Season 5 Episode 2

The Snow from Seven Years Past

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Mar 01, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Miroku hears that a snow maiden possessing the form of a woman from his youth is terrorizing the village men and goes out alone to investigate.

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  • This was a pretty good filler episode, dont miss it.

    This was a pretty good filler episode, dont miss it. The monk and sango were walking when they notice a group of people were trying to bring this one man to wake that was covered in snow. They said it was the snow demon that did this, the monk told sango to go back and tell the others and he took off. Sango ran after him than caught up with him in the snow and ended being stuck until the snow demon came and took him out and they went to her castle. Inuyasha,kogame and shippo showed up at the castle and got the monk out of the spell. Inuyasha did a wind scar to finish the demon off.moreless
  • If the person you admired was with another could you really let them go?

    Okay I know what you're probably thinking why should I watch this filler episode? I won't miss anything important right? I don't believe that to be true. This episode does point out a few problems that Miroku and Sango need to work out in their relationship along with the fact that Inuyasha can be very dense when it comes to girl's feelings. The fact that Miroku was tricked into thinking that the snow children were real adds to the drama of Sango wanting nothing to do with him. Thinking that they were real because of what the woman who told them had said. So what do the others do they investigate of course. Their they soon discover the truth, and take on the snow demon and him pet ice demon cat. Overall we learn that everyone has their limits on how much they can handle when it comes to a future spouse, and that Miroku should maybe keep tabs. So as not to be accused of anymore love children.moreless
  • Miroku recaps back to when he met a maiden that helped him out of the snow. He mets her again... but the gang look for him, and see that he's under some spell...and InuYasha fights a monster the maiden unleashed...and they finally brake the spell. Mirokumoreless

    I liked it, but it was all filler, not in the mange, but the next season is by far the best. She was hot...a good end to the season. I always laugh when Miroku is slapped. I think Sango was slapping him to get a bug...but there was another reason...
  • i think this episode is going to be great and i cant wait to this one come out tv i am a big fan of miroku his my fav. person and hes need to hook up with sango this makes me happy just so happy. i hope everyone can enjoymoreless

    i think this episode is going to be great and i cant wait to this one come out tv i am a big fan of miroku his my fav. person and hes need to hook up with sango this makes me happy just so happy. i hope everyone can enjoy
Patricia Drake

Patricia Drake

Koyuki (E)

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Yuko Minaguchi

Yuko Minaguchi

Koyuki (J)

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Motoki Takagi

Motoki Takagi

Miroku- young (J)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the end of the episode, before Sango slaps Miroku, her palm is covered with the white cloth and armor she wears, but when she goes in to slap him, her hand is bare.

    • The potion that Kagome gives Sango to cure her hypothermia is made of a combination of strong lime, viper, newt, and worms.

    • Running gag: all three times that Sango slaps Miroku in this episode, she claims that she was slapping a mosquito.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Man: They say that the woman is a sight to behold and has a face not soon forgotten, with skin as white as the snow itself. I'd like to see her just once with my own eyes, even if it meant freezing.

    • (Sango slaps Miroku, claiming she was slapping a mosquito)
      Sango: Oh, I got it! See the blood? (shows hand to Miroku)

  • NOTES (4)


    • Yuki-onna
      Much of the episode is based on the old Japanese folktale of the Yuki-onna (snow maiden). The basic plot: Two woodcutters, one old and one young take shelter in a hut. That night, the hut is visited by the Yuki-onna, who freezes the older woodcutter to death. She spares the young one's life on condition that she will return and kill him if he tells anyone what happened. The woodcutter agrees. He returns home and is visited by a young woman whom he marries. They live together for many years and have several children. One winter night, he becomes troubled, and she asks him what is the matter. He tells her of his encounter with the Yuki-onna. She then asks him why he couldn't keep his promise and reveals herself to be the Yuki-onna. She is unable to kill the woodcutter out of love for him and their children and leaves, never to be seen again.

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