episode left the viewer with many unanswered questions. The anime should have gone on for another 10 episodes, I feel that would have been a good place to end the show. The manga does continue the story, and is still going on till this day. Hopefully someday they will continue the anime perhaps when the manga has ended. I recommend reading the manga if you have been enjoying the show. Over all Inuyasha has become one of my favorite anime, and I highly recommend it.
  • Last episode of Inuyasha. Another nerve-racking battle with Naraku once again opens up a new future to find the 'Shikon no tama'.

    I really really wish it diddnt have to end, Inuyasha has been one of my favourite anime's. It was a great ending though... it made me frustrated and cry! Intead of kagome hugging inuyasha to turn him back to normal, she should have kissed him like in the second movie. :D going to miss it big time.

    At the begginging of the hour special it kinda dragged on and the conclusion of the episode wasnt really satisfying, because the battle with Naraku went nowhere and once again Inuyasha made a HUGE attack which really had no effct on him at all considering Naraku wasnt carryng his heart.

    I liked the fact at the end, Inuyasha was caring about Kagome and they had a little 'moment', however inuyasha's ending words diddnt explain what would happen next, or what was going to happen once they gathered all the shards..? would he chose to be a human or a youki? What would happen with Kagome?? would she leave or stay? The ending diddnt give a clue to what would happen. GAHHH it frustrated me becasue i'm a huge fan of Inuyasha!!!
    going to miss it. they should make another season dammit!
  • wow this episode was...was..was................. laammeeeeeeeeeeeee...

    wow i have never been so dissapointed in my intire life about what happened in this episode now that i look back on how good the series was and this is the way it ends i mean come on they couldnt think of anything better to make this show was a load of cr*p (no offense)i really wish i made it better can some please answer me cause you know im new to watching this series do kagoma and inuyasha ever kiss ?(some one tell me) thats another thing none of the questions happened did sango and miroko get married ?
    what happens to kohaku ?
    does kikyo ever die ?
    and what about kagoma and inuyasha ???? man this sucked
  • Ah geez,this episode really pissed me off.

    S I G H , i actually thought naraku would die or something but the way they ended this, made me freakin depressed that i started watching this show :( However, i heard about the manga for this so hopefully i find something and then ill be happy ^_^ but wow , i am really going nuts with this ending, i devoted so many hours of watching this series >.< s i g h h h h h. o h w e l l z . W A H H H H H H H H H H H H H. This leaves people trailing way to much
  • its so good to watch ill really miss it

    it was so good to watch and its really quite flashy and not to mention that it has a whole lot of twist this is really one of my favorite anime of all times.hope they make more of it ill be waiting.i cant wait till i get some more of this anime.ohh it has such stunning fight sequence and bits and pieces of the love story combined with dramatic storylines and niece twist the plot is a sure fire winner for me.not to mention the different characters own personal attitude and how they interact with the others i will surely miss this one.
  • I can't believe I been watching this show since it first aired, only to get slapped in the face!! It was still a good episode though.........

    First let me start off by saying Why Turn The Anime Series Into A Show Only To End Up Finishing It In The Manga!!! I can't believe it, why did they even bother turning it into a show!!! there are 122 more episodes after this one and ( possibly still more coming )they had to stop with this episode. The moment I started watching this show I automatically fell in love with it! It is such a Great show. i am highly disappointed that it ended this way.....but as long as they are continuing it at all I am satisfied. I am a true inuyasha fan.. so i'm not going to down the show even though i'm very upset. This episode was a good one, but i can't believe they would end it with a crappy ( not an actual quote ) " we'll continue to search for Naraku and gather the rest of the shards of the jewel to the ends of the earth." What Is That All About!!! so many things left unfinished. what happens between Inuyasha, Kikyo, and Kagome, Sango and Miroku, Sango and Kohaku, The Shikon Jewel, Naraku, etc. ????....... anyways i am going to stop my rant ( thanx 4 letting me vent ) I will look foward to "Reading" instead of "Watching" what happens, but i am more than pleased that i will at least find out what happens. This was a good episode and I still love Inuyasha!!
  • 5.6
    why would they end it like this. im so sad i wish they make the ending better. im so upset... did they just got lazy to finish it.naraku wasnt killed.we dont know who inuyasha choses either kagome or kykio. im so mad!!!! ^-^ =b sssssss sss ssss ssss ssssss sssss sss aaaaaaaa aaaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaa aaaa aaa ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd dd ddd ddd ddd dddd dddd dddd !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!c !!! !!! !!!! !!!! !!! !!! !! !! ! ! ! ! ! 1 ! ! !
  • what a letdown, nothing special happened, and i was just disappointed, that's all, disappointed, well, and surprised, and in denial, but ya, disappointed...

    i don't know what to say, it was just a disappointment to me, i guess i was just expecting more and had higher expectations because it's such a good anime and i've been watching these past couple years, and the fact that it ended basically uncompletely-like, just shocked me and left me with so many questions, and i was just upset i guess, i dont know, i just wasnt expecting it, and i may still be in denial, cuz i was then, i dont think that it should have ended like that, there was too many questions left unanswered, ya.
  • what the kcuf was i watching this show the past couple of years for?

