Season 5 Episode 9

The Secret of the Pure Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Kikyo regains her energy from her soul collectors she reflects on what the children from the village had said "To live is to die, to die is to live", yet she is already dead. "Pure is pure, good is evil, evil is good". Good and evil coexist in the hearts of all." Thinking of Dr. Suikotsu's good intentions makes her wonder if there really are pure people. She plans to watch Dr. Suikotsu.

As the others sleep around the campfire, Miroku and Inuyasha talk about the Band of Seven, and how they should be careful of the remaining four band members. Inuyasha responds, "I'm gonna get them before they get us."

Suikotsu has a terrible nightmare about the day he joined the Band of Seven. He then wakes up screaming. Outside, Kikyo greets him and is still thinking about his jewel shard.

While running through the fields, Myoga wants to know more about the Band of Seven. Not wanting to get involved, he calls back the crow from earlier and leaves, after which Inuyasha remarks on how he's always running away, but Kagome reminds him that Myoga saved all of them from the poison earlier.

An old man needs Suikotsu's help, but Kikyo helps him instead.

Kagome senses a pure jewel shard but she isn't sure if it belongs to the Band of Seven.

As Dr. Suikotsu and the children pick plants for stomach ailments, the Inuyasha gang enters. The old man at the hut claims that Dr. Suikotsu's name being identical to that of a member of the Band of Seven is only a coincidence, and that Dr. Suikotsu is a saint. He thanks Kikyo as he leaves, but she notices three jewel shards.

In the field, Dr. Suikotsu claims to be a physican, but Inuyasha tells him that he "reeks of death and graveyard soil". Inuyasha doesn't want to hear any more so he attacks the doctor, who, thinking of the children's safety, tells them to leave. Miroku tells Inuyasha that maybe he's wrong about Dr. Suikotsu, but Inuyasha feels that it's still an act.

Out of nowhere,a double-barreled tank rolls through the town, which sets the village on fire. The villagers flee for their lives as Kikyo stands her ground to confront Genkotsu, Jakotsu, and Renkotsu who are in the tank. Dr. Suikotsu rushes to her side, and they tell him that he's been difficult to find. Dr. Suikotsu has the same flashback, and questions the foes.

Inuyasha's gang arrives. With the village now a burning battlefield, Inuyasha tells the others to stay back, he will deal with them. Jakotsu will take on Suikotsu, much to his dislike, and Renkotsu will fight Inuyasha. "Oh, Renkotsu, come on! Why are you being so are unfair to me?" asks Jakotsu.

Inuyasha unsheathes his sword and leaps into action. Renkotsu surrounds Inuyasha's friends in flames, and wraps up the Tetsusaiga, making it useless. Jakotsu tells Suikotsu to snap out of it as he attacks with his sword. Kikyo enters their fight, and fires a sacred arrow knocking Jakotsu off balance.

As Inuyasha struggles with the Tetsusaiga, Genkotsu fires a cannon ball at Inuyasha, blowing him away, and knocking his sword out of reach. Genkotsu then aims for Kikyo as he shoots the ground in front of her, blasting her away. Inuyasha is worried, but he needs to save his friends from the fire.

Kikyo's dead souls quickly leave her unconscious body. Jakotsu notices the children, and attempts to strike them with his sword, but instead ends up hitting Suikotsu's right shoulder. The pain causes Suikotsu's shard to intensify, turning it black. He now becomes Suikotsu of the Band of Seven. He picks up the boy to strangle him, but Inuayasha saves the boy.
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