Season 6 Episode 5

Trap of the Cursed Wall Hanging

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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The Inuyasha gang hears about a village of demon women and they decide to find it.

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  • Finally. The first watchable episode of the sixth season.

    What a releif. The first four episodes of the season were nothing more than garbage filler, and I was really starting to get worried. Seriously, did they hire the pokemon writing staff or what? This episode brings the series back into good form.

    This episode begins with a group of women dumping a body in a river, and an old man watches from the bank downstream. He gets a look at the body, and sees a skinless man. He flees in fear, and the next day he encounters Inuyasha and company to recount the tale. They have heard rumor of a village of demon women, and they decide that they cannot continue without at least checking into the village.

    Miroku and Sango's relationship is also explored in this relationship. Have they simply moved on and forgotten about the intimacy that was shared on Mt. Hakurei? Miroku's feelings for her may be put to the test in the next episode. Will he be able to save Sango from her peril?moreless
  • This one was good to watch episode, dont miss outl.

    This one was good to watch episode, dont miss out. Inuyasha and the gang were walking when they heard of some demon woman, they went into search for some demon women but never found any. They saw a guy floating in the lake, inuyasha had grabbed him and he said that he use to in the war and now he searching for his beloved. So they all went to this village of women, as he got there he took a look at the women she wasnt there. They said that they could rest here, sango went to follow them but got sucked into the lake and leader said now your going to become one of us.moreless
  • Inuyasha and friends hear about a local village full of demon women and decide to check it out.

    This episode was very good. Inuyasha and friends decide to check out a village that looks suspicious after hearing rumors of a village full of demon women. They go to the village and discover it's only full of women! Miroku had a field day with that. Inuyasha, Miroku, Shippo, and this man they found that was injured get put into a separate room while Kagome and Sango go into a different room. Kagome taunts Sango, saying that Sango likes Miroku, but she denies it. The injured man was searching for his wife who went missing, but he fell off a cliff and Inuyasha and friends got him and he went with them to the village. While everyone is trying to go to sleep, Kagome hears Kilala. She asks what's wrong and sees that Sango is about to leave. Sango points outside and we see the group of women walking. Sango and Kilala chase after them, while Kagome stays behind in hopes of Inuyasha waking up so they could follow. Inuyasha smells this strange water with a demonic aura and decides to check it out. Kagome tells him where Sango went, and Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo follow Sango's scent.

    Meanwhile, the injured man finds his wife. Miroku is being led to a shrine by one of the woman. Sango is dragged into the water by the demon woman while Kilala gets hurt after the women attack her. Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo follow Sango's scent to the water, but then it vanishes. The demon women emerge from the water with weapons in hand, but Kagome notices that a demonic vapor is seeping out of their mouths. The women are possessed! Miroku is trapped in the shrine with the girl and notices that the shrine is a demon. The demon comes out of the shrine and attacks Miroku, saying that it wants Miroku's flesh! We see Sango again and she is in a cavern under the water with one of the women. The woman goes into the water and grabs some sort of egg and says Sango must eat it to become one of them. Sango doesn't swallow it hastily. What will happen to the gang?!

    It was a really good episode!moreless
  • This old mans tells the gang about a village full of demon women. Miroku, being the womanizer he his decides to check it out, leaving Sango in the background slowly losing her temper.moreless

    This ep was great. No other ep like it. If you love Miroku or Sango than you have got 2 see it. It really focuses on Miroku's and Sango's relationship. You see what they both mean to each other and how they remember what has happened on the Mountain in an earlier ep. Sango has to much pride to tell Miroku how she really feels about him. But who can blame her ever time she turns around Miroku is asking any pretty woman he sees to bear his children. How can she really tell how he feels? Also anytime Miroku does find a woman willing to bear his kids she is a demon. Talk about bad luck. I just hope they they get together in the end because the both need each other like Inuyasha needs Kagoma.moreless
  • This episode centers on a rumor an old man told the Inu-Gang about. The old man explained to them that a group of demon woman. Checking to see if it has anything to do with a jewel shard they look into it.moreless

    I liked how they took look into Sango and Miroku\'s relationship. LOL. How Miroku could sense death with a fuming Sango behind him had me laughing. Shippou showed off how observant he is again by starting the questioning of Miroku. The episode was sort of a soft spoken romance. Great!

Sayaka Ohara

Sayaka Ohara

Wakana (J)

Guest Star

Nozomu Sasaki

Nozomu Sasaki

Shinnosuke (J)

Guest Star

Haruko Kitahama

Haruko Kitahama

Salamander/Kwannon (J)

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    • Kagome: Hey Sango, do you think you may have some feelings for Miroku?
      Sango: What, you're joking! Me, in love with that pervert?
      Kagome: (thinking) Give it up, Sango. You're not fooling anyone!

    • Inuyasha: I only pick up the scent of the water, nothing suspicious, except...
      Miroku (flirting): ...then you must be so lonely surrounded only by women.
      Inuyasha: Are you even listening?
      Woman: (to Miroku) Yes, it is lonely.
      Inuyasha: Oh well, I guess there's no demonic aura around.
      (Miroku notices Sango staring coldly at him)
      Miroku: Ooh, the scent of death!

    • Village woman: Please comfort me, Monk, it's been so long.
      (A demonic aura seeps out of woman's mouth)
      Miroku: (thinking) Demonic aura? Is there something inside her belly? Aww geez, just my luck too!

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