Season 2 Episode 15

The Wind Scar Fails

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Kanna (see episode 41) is forced to stop absorbing Kagome's soul because it's overflowing in the mirror. Kanna assumes that Kagome will be unable to move so she moves into take Kagome's Shikon shards. However, Kagome gets up and prepares to fire an arrow. Miroku manages to knock Koharu (see episode 41) out before she can stab him (see episode 41). As Miroku arrives on the scene, Kanna departs. Meanwhile, Inuyasha continues to dodge the Wind Blades from Kagura's fan (see episode 41). Kagura notices that he's still injured from his last battle (see episodes 39 and 40). Kagura performs her "Dance of the Dragon Blades" technique. Inuyasha sees the Wound of the Wind and strikes it. Kanna appears and Inuyasha's attack is reflected back at him. Miroku, Shippo and Kirara (with Kagome, Sango and Koharu on her back) arrive at the battleground. Naraku then appears with Kagura and Kanna. Miroku is about to suck the trio into his Air Void, but realizes that if he does so, the souls of Kagome, Koharu and the villagers will be lost forever. Naraku explains that his new abilities, gained by possession of the large Shikon shard, have allowed him to create Kagura, a wind user, and Kanna, nihility (someone without an aura or scent). Meanwhile, a weak Kagome has Kirara bring her to Inuyasha. Naraku tells Miroku that he's not the only one who uses indirect approaches against Inuyasha. He shows his Shikon shard and tells him that Kikyo gave this to him so he could kill Inuyasha, for she hates him as well. Kagome arrives and shoots an arrow at Kanna. But instead of being reflected back at Kagome, the arrow is absorbed, much to the surprise of Naraku and Kagura. Kanna explains that the arrow is made up of souls. Kanna also states that her mirror is full and will break if the souls aren't released. Kanna releases the souls and Miroku releases his Air Void. Kagura sends boulders into it and the trio escapes. That morning, the villagers wake up confused and Koharu holds on to a scroll Miroku gave her. Elsewhere, the gang has found an abandoned hut to stay in. Miroku sits on a tree in deep thought and Sango remains unconscious. After tending to Inuyasha's wounds Kagome, goes out to look for some more herbs. Inside the hut, Inuyasha thinks about 'his Kikyo'.