Season 8 Episode 26

Toward Tomorrow

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rather a cliche/predictable/fairy-tale-like ending, but t'was the only way to happily end this fairy tale.

    In this episode, the final battle is over and Kagome is inside the jewel, in a state of despair. Suddenly she hears Inuyasha's voice and he comes to save her and what not. They KISS and then Kagome then goes to the Shikon Jewel to make the correct wish that ends up destroying the jewel. And then Kagome and her feudal-era friends part ways as Kagome returns to her world and they continue on their lives in the feudal era. It shows what most of the main characters are doing after their final confrontation with Naraku. After graduating, Kagome goes back to the well and eventually ends up going back to the feudal era to meet up with Inuyasha. And then everyone has their happy-ending type of thing. Well, considering the show, I say the last couple episodes were done very close to the actual manga, which is good. Sure they threw in a kiss, but I'm sure people didn't mind that. The pace of the episode felt like it did in the manga and more slowed than the earlier episodes of the season, another good thing. In the end it was a nice ending, finally, to a show that I thought was pretty good, for a while. But only thing that concerned me was about the Bone-Eater's Well. Neither the manga or the anime explained it, though I think it was implied: does the well still work? I would like to think it could, but it seems like it doesn't. But that could be just me. Anyways, if you didn't like the last ending the show had, and like the whole InuyashaxKagome ending, this episode is PERFECT for you. And if not, it's still a more closing conclusion than the last ending, imo.