Season 1 Episode 8

The Toad Who Would Be Prince

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 19, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

InuYasha and Kagome are around in the Washashi area and Kagome is in her bathing suit in the river. InuYasha is talking to Myoga about the idea that if they spend time outside the village, they'd find more jewel shards, but Myoga is paying more attention to Kagome and goes off to spy on Kagome. InuYasha sees some sort of blur run by and follows it. Myoga sees InuYasha run off and thinks InuYasha is also going to "check" on Kagome. InuYasha reaches were Kagome is and she screams and InuYasha says it's not what it looks like but Kagome says that her stuff was stolen. A monkey hands her backpack to a dark-haired guy and he rifles it, looking for something to eat. Instead, he picks up Kagomes bra. Kagome and InuYasha spot them and the guy draws out his sword, but InuYasha puts his foot on the man's head. Kagome then gives the man a bag of potato chips. The guy calls himself "Nobunaga". Kagome thinks that he's Oda Nobunaga and goes to shake his hand and asks for an autograph. InuYasha asks what has gotten her all excited and Kagome says that he's Oda Nobunaga. Kagome asks InuYasha if he has learned history and Myoga jumps on her shoulder and says that's not what his signature says. Kagome looks and it and it says "Amari Nobunaga" and Amari says that he thinks "Oda Nobunaga" is a big jerk. Amari Nobunaga says that he's from the Land of Kai and Kagome gets annoyed and asked him why he didn't tell her that he wasn't Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga says had he has an important mission to do and he must be off. InuYasha tells him not to go that way and Amari ends up falling from a small ledge. Kagome and InuYasha walks over to where he fell which was on a hill. Kagome says that this Nobunaga is an idiot, but Oda Nobunaga is not.

We switch to a village where a bunch of girls are being taken to the lord's place. The people of the village wonder why the lord needs so many women and another guy says that not one woman has returned. They continue on and say that the lord has been possessed by a demon. InuYasha and Kagome follow Nobunaga and InuYasha asks angrily why tjhe villagers are doing this. He finds out that there is a demon in the castle and he becomes interested in this.

At the castle, the princess hands the lord a cup of water and she asks where are all the women the Lord has summoned. The lord, with his face under bandages gets angry and says she may not know. The princess is on her knees and tells him that she had no right to ask.

InuYasha and the others reach the castle and InuYasha says he can smell the demon stench from here and the jewel shard with it. He tells Kagome to hop on his back. Kagome does so and Nobunaga does the same and this annoys InuYasha. InuYasha tells him to get off and to get his own ride. Kagome says to let him on and InuYasha just mumbles about being the nice guy and makes a big leap over the castle wall. Soldiers within the castle are sleeping. Myoga tells InuYasha that their sleep might be hypnotic, and that they might be pretending to make it look like their guard is down. They are inside the castle and Nobunaga is yelling out for Princess Tsuyu and opens every door and checks to see where she is. Kagome asks InuYasha if it was okay to let him yell out loud and InuYasha says with his arms crossed, "Well I don't see why not, they're asleep ain't they?" Nobunaga enters a room and sees a person is laying down on the ground and Nobunaga, thinking that it was the Princess, lifts her up and sees that it was an old woman and says what has happened? Kagome is looking at a young girl and says to Nobunaga that isn't this the Princess? Nobunaga drops the old lady and runs to her. Myoga hops out of Kagome's hair and says, "Did someone say princess? I know a good way to wake her up!" He jumps on her cheek and starts to suck her blood and the Princess squishes Myoga with her hand and wakes up. She sees Nobunaga and he is glad that she is okay and they talk about how she remembered him in school and how they'd laugh whenever he fell in horse dung. Nobunaga starts to blush and his white monkey falls off his shoulder when Tsuyu mentions Nobunaga falling in horse dung.

