Season 3 Episode 9

The Red and White Priestesses

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jul 03, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • This was a very good and funny episode to watch.

    This was a very good and funny episode to watch. When inuyasha and the gang happen to up a demon barrier, they had stopped and the monk and the lady started to pick up the barriers. Two priestess came out and asked for inuyasha and that were here to destroy you. Inuyasha thought they were evil preistess they got mad when inuyasha called them that. And made duplicate dolls of inuyasha and kogame, they were finally destroy when inuyasha did the wind scar on both of dolls. Knocking the other priestess on concious. The monk started rubbing thier buns to see if they were alright and sango pulled him by the ears.
  • Man, after seeing all of the drama from the Dark Priestess series before, this ep. was a good breather

    I never expected this one to be quite as funny as it was. I mean, all of the stuff that the priestesses did. Making those giant Kagome and Inuyasha puppets and them freaking out when the others refer to the puppets by their names. Then Miroku trying to flirt with the girls, I was laughing so hard when he was saying that his hand was possessed by a demon. I swear, I've heard that line before. Someone once wrote on the "You know you watch too much Inuyasha when..." thread about doing something and blaming it on your hand. Not only that, but Inuyasha always getting zapped by the barrier, I'm like "bug zapper"... on top of that, them thinking that Kaede was a demon too... man.

    This one takes the cake about the hilarious ep's. It's up there with everyone getting drunk on the mist (ep. 135), that's how funny this one was.
  • inu & the gang (including kaede) run into a couple of priestesses (momiji & botan)who are defending tsubaki, who, unbeknownst to them, is a dark priestess. in the meantime, naraku has sent kagura to retrieve the sacred jewel shard from tsubaki.

    this episode was hilarious! the giant versions of inuyasha and kagome were kinda dumb, but it worked out perfectly. also, momiji and botan seem to have some pretty cool techniques to be newbs. they accuse kaede of being a demon, and they think shippo has disguised his "true form". miroku, of course, tries to hit on them. if you like the funnier episodes, check this one out if you havent seen it.
  • Momiji and Botan are two rookies priestesses, and Tsubaki tells them both to hunt down InuYasha and gang. When they both find them, they unleash things called "Shikigami" and turn into giant versions of InuYasha and Kagome. After they find out that they'v

    The episode was a little more silly, like when Miroku gropes their butts, Kagome says "sit", hoping the bigger Shikigami InuYasha would fall, but the real InuYasha gets it. Yes...this episode was like the funnist of them all. Oh, I forgot to say this: ...................... Momiji and Botan are hot!

    It starts out when Inuyasha and the gang headed out with Lady Kaede to find Tusbaki. But instead when they did they found, two priestesses. Or as the episode said, The red and white priestesses. They agreed to Tsubaki that they would help her fend off the demon. They also gathered everything to make sure of it.

    Kagura went to Tsubaki, while she was thinking of ways to get back at Inuyasha and Kagome. She remembered about an ogre she wasn't suppose to open and decided to unseal it and use the sacred jewel as bait.

    The Red and White Priestess, used a barrier to keep the demons out while the other can. But they went out, kept pointing from one to another, saying Miroku was a monk, Sango was a demon-slayer, Inuyasha a was a demon, Shippo and Kilala were cute, Kaede was also a demon, and Kagome was a priestess. They used a spell, that made small little puppets attack the group. They thought they were worthless, until two caught Inuyasha and Kagome's strand of hair, and turn them into huge puppets.

    Inuyasha said he can take them down , but by using his Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, he go knocked down by his puppet. Then the Kagome puppet used the sacred arrows and shot it at Inuyasha. That was when the priestesses used another spell that can knock demons to the ground. But before that happen, when Kagome noticed anything Inuyasha did the puppet did, she decided to use the sit command on him, but it never worked on the puppet, which got Inuyasha squashed twice. Inuyasha then was able to overcome the puppet and knocked him to the ground. He then used his wind scar to destroy the Inuyasha and Kagome puppets. It also had the red and white priestesses flying. They were knocked out. Miroku offered to stay back and tell the priestesses everything that happened and what is the real truth, but Shippo and Kilila had to stay back and make sure nothing happened.

    Inuyasha and the group traveled toward the place Tsubaki was, but as Inuyasha was about to go get her, but he was stopped by a barrier that stop him from going to the other side. But fought through it and tried to look for Tsubaki. The show ended.

    How is it funny you ask? You just have to watch the show and figure it out yourself.