Season 2 Episode 11

Two Hearts, One Mind

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Kagome has returned home from the Feudal Era after an argument with Inuyasha. While waiting for Inuyasha to apologize, she spends time with her friends and Hojo approaches her, once again. Meanwhile, Inuyasha gets some advice from Kaede on the situation.

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  • Hehe, this was awesome!!!

    Hehe, this was awesome!!! OK, so Kagome went home because Inuyasha was being a big jerk about the whole Koga issue and what not. He wants to go after her, but of course, his big ego gets in the way. So Shippo, Miroku, and Sango all decide to spy on him! XD Shippo gets tired of waiting and makes some very colorful drawing about Inuyasha and Kagome and Koga and shows them to Kaiede and asks her what to do. She tells the little demon fox that Inuyasha mst go to make ammends with Kagome. So he tries, but when he gets to her house and sneaks in her window, he finds that she's asleep! So then he accidently breaks her alarm clock and returns home to the feudal era. When Kagome wakes up, she sees dirt marks all over the floor and comes to the conclusion that Inuyasha must have been there. So she breaks her date with that idiot Hojo and goes to the feudal era. Inuyasha appologizes for smashing her alarm clock, but still refuses to appologize for what he said about her and Koga. So then Kagome tries to beat him up, but Shippo, Sango, and Miroku jump out of the bushes, they had been eavesdropping again, and hold her back. Inuyasha and Kagome make ammends, but then Inuyasha tries to kill Sango, Miroku, and Sango because he figured out that they'd been spying on him all week. Ah, good times, good times.moreless
  • This episode was fun to watch, it shows how they feel about each other.

    This episode was fun to watch, it shows how they feel about each other. Kogame indeed went back home and when she was at the table with her family eating, she was in a bad mood. When she was at school the guy that keeps asking her out for saturdays to go to movies was having a freshman gocking over him. So kogame friends were worried and say that you have to steal him back. But kogame showed signs that she was going out with someone else. Inuyasha showed up several times at her house the last time he came when she was sleep and kogame notice he was there by his foot prints. So she went back to see him.moreless
  • Is telling someone that your sorry really that hard of a thing to say?

    When Kagome leaves Inuyasha in a huff to go back home and cool down a bit. What does Inuyasha do? Complain of course and admit that its not his fault. What can I say I found this episode to be very amusing. To me every character added a special element of some sort. Inuyasha throwing Shippou after he asked if he thought that "Kagome might really be in love with Kouga" His breaking of Kagome's alarm clock after the alarm went off. Even the very last scene where he attacked Miroku, Sango, and Shippou for spying on him and Kagome. What really ties this episode together for me was Kagome's friends, Shippou's drawings, and Kagome returning to apologize to Inuyasha over the fight they had.moreless
  • This episode somewhat takes place between events but isn't painful like it could have been.

    This is an episode where both Inuyasha and Kagome both think they are in the right but the fault lies somewhere between....Kagome has had it with Inuyasha and returns home...but can Inuyasha swallow his pride and tell her that his sorry.....yep you guessed it...a filler episode..not much happens and I found myself having little interest in it....however I've seen far worse filler episodes in animes before and it didn't set my gag reflex going so that's got to account for somethingmoreless
  • Yet superb, quite superb.

    This one is sort of a prelude to "Return to the Place Where We First Met". Adorabley cute, and very funny in a cute way. I'd say this episode is more a girly episode than a guy episode, very sorry for generalizing but I had to say that.

    The way Inuyasha goes to see Kagome and Souta scares the heck out of him could possibly be my favorite part of the episode. Actually, Eri (Was it Eri? I can't keep Kagome's friends straight) calling Inuyasha a nutbar really takes the cake, it really does. I laughed till I almost cried at many points in this episode it was so good. Now Kagome's friends all think she has some psycotic crazy nutbar jealous boyfriend. Which, in a way he kind of is, but its illustrating the extreme differences between the times. Kagome's era, killing is considered a grave sin even for love, and in Inuyasha's era people drop dead left and right practically.

    Miroku, Sango and Shippo in this episode are perfect! Just perfect, first they spy on Inuyasha after they all say they won't and then they have the idiocy or slip of the tongue, to admit it to him! Ah, the great pounce in the end is very very awesome.