Kagome and InuYasha are sitting next to a wall and she asks if Nobunaga is in love with Tsuyu and all InuYasha says is that it's pathetic. Princess Tsuyu begins to talks about how her lord become this way. She says that he fell in a pond and got sick and now he has changed. Nobunaga says he has given his word to Princess Tsuyu's father's to save his Tsuyu and he says even if he didn't, Nobunaga would've come to save her anyway. She tells him that there's a monkey and his head and Nobunaga says that he knows.

The Lord comes down the hall and InuYasha and Kagome stand up to face him, and InuYasha jumps upand says it's time to see the lord's true face and he rips off his bandages and the lord looks like a big toad. Tsuyu faints into Nobunaga's arms.

InuYasha goes to attack again but gets blown down by the toad's poison gas. Myoga jumps onto Kagome's shoulders warning her about the gas. The lord goes after the Princess and Nobunaga tries to defend her, but the lord attacks with his long tongue and it hurts his arm. He then runs off with Princess Tsuyu and InuYasha calls him a stinking toad and says he won't get away.

Kagome goes to Nobunaga to aid him, but he says to rescue Tsuyu instead. They come to InuYasha, Kagome and Nobunaga find a place filled with eggs with the bodies of women and they see Tsuyu is now trapped inside one of those eggs. Myoga says that all the girls that are kept inside these eggs until their souls ripens and are ready to be eaten.

Nobunaga attacks a bit clumisly and the Lord spits out more poisonous gas. InuYasha pushes Nobunaga out of the way and attacks with his sword, Tetsusagai. The toad gets hurt but he calls a soul to heal him.

Meanwhile, Nobunaga frees Princess Tsuyu and she hugs him, while Nobunaga's monkey begins to dance on his head. The toad goes over and tells him not to touch his princess. InuYasha slams his Tetsusagai on the toad's head. He falls over and then he wakens and speaks in a different voice. The real lord says to them that he couldn't control the evil toad demon and asks InuYasha to kill him.

InuYasha gets a little more interested and asks if he wants the Tetsusagai in the head, or right in the guts. Kagome and Nobunaga say that the real lord is still alive inside the monster and that they should get him out before InuYasha kills him. InuYasha puts his sword away and sits down and says it's Nobunaga's problem now and that he'll only help out if he gets to kill him. The demon toad laughs and returns to attack with its tongue and it goes through Nobunaga's arm.

Nobunaga tells Kagome to take Tsuyu and to get away. As Kagome and Tsuyu run, Myoga tells them to find something hot to draw out the demon toad. Kagome asks if there's a torch in the castle. Nobunaga's monkey comes in and runs ahead appearing with a plate of fire. Kagome says what a smart monkey he is but looks at it and says the fire was so small.

Kagome gets knocked down by the demon and InuYasha comes in with a back flip and lands in front of them. InuYasha says mercy's a luxury and he must kill him. Kagome comes up with a plan and gets out her hair spray. InuYasha charges to attack but Kagome says "Sit!" and InuYasha falls to the ground. Kagome holds out the hair spray against the small fire and she sprays it, and a big blast of fire comes out, and hits the demon and it comes out of the Lord's body and tries to escape. InuYasha kills it and takes out the shard.

Nobunaga takes InuYasha's hand and thanks him. InuYahsa looks disguested and Nobunaga then turns to Princess Tsuyu. Tsuyu runs to the Lord and says to Nobunaga that he saved her husband and hugs her husband. Nobunaga just falls to the ground. The Lord says that he was sorry to worry Tsuyu.

Next, Kagome, InuYasha and Nobunaga are on the same hill that they met and Nobunaga just sighs. Kagome asks him to say something. InuYasha says that he risked his life to save his only romantic rival. Nobunaga raises his head and says that he is the world's biggest idiot and fool. InuYasha says that he did save a lot of lives, so he shouldn't beat imself up for it. Nobunaga begins to looks happier and says that did make him feel better. Nobunaga walks away and InuYasha warns him not to walk there but Nobunaga walks off the hill. Nobunaga lands on his head and Kagome says that he is an idiot!
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