Season 2 Episode 8

The True Owner of the Great Sword!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Inuyasha and Sesshomaru continue fighting for the Tetsusaiga. After the fight, while Sesshomaru is recovering, a little orphan girl, Rin, tries to bring him food. When her village is attacked by wolf demons, Sesshomaru returns the favor and helps Rin. Meanwhile, Kagome senses a jewel shard. Inuyasha and gang follow her lead to the massacred village, where they are quickly surrounded by wolves and Koga.moreless

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  • Sesshomouru meets Rin

    So,this episode was special,because we meet Rin who starts to travel with Sesshy.I liked the action in the episode,like when Inuyash blew sesshy away!

    the wolves attacking Rin was heartbreaking,well we dont actually see them attack her,but we all know what happen 'cause sesshy found Rin dead. Overall...

    A very good episode.This episode was a magnificent way to start the up the Koga saga and end (for now) the Sesshomouru saga.

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  • This is a very special episode, and I was glad that i have saw it.

    This is a very special episode, and I was glad that i have saw it. When inuyasha and seshomaru were fighting, inuyasha saw the wind scar and hit seshomaru with it. Seshomaru almost died if it wasnt for his sword tenseiga. Seshomaru was in the forest healing when this little girl came and started giving him food. seshomaru said that he doesnt eat human food and dont bother but she kept giving him food anyway. As she was getting more food she got beaten by these men cause she was taking from the food supply. The wolves monsters attacked the village and the little girl ran to the forest, but she got killed by the wolves but seshomaru brought her back to life.moreless
  • Great Episode Where Sesshomaru and Rin Meet!!!!

    In this episode Inuyasha and sesshomaru fight for Inuyasha's tetsaiga and agian Inyasha beats him using the wind scar but i love this episode because sesshomaru meets rin and she tries to help him and it really shows another side if him and even though he says he is trying to test his sword it still shows that rin made him show compassion in is heart and it is the start of rin and sesshomaru's relation ship that grow more into the show. this is the episode that we gat to meet koga who is funny everytime he fights over kagome.moreless
  • The other face os sesshomaru

    Ok.sesshomaru that is a pure demon that hate human and kill them meet a kid named rin she had suffer alot and she help tell the true this epi show me that sesshomaru has an other face. and he is agood man well denom inside he is not the bloddy creature that kill for fun... i can't not belive that he revived rin went he said that he hate all human ... the serie show us that sesshomaru take care alot of rin he lot like hir father. always heping her and prtecting her of the denger of the world dominaed by demons and evil creatures. Well i do't like much the accion that koga made destroy a village for nothing he think that he is the best demon and he can kill all humans he killed rin he and his gaang of wolf they are terribles. that is one of the reason i don't like much koga .moreless
  • Sesshomaru is transported to a forest to recooperate after battle. A orphan girl,Rin, finds him and tries to help. Sesshomaru tries to scare her away. After getting hit for stealing fish to feed him and wolves attack the village killing her, Sesshomaru remoreless

    My favorite Episode ever. It shows Sesshomaru is not heartless. He acts as though he hates human, but here he is saving one. In a later episode Rin is with other children captured and tells the children that her fear is humans because they kill without reason. I think Sesshomaru would have been proud if he had heard. In this Episode after Rin gets hit for stealing fish for Sesshomaru he shows intrest by saying...

    S: "Where did you get those bruises? Nevermind, you don't have to tell me. I don't care, just curious."

    and Rin who didnt talk just smiles at him.

    When the wolves attack she runs to find him probably thinking that since he showed concern that he would save her, but she trips and the wolves get her. After this Sesshomaru meets up with Jaken and smelling her blood goes to investigate.

    Finding Rin dead he pulls out Tenseiga and says to Jaken...

    S: "I wish to test my sword again."

    and to Jakens surprise revives her. Rin wakes surprised and as Sesshomaru walks away to leave she falls in step behind him.

    Of course Sesshomaru blames reviving her on tenseiga saying he willed him to do it. But I all think we know the real reason.moreless
Donald Brown

Donald Brown

Jaken (E)

Recurring Role

Brenna O'Brien

Brenna O'Brien

Rin (E)

Recurring Role

Richard Newman

Richard Newman

Totosai (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Rin's eyes constantly change to being open and closed. When she is being chased by the wolves one eye is closed, but when she turns to face them after falling they're both open. When Sesshomaru finds her body one eye is closed again, and when he picks her body up after bringing her back to life both eyes are closed.

    • This is the first opening theme song in which Rin, Jaken, Koga, Naraku, Kanna, Kagura, and Kohaku can be seen.

    • Rin and Koga make their first appearances in this episode.

    • When Inuyasha and his friends enter the massacred village, it has the same damage and the same corpses as the village that Kohaku destroyed in the episode, Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Totosai: I didn't see Inuyasha make a direct blow. All he did was wildly swing his sword around, because his eyes were blinded with poison.
      Inuyasha: What are you trying to say?

    • Sesshomaru: Where did you get those bruises?
      Rin: Huh?
      Sesshomaru: Nevermind, you don't have to tell me, I don't care. I was just curious.
      Rin: (smiles)

    • (Rin comes and leaves Sesshomaru food.)
      Sesshomaru: Mind your own business, girl! Your generosity is wasted. I don't eat human food.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Koga enters as a tornado, an homage to Warner Brothers Tasmanian Devil?

    • The character, Rin, is very much like a character from one of Takahashi's earlier works, the series of short stories now known as the Mermaid Saga. The character's name was Natsume, from the chapter The Ash Princess, and she and Rin shared the same hair style, personality, and body type. Also, in Mermaid there was another character named Rin, the cheiftain's daughter in The Village of the Fighting Fish.

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