    what the kcuf was i watching this show the past couple of years for ?? some one please answer me.
    I agree with any one who thought that last episode of inuyasha sucked. it sucked soo bad. what was the point in making a amine show with 167 episodes 4 movies and none of them star the corpse or naraku? (by the was these are not rhetorical questions!!!) i know they could have made a better ending then that. they didnt even show what happened to kikyo, kagura, everybody!!! they show just upped and quit. that's bull-tihs i am hoping they show got cancelled or something... even then they could have come up with a better ending
  • This episode will be the source of doubt or hope. It does not feel as though it fulfills the purpose of a finale for it fails to reach closure, however it is no less great than previous episodes.

    I would hardly call this episode a disappointment no less any Inuyasha episode. This was more bitter sweet for it has been the series finale for close to 3 years now. I dearly hope that the series will live on and not just through the mangas…besides I don’t think a manga could substitute for the liveliness the characters captured as you would watch them on a screen :] it is depressing to think that this is the end. All there is left is to hope or to doubt whether or not more episodes will be created. I would hate to see a classic such as this feel as though it had not been given a proper conclusion. a more positive perspective, at least Inuyasha fans will have 167 episodes and 4 movies to keep their passion for this anime alive! =) This episode exposes feelings of hate, compassion, and love to another degree. Inuyasha and Kagome manage to strengthen their relationship once more whereas, hatred towards Naraku continue to grow. Heh, well you can say it's just another typical Inuyasha episode :]

    All in all, this one episode should not mean that the entire season was a complete waste - it’s a wonderful anime and this episode is as well.
  • How can this be the end if there are 122 more Manga and Rumiko is still writing them?

    I like this episode very much. The scene between InuYasha and Kagome was adorable BUT....Was this really the Series Finale???? There are still 122 more Manga and Rumiko is still writing them!!!! Are they not making any more into episodes???? That is so not right....SOOOO much more happens. I need to find out if they are making more epsiodes!!!!!!
  • Oh GOD!! That was the worst final episode ever. I thought it would be more thrilling.

    That was so stupid. I couldn't stand the shortness and boringness of the last episode. At least let it be on hour long. It was not even thrilling. It was more rushed and unplaned. And the ending also sucked. All the ending was is a japanese love song or whatever and some stupid pics of happynes. Why didnt they make it a bit more thrilling. It was more of lovey dovey happily ever after endings. I MEAN COME ON!!! It's not only that but the charecters didnt have there unique features. So please don't expect any good from this JUNK! It's a total let down. By Michael Michaelides
  • Well it was a okay episode but really horrible ending to a wonderful series.

    When one thinks of a series finale, one would think an action-packed, emotional touching, satisfyingly chilling, boggling, inticate ending. Well I'm sorry to report that this episode didn't do any of that. Sure the episode was great it was action-packed and somewhat touching yet it didn't feel as satisfying enough. It didn't compare to the series and it left a lot of people hanging, none of the questions presented in the Inuyasha were answered. The episode was simple and felt more like a step than halt. Sorry to say the finale doesn't have a satisfying chill, or a bogglingly intricate ending.
  • its not the last episode im sure

    u guys dont pay attention if u think about it its obviously its not the finale actual episode i mean come on narakus still alive he still has most of the fragments use your brains and just because i need atleast 100 words im going continue telling u why its obviouse that its not over i mean kikyo and inuyashas relationship well we dont all the details and also theres inuyasha and kagomes theres mirroku and sango kohakus still under narakus control sort of and also the last episode also makes you think kagura and and sesshomaru may get together smart ones
  • noooooooooooo!!!!! this cannot be happening!! [some BIG spoilers in here?!]

    i changed my mind. after i saw the show i was very sad and now im happy so i have a few thigs to say. naraku wasn't defeated! why? how was inuyasha able to punch a flea? why are all of my questions remaining unanswered? well i do have good news. inuyasha IS coming back on air in the next few years! lets just say i heard it from a certian snail... ...i mean FLEA! other than that this was a pretty good episode because kagome riskes her life to save inuyasha from becoming full demon. she then almost collapses but inuyasha saves her OF COURSE! this is something that if you dont like inuyasha kagome pairings you should not watch! That is all...
  • An excellent episode, but definately among the worst endings I've ever seen. If this is how they wanted to end it, then why didn't they end it a couple of seasons ago?

