Season 6 Episode 22

The Tragic Love Song of Destiny, Part II

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM May 31, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Kaede narrates a special episode that explains Kikyo's life as a miko, her recieving the Shikon no Tama and Naraku's trap for her and Inuyasha.

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  • This is a great episode to the conclusion of inuyasha and kikio.

    This is a great episode to the conclusion of inuyasha and kikio. Inuyasha follow kikio wherever she went, he had her back and she had his. Inuyasha was deeply falling for her, ahd was for him. When kikio got out of boat, she almost tripped and landed in inuyasha arms. Inuyasha than hugged her and said her name and than inuyahsa said to kikio that he wanted to become a full human and he wanted to say I love you but she didnt let him say that and they kissed. They agreed to meet tomorrow so inyasha can be human, later that night what kikio thought was inuyasha wasnt and ask if he can get turned into a human now and she said no its to much evil in the night. Than he said first thing in the morning, when kikio was waiting for him. The imposter inuyasha slashed her and took the jewel shard, when kikio got to the village she saw inuyasha and sealed him to the tree.moreless
  • The tale of how Kikyo and Inuyasha were set up by Naraku. It's the whole story in it's entirety.

    This is by far my favorite episode. I want to cry everytime I watch it. You see, it picks up where part one left off except this time it has the side story of how Naraku became Naraku. Kikyo finds a man named Onigumo. He is badly injured to the point where he'd never be able to move again. Kikyo takes pity on him and goes to his cave to take care of him everyday. During this time, Onigumo begins to lust after her, eventually falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kikyo are growing closer, to the point where they become engaged to marry. Inuyasha promises Kikyo to become a full human so that she doesn't have to fight anymore. He also tells her that he loves her and will always be there for her. It is too late for them for Onigumo had become devoured by the demons thus becoming Naraku. He disguises himself as Kikyo and betrays Inuyasha by trying to kill him. He disguises himself as Inuyasha, giving her the fatal blow that kills her. This episode helps you understand why Kikyo acted the way she did when she was first resurrected. It also justifies Inuyasha's decisiveness. I have never really 'loved' Kagome but after seeing this episode, my eyes were opened and I cried. Now knowing what REALLY happened between Inuyasha and Kikyo should make anyone at least feel sorry for Kikyo. I for one, still believe that Kikyo and Inuyasha should get the chance that they never had to love one another. Kagome is an annoying little high school student that should be somewhere with Koga or Hojo.moreless
  • Explains Kikyo's true feelings about her life and Inuyasha, from Kaede's point of view.

    This episode made me have a better understanding of Kikyo. Be fore from the flashbacks previously in the series, potrayed Kikyo as not really contributing to her relationship with Inuyasha. She was always serious and did not even let her guard down in front of Inuyasha, she told him so herself. She was afraid that Inuyasha would be like every other demon and manipulate her, thus resulting in her not being very open. Inuyasha however was the same way. I personally don't think they loved each other I think that thry bothed cared for one another because they were finally accepted by some one, in one way or other. They bothed had mixed emotions on what they really felt for one another. Their fates however were partially their fault, because of their lack of trust in one another. In my own personal opinion, Inuyasha and Kikyo's realtionship consisted of mixed emotions and anger. One thing I don't undestand is that in the episode "Return of the Tragic Priestess, Kikyo" Kikyo cleary states that she sealed Inuyasha to the sacred tree with a 'Sacred Arrow', but in this episode Kaede states that Kikyo(cared for Inuyasha) sealed Inuyasha to the sacred tree with 'The Arrow Of Sealing'(so he wouldn't die) and because Kikyo used this arrow ( and also the type of tree he was pinned to ) was the reason behind his lack of aging.Also Kikyo says she chose to die so she could follow Inuyasha in death, but that would not have been possible if she cast Inuyasha into an eternal sleep. Overall i still thinks it was a good episode in clearing up some confusing things about their realationshop ^_^!!!moreless
  • Kaede tells the love story of Inuyasha and Kikyo. She also tells how Naraku tricked the two of them into thinking that they betrayed each other. In the end, Kikyo is killed and is burned with the sacred jewel and Inuyasha is sealed to the sacred tree.moreless

