Season 2 Episode 12

Trapped In A Duel To The Death!

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 27, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Kagome sees Shippo's drawings of the dog, cat and wolf and learns that not only did he show Kaede, he showed the entire village.

Elsewhere, some wolf demons from the northern pack try and convince Koga to go with them to storm a castle where there's a man with many Shikon shards. Koga refuses to go. However, some demons in his pack want to go so they go with the demons from the north.

Inuyasha and the others are in search of a large bear demon who has a Shikon shard. The bear demon soon appears, but before Inuyasha can finish it off, Naraku's bees take the jewel and pick the bear's body clean. Miroku suspects it's a trap. So does Inuyasha, but he doesn't care as long as he finds Naraku. The group then follows the bees, presumably to Naraku's castle.

At Naraku's castle, a woman walks around and prepares for a trap set up by her master that involves a Shikon shard. The group of wolf demons arrive at the castle and are shocked to see no guards. They soon see the woman, they move to attack but are quickly wiped out when she sends razor sharp energy from her fan, killing them all.

Later that night one of the wolf demons from the attacking party, returns to Koga with a horrible wound. The demon tells Koga to get there before everyone dies and he hands him the Shikon shard he found at the Castle. Koga takes the shard, puts it in his wound, and takes off to the castle. After Koga leaves, the other demons prepare to tend to the wounded demon's wound but the demon's wound begins to foam and the demon's upper half falls off.

Inuyasha and the others are shocked to see the massive amount of corpses. The woman waves her fan slightly and the corpses revive. The corpses attack Inuyasha and company. They see that no matter how they attack, the corpses just don't die. The woman senses that Koga is approaching, so she has the corpses fall apart around Inuyasha.

Koga arrives at the castle and sees that Inuyasha is standing amongst the center of the demons, covered in their blood. Koga blames Inuyasha and attacks him. Miroku, Sango and Kagome realize that this is all a trap set up by Naraku to get Koga to kill Inuyasha.

While Inuyasha is distracted (he's looking for Naraku) Koga punches Inuyasha. Inuyasha dodges and Koga's fist hits the ground which sends a mass of energy from his fist. Inuyasha realizes that Koga must have found another Shikon shard. Kagome senses that the shard in Koga's arm isn't a shard at all but something different.

Sango and Miroku enter the castle to look for Naraku. They see the woman in there. She introduces herself as Kagura. Kagura takes off and leaves the rest to a demon puppet, Naraku left behind.