Season 8 Episode 25

Thoughts Fall Short

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • awwwies!

    i was soo excited and sad that this is the second episode to last to be done! lol it was soo good though! everyone was there and then kagome finally had the opportunity to shoot her arrow...and i thought heck yeah! now for some kagome and inuyasha time ;) lol! XD but anyway...then naraku had to be the bad guy and he went ahead and made the wish...and thus...when the group was outside again...kagome i am like here we go! inuyasha is gonna go save her and then the last episode is gonna be all ownage sango and miroku married and have a couple kids...and kagome and inuyasha hanging out...but..then they had to go all cliffhanging on yeah..otherwise..over all..this has been the best anime show ever..well..there are other shows that are awsome but i have watched this ever since my childhood...and i know..even when i watch the last one its gonna be sooo over joy tears..:) so..big big 10 for this show...well done!
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