Season 6 Episode 24

The Mysterious Light that Guides the Saint

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jun 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Princess Abi goes after a group of villagers who are hiding in a cave.

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  • Dont miss out on this episode where they think that kikyo might be alive and inuyasha needs to find out.

    Dont miss out on this episode where they think that kikyo might be alive and inuyasha needs to find out. Inyasha and the gang go search for some saint that is to believed to be kikyo and even naraku believes that shes still alive. This is really getting old, I was somewhat hoping that she would of died and passed on already. The series is almost reaching its countdown, and we still have inuyasha searching for kikyo like a lost dog. He just doesnt get it, and kogame is getting depress over this. There is no way you can be with her inuyasha she is dead, you may have loved her but when people pass you say goodbye. And both of them have a hard time saying and were going through this non-sense.moreless
  • It is just finding out who shot that arrow and they suddenly have suspessions that it was Kikyo but when Inuyasha looks at the clothes it was a puppet.

    Well i first have to say whenever i see Kikyo it is like she is going to take Inuyasha away from Kagome. I just wish (no effense or anything) like Kikyo would give Kagome her spiritual souls to her and then they would just bury her and then Kagome would take control of the Shikon Jewel and then Inuyasha could have Kagome. But with Kikyo around and wondering about Inuyasha gets all emotional and then clams up and then Kagome kinda looks sad when he is like that;it makes me sad. But if they bury Kikyo then Inuyasha notice that he should move on and maybe go on with Kagome on what they have.moreless
  • Basically they are trying to figure out where that arrow had come from. They find out it came from a puppet that came from Kikyo.

    Why won\\\'t she die? I am getting so sick and tired of seeing her face. Jesus. Look with her gone Kagome and Inuyasha will be able to do their thing. And Inuyasha is working my nerves because he won\\\'t get over her. He said that he needs to find out if she\\\'s alive so he can move in with his life. But when they all thought she was dead he was able to move on. He always thinks that he is the only one suffering. Poor Kagome she\\\'s trying to be so supportive and trying to help him. it must be so hard for her. Other than all that, it was a good episode. I hope Kagome decides not to save her in the next episode.moreless
Pam Hyatt

Pam Hyatt

Kaede (E)

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Janyse Jaud

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Hisako Kyouda

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