Season 5 Episode 9

The Secret of the Pure Light

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • This one kept you kind of guessing if he going to stay the good guy or is he going to turn evil.

    This one kept you kind of guessing if he going to stay the good guy or is he going to turn evil. Inuyasha and the gang finally found someone that a jewel shard and they expected to be one of the band of seven. But when they got there he was really nice and he was good with the children, even protected the children. When the rest of the band of seven came they told the other member to quit playing around and playing a saint healing people we came to get you. When they tried to kill the children he blocked hit and got scraped on his shoulders. Thats when he transformed in to and evil one, now hes a member of the band of seven.
  • InuYasha and Miroku talk about the Band of Seven, and know three of them are dead--or so they think. Meanwhile, Kikyo is in the village where Suikostu is, and the Band of Seven attacks the village. InuYasha and the gang arrives and then Suikostu begins tu

    This episode was good, but the title says: "Secret of the Pure Light", yet no secret was reveiled. Ginkostu looked cool in his new form, and Suikostu finally went bad. But they should've changed the title to something more fitting to the episode. Another than the title, it was good.
  • Really could have been better, or at least have had a different title.

    The title is "the Secret of the Pure Light", so you naturally think that they'll reveal why one of the Band of Seven has a totally different personality now, and has no memory of his past or that he was one of the band of seven, and why his Shikon Jewel shard is totally free of any shadows. But when you actually see the episode... it's far less than what you had expected. In fact, the title is extremely misleading. They don't reveal any secret, or even tell you anything usefull or important. It's just basically: Inuyasha-"I'll kill them!"
    Suikotsu-"what are you talking about?"
    Kikyo-"Pure, is impure. Impure, is pure. Good, is evil. Evil, is good."
    If what Kikyo said is the secret, they could have at least told you that's what she was mumbling about. Basically, it had it's good points, but overall, it was pretty much like school books. They never seem to supply enough information or explain the information they give you well enough so you actually do understand it, so by the time your done, your sitting there, scratching your head going "...huh?"
  • Kagome, Sango, and Miroku awaken to learn that three of the band of seven are dead, or at least, out of commission. They then head to a village to encounter Dr. Suikotsu. They learn of a Suikotsu, an evil man, but not like this one. Then comes a *yawn* su

    This episode, while not the best in the series, did some nice things for me. It got me thinking. What did these writers drink the past several months? The last couple episodes were fueled with action (not that it's bad). It reminded me of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Action every 5 minutes. Or in this case, several times an episode.

    Alright, moving on. How is it Inuyasha can't be tired after all the battling? I image these battles took place over several days, and with Miroku, Sango and Kagome almost dead, how could Inuyasha have slept enough to fight so many people off?

    I think bringing Kikyo into the mix again is not such a great idea. It's just one more character to take up screen time and no real purpose. Maybe later she will (perhaps next episode), but she had no purpose this time around. I know it was early and Miroku, Kagome and Sango just awoke from their slumber, but them fighting would have been nice, they'd been lifeless bodies for a long time now. I do, however, understand Inuyasha's reasons for keeping them out of battle. Well, now I suppose I'm rambling on.

    Note to Adult Swim viewers: They now use the opening sequence and fillers between episode and commercial, cool huh?

    Alright, time to finish off this review, how about finishing off the Band of Seven and returning to other matters? How about Naraku? He's been mysteriously absent lately, any huge plans in order? All in all, despite it being nothing but a filler episode to bide our time with, with no huge event taking place (besides revealing another Band of Seven), it was a good episode. Next one should be gooooood. Later.