Season 4 Episode 10

The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Kuroro, who is of the same type of species as Kirara, except that she has more black markings, once belonged to a village. She is considered a highly intelligent demon who helps the village by exterminating all the rats and mice. She was chased out, though, when a spiritualist came and told the villagers that two-tailed cats were bad fortune.moreless

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  • insignificant and pointless

    Ah yes another episodic adventure in the fairy tale known as Inuyasha. Our Heroes and tag alongs are traveling down the path once again with only Inuyasha's nose to guide them, hopefully leading to Naraku's whereabouts, so that they may put an end to his evil deeds once and for all. This installment leads the group to another quaint village where trouble is brewing. A spiritualist / conjurer is motivating the townsfolk to chase away a two tailed cat, with the idea that it will bring them bad luck if it stays. It becomes apparent right away that this little creature bears a striking resemblance to one of the mascot characters. In fact the two tailed cat demon looks exactly like Kirara except for a few dark color splotches, this is our first indication towards the focus of the episode, and we might as well guess that Kirara is going to be a story driving character at this point. Even though Kirara may appear to be cute and cuddly, an entire episode devoted to a mascot character is usually considered a let down. However, Kirara isn't truely whats driving the story, instead the plot focuses on new Comers Kuroro and her owner. Getting back to the story, Kirara has gone missing and Shippo ( another annoying baby faced character ) has gone off searching for her.On a side note, why is Shippo taking responsability for Kirara? Shouldn't Songo be stepping in or at least have a say? Apparently she is too busy fending off Miroku's advances, but this episode leaves us speculating. Meanwhile a little girl is busy searching for her pet Kuroro. Gee what a coincidence. Lets not get too creative with the naming conventions. I mean everytime there are two characters of the same non human species the creator insists on giving them practically the same name, only with a slight adjustment. Well the little girl along with Shippo stumble upon each other at the same time as finding Kirara. The girl easily mistakes Kirara as her own pet Kuroro. Now hold on…wouldn't be obvious to a pet owner, even a young child, the appearances of your own pet compared to another? This girl is so blind and oblivious to the fact that this is not her pet, even to the point of Shippo repeatedly telling her Hey you moron that's not Kuroro its Kirara. I get the point that the writer was trying to convey that the two cats look merely identical but, the character designer should have taken less of a degree to distinguish the two. Its plainly obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that Kulolo has black fur around her neck unlike Kirara. One more thing doesn't Kuroro sound like a guys name, well its not for an odd reason Kuroro is also a girl cat. This defeats any and all ideas of Kirara finding a mate, something that the episode preview may have led you to believe. If that were actually the case this episode could be perceieved as having significance, but no. The creators tear away any shred of significance to the overall plot, which leaves us with a short little nothing tale to hold us off until they decide to pick up the main storyline. Boring you say? Well its worse than that,this episode is childish and reminiscent of Pokemon. I hate to compare a good show like Inuyasha to a junk show like Pokemon but, in this case the shoe fits. Inuyasha is a show with adult themes, brief nudity, frightening images, and graphic violence, as they say on cartoon network's adult swim it may not be suitable for children under 17. I believe this episode along with some of the other meaningless ones should omitted or re-written for the teen to adult audience. Ok so like I've stated in terms of story, this episode has very little to offer, but what about action? I'm sorry to tell you that the action scenes are none too spectacular. Inuyasha will do his same repeated animation of swinging his sword to do the wind scar, just like we've seen him do nearly a million times in the past. There are only a few action scenes and they don't last very long. Also, a lot of what happens during the action, seems predictable and recycled. Before you realize it the episode will be over and you will simply forget about everything that happened because basically there nothing was worth remembering.moreless
  • This wasnt a bad episode to watch.

    This wasnt a bad episode to watch. At a village a myserious healer came to the village and said that two tail cats are evil and demanded that they be casted out. The cat than left the village when they were throwing stones at the cat. The little girl was looking for cat and found the cat and put a necklace on the cat. But shippo told her it wasnt her cat she took of and told the cat to run cause the villagers were after the cat. The healer was a demon rat and summoned a lot of rats to attack the village, inuyasha and the gang found the demon rat house and broke though his barrier and the monk did a spell and the demon died.moreless

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