Season 6 Episode 28

The Demon Linked With the Netherworld

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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After meeting Kikyo, Inuyasha and the gang rush to stop Naraku, who confronts Abi and her mother.

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  • Good

    Inuyasha and the gang go to confront Naraku. Naraku goes to confront Abi and her mother so he can open up the border and get his hands on the final jewel shard. Inuyahsa and the gang arrive and fight with Abi. Soon, Naraku is seemingly killed, but Abi's mother is the one of is killed. Naraku soon after kills Abi. He then gives a speech to them that he has done them a favor by killing their enemies. Naraku then opens up the border connecting the worlds and is finally able to pass through. This is a pretty good episode, not one of my favorites, though.moreless
  • This is one episode you cannot miss, time is online here.

    This is one episode you cannot miss, time is online here. Inuyasha followed the two little girls to kikyo, once there kikyo said that kogame saved her life. And that she would handle naraku herself, inyasha stopped her and said that you dont have the energy. And kikyo gave inuyasha an arrow to give to kogame, inuyasha arrive back and gave kogame the arrow. And they went to the birds nest, they notice they sensed naraku at the birds nest. Naraku was fighting with the mother and the mother swallowed naraku, when inuyasha and the gang arrived naraku killed the mother from with in and killed princess abi. Naraku opened the gate to the netherworld.moreless
  • Finally, the gateway to the netherworld is open: the search for the border is over

    I missed this one the first time around because I was w/o tv for a week during my move and I'm so glad I finally got to see this one.

    At the end of the ep. 153, I was a little worried when Kikyo's helpers (dont know how to spell their official names) came to get Inuyasha. He knew he was going to see her again, so I was a bit nervous.

    When he goes to see Kikyo, he's relieved that she's all right. Kikyo tells him that he shouldn't take Kagome with him to the netherworld and I'm thinking 'why not', and she's concerned that Naraku might want to "use her eyes" to find the shard. That's kinda new, Kikyo concerned about Kagome. Kikyo insists that she come along, but I knew there was no way Inuyasha would let her because she's still recovering. She gives him an arrow for Kagome to defeat Naraku. The next morning, Inuyasha comes back and tells Kagome about what happens and surprisingly enough, there isn't as much tension as there usually was. The inital defeat of Princess Abi and her mother seemed to lack something cuz it happened so fast. It was also kinda funny that Myoga showed up, but Inuyasha kept him from running away

    I would have given this ep. a perfect 10 if they changed a few things. I loved the scene with Inuyasha and Kikyo, but I'd think he'd be a little more glad or excited that she's alive... I expected more from him cuz of all of the time he spent mourning over her. Then with Kagome, he could have told her that Kikyo was looking out for her or something like that. And of course the battle with the bird demons needed more substance.

    I've been turning a leaf regarding Kikyo for the past week or so and this one I think will finalize the process. I'm convinced that she's not as heartless as I once thought because of the concern she had for Inuyasha and Kagome when they go to the netherworld after Naraku.moreless
  • The path to the netherworld is finally open.

    I thought this episode was pretty good. I'm just finally glad that the "quest" for the Netherworld is over. I thought Princess Abi was a good character and am somewhat sad to see her go. I'm also surprised that InuYasha came out and told Kagome the truth...although she still didn't believe him. Oh, well. I was disappointed that Tekkei's defeat was so quickly. The build up to her recovery was long, but she's defeated in mere minutes. Overall, it's still a good epi.

    Here's how it went down:

    It starts off with Kikyo sending for InuYasha. He goes, of course, and see's for himself that Kikyo is still alive. Upon arrival, Kikyo informs InuYasha that Kagome healed her, and InuYasha again proclaims to never letting anything happening to her again. After this being said, Kikyo informs InuYasha that Naraku is setting a trap for both him and Kagome. Naraku wants Kagome's "eyes" to find the last jewel shard. Kikyo then gets up and say's she'll take care of Naraku. But when she stumbles, InuYasha informs her that she's not even able to walk and that he'll take care of Naraku, trap or not. Kikyo then gives InuYasha an arrow to give to Kagome. He stays awile and then leaves to pass along the arrow and inform Kagome about his whereabouts.

    Naraku has been using princess Abi and the bird demons to do his bidding, but he's also been using them for Princess Abi's mother. He goes to pay them both a visit in person, while InuYasha is tracking him down. The giant bird demon, and Princess Abi's mother, Tekkei, is actually the "guardian" between the two worlds. At fisrt, Tekkei swallows Naraku whole. This is when InuYasha and the rest show up. Princess Abi and Tekkei both seem convinced he's dead, but InuYasha and the others have their suspicions. Later on, Naraku bursts out of Tekkei's head and then kills Princess Abi as well. He then reveals that the path of the Netherworld is opening and invites InuYasha and the others to come along too.

Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Princess Abi (E)

Guest Star

Saeko Shimazu

Saeko Shimazu

Prnicess Abi (J)

Guest Star

Junko Mashina

Junko Mashina

Tekkei (J)

Guest Star

Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Jaken (E)

Recurring Role



Jaken (J)

Recurring Role

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