    The episode was really cool and exciting, certainly one of the best episodes the series has ever seen. But it was just a terrible way to end the series. I mean, they've been stalking Naraku and have been failing to finally defeat him whenever they do find him for the past few seasons. Season 5, being mainly focused on the Band of Seven, was cool, even though they were just pointlessly trying to track down Naraku. After that it was just so pointless... All those filler episodes, aimlessly wandering around... Then at the end of the short season 7 they finally catch up to him, they finally know how to kill him once and for all, InuYasha even has his latest technique, Adamant Barrage, and they STILL failed to finish him off! So I'm thinking "Hey, at least they know how to kill him now, right? They just have to kill his heart and then Naraku himself." but they go and end the series basically saying "Well, tough luck for us, but that's OK, we're going to stalk Naraku until the end of time". What the hell was that all about? They could have ended the series when season 5 ended if this was what they had planned. There were some really good episodes in season 6/7 (like the one about Kohaku and his secret place with the flowers), so they could have just mixed those into seasons 1 to 5 or even replaced the lesser episodes of those seasons with the good episodes of the later seasons. 160 episodes just weren't necessary when they could have ended it in around 130 episodes.
  • Inuyasha turned full demon again!!! This is a really good episode.

    Inuyasha and the gang are so close to finding Naraku, or so they think. When they get there, there is a trap waiting for them. They trapped in a demons belly where acid is ready to engulf them. Plus, I cannot believe Inuyasha was over come by the sacred jewel shard and turned to full demon once again. It was cute to see Kagome help Inuyasha overcome it and Inuyasha just letting Kagome get close. It seems he really does have feelings for her. But of course we knew that. The ending was perfect, with a perfect setting with just Inuyasha and Kagome together (in a tree mind you). This is a really good episode, I really enjoyed it.
  • The end of InuYasha... NOOOOO!!

    I know that this is the end of InuYasha (anime) but the manga goes on... With this series finale, many InuYasha fans including myself were disappointed of this ending... After 7 great seasons of InuYasha, they shouldnt end liek this... People are now feeling as if they had wasted 5 years of their lives watching InuYasha, they have to continue making more InuYasha episodes to redemn themselves... Overall this episode was pretty good, InuYasha and KAgome get closer than ever... Just as always Nakaru gets lower than always... We had some conversions since season 1... InuYasha is more selfless, Sesshoumaru likes humans more than before, Kagome has gotten much better at fighting, and Miroku and Sango are showing affections for each other... Still it could have been a better series finale...
  • Biggest Disappointment Ever

    This is by far one of the worst ending for an anime series. I understand how Rumiko Takahashi writes. I've read Ranma 1/2, and I knew she's really bad with her finale. However, this is just ridiculous. There's no closure at all. Nearly every problem that were revealed to audience were unresolved. Naraku did not get defeated and still has majority of the Sacred Jewel Shards. There's still a love triangle between InuYasha, Kagome, and Kikyo. Kohaku is still playing undercover demon slayer. Nothing gets resolved!
  • The episode itself is good however it being the series finale is a downside. After watching over 160 episodes we are never given any closure in this episode.

    This episode continues were 166 left off. It originally aired in Japan as an hour long special. Basically I\'ll give you the gist on the series ending. You will have to read the manga to find out how this series really ends. In the end they \"will follow Naruku to the ends of the Earth\" was not exactly what I wanted to hear. This was one of my favorite series until this horrible non closure episode happened. It makes me ask what was the point of even animating this thing. It really turned me off from the series. Sorry if this review is vague but I have not the heart to write anymore about this disaster. In other reviews it was said that they may be waiting for more episodes to come from Japan.....This is indeed the series ending in Japan and here. The series ended in Japan in 2004. I doubt if no one has picked up the pieces to make more of this series by now then there will be no more, unless cartoon network steps in like they did on the Big O series and says "hey! we want to produce more episodes."
  • The end of series.(At least for the Anime)

    I wasn't disappointed like everyone else, I was prepare for cliffhanger ending and I plan to read the manga soon. There are a lot of animes that are adapted from manga that don't get good conclusions(Kenshin, Hellsing, etc).

    The pacing of this episode was better than the previous one. I was upset that they left out Kouga. The show just now introduces Hakudoushi's new pet and he barely appears in the series. I am wondering how Kagura is going to live with Naraku and Hakudoushi knowing about her betrayal. See Inuyasha destroying the demon's belly with the powered up Adamant Barrage was cool. I do wish the official English translation of the manga will hurry up and get to the point where the anime left off.
  • This review contains many spoilers. Wow this episode was disappointing. I always hate a series finale for a good show. But I disliked this episode.

    As we met each character throughout the series, we learned how Naraku had caused them pain.

    Naraku caused Inuyasha's tragedy with Kikyo. Inuyasha was imprisoned and Kikyo was killed.

    Naraku caused Miroku's family's Wind Tunnel and the curse that someday it would devour him.

    Naraku killed Sango's family and took control of Kohaku.

    Naraku kille Kouga's tribe.

    Naraku plagues Seshomoru.

    And many other things. And not a single thing was resolved. Kikyo and Inuyasha still share the angst. Inuyasha came no closer to killing Naraku than any other time. Kohaku is worse than before because now he willfully commits the horrors so that he may still e alive. Sango still suffers for that. The wind tunnel will kill Miroku someday.

    Naraku still has the sacred jewel.

    Nothing was solved at all. And that's pretty horrible. The easiest thing to solve would have been healing Kohaku or taking away Miroku's wind tunnel. There was no closure at all and for fans of the anime who do not read the manga, there will never be closure unless they bring the series back or a movie does something.
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