    Shippo's "dog friend" was rocking, really rocking. Inuyasha blurting out in the middle of it and Kaede acting totally innocent although she knows everything. Ah, good times, good times. The little coloured pictures to go along with the story are so cute! I wish I could draw like that...

    Really great lines, whoever wrote this up or thought it up, it was commendably done. Bravo!

    If you don't watch this episode,you miss something special.moreless
Pam Hyatt

Pam Hyatt

Kaede (E)

Recurring Role

Saffron Henderson

Saffron Henderson

Sota/Eri (E)

Recurring Role

French Tickner

French Tickner

Grandpa (E)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Inuyasha steals Kagome's alarm clock and runs off, he leaves hand/feet prints on the floor. When Kagome wakes up and sees them, his hand prints look like dog prints. Inuyasha may be a half-demon, but he has hands like a human.

    • When Miroku is flirting with the village women, his theme song can be heard playing in the background.

    • When Inuyasha is mad at Kagome, he squats and kicks dirt over the well with his back leg, just like a dog would kick dirt with its hind leg!

    • When Kagome is in her world, the restaurant she goes to with her friends, is a spoof on McDonalds.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sango: Yes, he went to get you twice, and since you left for home, all he's done is sigh heavily, and mope around.
      Kagome: (to Inuyasha) You came over twice?
      Inuyasha: Enough, already! Give me a break! How did you know I went? Can't a guy have any privacy around here, ya bunch of spies?

    • Inuyasha: Okay I'm sorry.
      Kagome: Huh?
      Inuyasha: Why are you staring at me like that? You're still holding a grudge aren't you?
      Kagome: Oh no, I'm not mad any more. I'm just shocked that you actually came out, and apologized to me first. I really appreciate it.
      Inuyasha: (pulls out broken alarm clock) Oh, are you sure?
      Kagome: Is that what you're apologizing for? For breaking my alarm clock?
      Inuyasha: I've got nothing else to apologize for!

    • Inuyasha: (imitating Kagome) Then she said, "I'm going back home, Stupid".
      Kaede: Inuyasha.
      Inuyasha: Yeah, what?
      Kaede: That imitation was pathetic!
      Inuyasha: (falling off the fence) I'm a demon, not a comedian.

    • Kaede: First, the dog must acknowledge that he made a mistake.
      Inuyasha: What mistake?
      Kaede: Why are ye whining? This is about Shippo's dog friend, is it not?

    • Kagome: (about Inuyasha) He's strong and courageous and has moments where he's almost even nice to me!

    • Shippo: Miroku, I thought you said not to go anywhere near the well in case Inuyasha sees us.
      Miroku: Yeah, I know, but I just couldn't resist watching Inuyasha make a total fool of himself!

    • Kagome: (talking in her sleep) Inuyasha.
      Inuyasha: (thinking) She dreams about me in her sleep?
      Kagome: (still talking in her sleep) Sit.

    • Sota: (after Inuyasha sneaks into Kagome's room) What do you know. It's Inuyasha!
      Inuyasha: (startled) What?
      Sota: Don't you remember me from the last time you were here? I'm Kagome's kid brother, Sota. Did you come to visit her?
      Inuyasha: Well, sort of.
      Sota: Cause I was worried maybe the two of you had a fight, or something.
      Inuyasha: Uh.
      Sota: You know Kagome, when she's in a bad mood you gotta stand clear.
      Inuyasha: Hmm!
      Sota: Hey, what's the matter?
      Inuyasha: (thinking) She's still angry at me? Man, can she ever hold a grudge.

    • Inuyasha: My ears are burning! Everyone's taking a shot at me today!
      Kaede: Inuyasha, stupid is as stupid does. You need to be more careful with your speech.
      Inuyasha: Are you callin' me stupid, you old hag? What do you know about it? You weren't even there!
      Kaede: I know this, ungrateful dog, in order to find the sacred jewel shards, Kagome's spiritual power is essential. Yet you made her upset with your words and sent her running home.
      Inuyasha: That was her idea! She chose to go home, I never forced her!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Sneezing and Japanese superstition.
      Inuyasha sneezes when Shippo is talking about him behind his back. There is a Japanese superstition, that if somebody is talking about you behind your back, it causes you to sneeze.

    • Kaede: Stupid is as stupid does.

      The exact words Mrs. Gump says to Forrest in the movie, Forrest Gump.