Season 7 Episode 1

The Lucky but Two-Timing Scoundrel!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Kagome returns home to get some rest without telling Inuyasha. Angrily he follows her and breaks her bike. Despite spending the day trying to fix it, Kagome is still furious and tells her friends he is cheating on her. Her friends then ask to meet him. How will this end for Kagome and Inuyasha?moreless

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  • The funniest episode by far, and it still keeps substance.

    Poor Inuyasha. He's been on good behavior lately. Even so, his credibility has kind of been shattered when it comes to Kikyo. So Kagome is finding it hard to believe that he has been as faithful to her as he says he's been.

    Kagome goes back home without telling Inuyasha that she was leaving. So he goes to look for her and ask her what the deal is. As soon as he gets there he breaks her new bike (not brand new, a used one from the neighbors). He promises to fix her bike, and Kagome heads of to school in a fury. She's venting to her friends when they learn that he is at her house, and they insist on meeting him.

    Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship is explored deeply in this episode. Kagome gets the opportunity to reevaluate her feelings, and to further assess Inuyasha and Kikyo's relationship. It is also subtly suggested how much Inuyasha's loyalty toward Kagome has resolved.

    This has to be the funniest episode simply for the scene where Inuyasha gets into a fight with Kagome's bike. He has finally met his match. Will Inuyasha survive?moreless
  • Kagome goes home without telling Inuyasha she was going and he comes after her and accidently breaks her new(ish) bike. Inuyasha spends all day trying to fix it to show kagome he can!moreless

    It was really good and you could obviously see the conflict (mostly on Inuyasha's part mind yoou but thats another story altogether) One of the best parts is when Sango and Miroku to expect Inuyasha to 'Sit' when Sango instructs him to. The other part that was extremely good was where Kagome gets her new(ish) bike and spends about an hour odd cleaning and polishing it to sparkle and then Inuyasha (having followed her to yell at her for not asking if she could go home (I know what a pig!) ) drops from the sky and lands on it crushing and breaking the new(ish) bikemoreless
  • Kagome goes back to her era without telling Inuyasha. He gets mad and goes after her. He breaks her bike and then, after trying to fix it, ends up making it worse. Meanwhile, Kagome's friends want to meet her boyfriend. They follow her and meet Inuyasha.moreless

    I thought this was one of the best Inuyasha episodes ever. I thought it was really funny how he appears at her window and then breaks off in mid word after seeing Kagome's friends. I feel bad for the grandpa though, after Inuyasha breaks a shelf in the shrine. If you think about it, it's pretty strange that Inuyasha didn't react to the word "boyfriend," that's one thing I was worried about when I read the episode's description. But, it was still a great episode and I loved how they were talking about him being bi-racial, his hair and his eyes. It's weird how they didn't notice his fingernails. That always confused me, how nobody ever comments on those. They look weird. ANyway, GREAT episode!moreless
  • A barrel of laughs

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes. It has large doses of humor and also some serious relationship development. This episode marks the first time Kagome's friends meet Inuyasha and they actually hit it off really well. Probably my absolute favorite part of this episode is Inuyasha's expression when he realizes he's actually made the bike worse rather then fixing it. I also love the part when Kagome see's when Inuyasha has done to her bike, starts screaming for him, and Inuyasha freaks out and pretends not to hear her. Overall it's a hilarious and sweet installment. I love it.moreless
  • I just love inuyasha's face when he does something wrong.

    At first, people might think inuyasha ia strong and unafraid. But when inuyasha comes to Kagome, he is a whole different person. Always does something worng. It was also really funny when he breaks her bike. Poor inuyasha. At lease did well with kagome's friends. Thats why I love this show so much, it is so thrilling, exciting, funny, and so much for. I think inuyasha is one of the world's best anime shows! I just wish there was more episodes. What can you do. The point is, each episode is really great and excting to watch. I could never get tired of watching the show.moreless
Pam Hyatt

Pam Hyatt

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French Tickner

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Jillian Michaels (I)

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