Season 1 Episode 8

The Toad Who Would Be Prince

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 19, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Inuyasha and Kagome run across a young man by the name of Nobunaga. They learn that he is on his way to rescue his beloved princess from the grips of a deranged master, and they decide to lend a hand.

    This episode was interesting. The most important part was the development of Inuyasha's character. This was really the first time we see Inuyasha make some personal progress aside from his usual lust for fighting and spilling blood. The plot of the episode was also entertaining, but definitely served more as a platform for Inuyasha to show a different side of himself; to show compassion, not only to the viewer, but also to Kagome. Overall, a very good episode.
  • a toad, i love frogs!

    I liked this episode. It was funny and I always like when a show makes me laugh. The toad talked funny and I like the guy that was in this one, but he looked like a girl! I thought that was what it was and then I found out it was a guy! I was like ew, his monkey was really cute though and I thought it was funny the things it did and the way the princess was like ‘you have a monkey on your head’. It was funny when he was surprised that Kagome knew that he liked the girl. Any how I liked that inuyasha was angry cuz he couldn’t kill the toad. It sucks that she ended up with the lame looking prince. I didn’t like the sword how it could just know to get small, I’d like to see him try to use it when he cant. But yes I liked this episode.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome meet a young man going to rescue his true love who is married to a mysterious man of questionable character.

    I really do not like this ep and the only thing that I can really say positive about it is the fact that there are a few Inuyasha / Kagome moments in it and the fact that it is in the Inuyasha series in general. It does not have anything that is really important in it as far as new characters or information is concerned, but it is not a total waste of time for most people who are getting started with the series. In all I can say that it was just written for comic relief for the series and to show a mild adventure Kagome and Inuyasha must cope with.
  • This episode is about a frog prince who is keeping captive a young princess. So Inuyasha and Kagome go to save her.They meet up with Nobunaga who also wants to save the princess so all three save her, but in the end the frog prince was really her husband.

    I think that this episode is pretty go. When I was five years old, I think, I watched this episode. So then after that I never forgot about it. When I was little it always scared me how that frog would suck out souls of young maidens. That was my first Inuyasha episode. When I first saw it I didn't even know it was Inuyasha until six years later when I bought the DVD. Its hard to believe that six years it was still aired. It's still hard to belaive that the series is now over. I was so upset on how the series ended.
  • A series classic full of retardedness!

    Amari Nobunaga! A classic messup for the whole family! Come and enjoy the retardedness of a love-struck person. Princess Tsuyu...has problems. She's in love with a toad...a toad...!! A freakin toad! A ugly toad might I add. episode! Props...for...the retardedness...!!! ^-^
  • Not the best storyline, but it's a pretty good episode.

    This episode had some humor in it. This isn't the best story, but it's still a sweet one. A man trying to save his childhood friend and his only love that's already married. What could be sweeter than that? InuYasha's there to somewhat help out, but it's Kagome who really helps. With both their help, Nobunaga is able to save his Princess and reclaim his title as an "Idgit".

    InuYasha is still trying to figure out how to make Tetsusaiga transform like it did when he fought Sesshoumaru. Meanwhile, Kagome is swimming in a nearby lake trying to enjoy herslf while InuYasha is kept busy. Suddenly, InuYasha senses something. He runs toward where Kagome is swimming. Before his arrival, something snatched her clothes and took off with them. When InuYasha did arrive, she screamed, but not because InuYasha was there. He assured her he wasn't peeping on her and she informed her of her stolen clothes. InuYasha runs to catch up with whatever it was that took her clothes.

    They come to a tree with a young man and a monkey holding her clothes. Come to find out, they were just looking for the jewel shard Kagome had. Kagome took her clothes back and the young man introduced himself as Nobunaga. At first, Kagome wants his autograph because she has read about a Nobunaga in her time. Come to find out, it's his brother who is the infamous one. This one is named Amari Nobunaga. He's a clumsy "Idgit" as put by InuYasha after he fell off a small cliff. Nobunaga then informs InuYasha and Kagome of his mission to save his dear childhood friend, Princess Tsuyu who has been kidnapped. Kagome makes InuYasha help him out.

    They all went to the castle where Princess Tsuyu was being held captive. The strange lord of the castle was keeping her there for him. He was later revealed to be a toad demon. However, there was a catch. Princess Tsuyu's husband was possessed by this demon, and he was still inside of it. The toad has used his powers to gather the souls of young maidens. InuYasha wanted to just kill the toad demon, but Nobunaga wouldn't let him. Although he loved Princess Tsuyu, he couldn't let anything happen to her husband. InuYasha then told Kagome and Nobunaga to take care of it on their own. They were able to expel the demon from the young lord's body and InuYasha finished off the toad. Princess Tsuyu and her husband were safe and reunited. She thanked Nobunaga for saving him.

    InuYasha revealed that Nobunaga saved his only competition. Nobunaga smiled, blushed, and headed on his way again. He tripped off the same cliff and even Kagome agreed this time that he was in fact an Idgit.
  • Weak episode particularly when stacked up with the one before it.

    Now...this was not the best episode....actually a rather weak one....the plot was rather uninteresting and not very entertaining....and I only saw it in English but the voice of the Toad demon was rather awfully acted and he sounded just irritating. The episode before this one was very good but I found little to like here....maybe I'm just being critical but I didn't find this to be upto the shows standard.
  • Not the best but not bad.

    The episode is about InuYasha and Kagome helping out Amari Nobunaga to save a princess from a lord who has been possessed by an evil frog demon. The show was a funny at times but it didn't do much for me. There wasn't much fighting which I don't mind but the frog demon was way too weak. I mean Kagome killed him with a flame. What was that about? The story had only one strong point, the comedy. Amari Nobunaga who was mistaken for Oda Nobunaga, was portrayed as a complete idiot. It made me laugh at some points but it got old fast.