    I give this episode 9.8 because I\'m mad at Naraku, and because Inuyasha and Kikyo are both dumb enough to think that they would betray each other. But, in the end, everything works out because Kikyo comes back to life, and Inuyasha is set free from the sacred tree by Kagome.
  • Conclusion of the Kikyo-Inu romance, with a tragic ending, but is the ending really the beginning? [Spoilers included]

    It answers a whole lot of questions like why Inuyasha wants to become all demon and why Naraku set the two up against each other. The ending left me a little puzzled with Inuyasha being so "forgiving"... I mean, when he thought Kagome was Kikyo, he went after her, shouting insults instead of the whole forgivness scheme (unless of course... he's playing hard-to-get or something, you never know with him). Another thing, I was a lot more furious from Kikyo's account than Inuyasha's, so I guess I understand why they acted the way they did when they met again. In fact, I felt horrible about Kikyo's account and I kept saying 'that's not him, that's not Inuyasha'. Kind of like Kagome was during ep. 151.

    Weird, though, that Kikyo shot him with the sealing arrow instead of killing him... either she accidentally shot the wrong arrow or she really didnt want to kill him, just want to be with him. I thought what they said about the Sacred Tree and sealing arrow was really interesting and that explains Inuyasha's appearance in ep. 1. Thank god for the Sacred Tree.

    The best part was definitely the end montage with my fav. opening theme... it kinda leads into the series itself and sums things up... but I really just like that theme song, it's so awesome.

    I'll say this much, though, it gave me a whole new perspective of Kikyo and I think I'll go a bit easier on her now that I know the whole story behind her.moreless
Jillian Michaels (I)

Jillian Michaels (I)

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Mika Itou

Mika Itou

Young Kaede (J)

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French Tickner

French Tickner

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Sharon Alexander

Sharon Alexander

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Miho Yamada

Miho Yamada

Tsubaki (J)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When they showed the ending to this episode, the ending credits for the song say Brand New World by V6. It's actually Change The World (the first opening). Brand New World switches over at episode 149 and goes right on to 166.

    • Scenes from episodes #1,2,9,10,14,16,25,and 62 are pictured in this special ending.

    • When the episode aired on Adult Swim there was an epilogue, after the credits. When it aired on YTV, there was no epilogue after the credits.

    • In this episode, we find out that Kaede lost her sight in her right eye all because Kikyo shot a demon, which injured Kaede's eye.

    • Kikyo had never brought any weapons with her when she went to meet Inuyasha nor did she have any as she struggled back to the village. So where'd she get the arrow and bow to shoot him with? It seemed she had just arrived, so there would be no time to get weapons.

    • Naraku knew that calling Inuyasha half-demon (hanyou) would hurt him because Naraku is in the same boat as Inuyasha, and knows how it feels to be called a half-demon.

    • What is tragic about this is that Kikyo and Inuyasha did not meet at the same time at the same place, because Naraku had disguised himself as Inuyasha the previous night and changed the date with Kikyo to morning instead of noon, as it was originally supposed to be.

    • If Naraku had the skill to look like anyone he wants, why didn't he look like Inuyasha again and kill Kagome and the others?

      The reason Naraku didn't transform into Inuyasha again, is because Miroku and Sango are highly trained and can sense the auras of different beings. Inuyasha and Naraku's auras are different.

    • Why didn't Kikyo sense the different auras? She is a Miko (priestess) and trained to sense and fight evil things?

      The reason she couldn't sense that "Inuyasha" was really Naraku was because Tsubaki put a spell on her, that, if she fell in love, she would lose her miko (priestess) powers, or something similar.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Naraku: (disguised) Fool! I had no desire, whatsoever, to become human, but I shall take the Shikon Jewel nonetheless. Thanks! This jewel is about to absorb a great deal of pain and suffering when I use it to slaughter the villagers.

    • Naraku: (disguised) You can try to pretty yourself up with this, but you can't hide your true nature.
      Kikyo: What?
      Naraku: (disguised) This rouge doesn't become you at all, demon blood is good enough for you.

    • Kikyo: Tomorrow, at noon. In front of the sacred tree, in the western forest. Wait for me there. I'll bring the sacred jewel.
      Inuyasha: I'll be there.

  • NOTES (7)