Season 5 Episode 18

Vanished in a River of Flames

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Renkotsu traps Kagome, Kouga, Shippo, Kirara, Hakkaku and Ginta in a cave that is surrounded by a river of fire. Inuyasha must fight Renkotsu to protect his friends.

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  • This was a very good episode, I like the part when kogame hugs inuyasha in front of koga. Thats priceless...

    This was a very good episode, I like the part when kogame hugs inuyasha in front of koga. Thats priceless... Inuyasha wanted to leave since koga is up and seem to be doing well. Kogame wanted to stay, inuyasha saw naraku bee and went after cause the bee can tell them where they located. When inuyasha destroyed the bee and turned around and saw that the cave was on fire he knew it was a trap. He we back and gave kogame his red cloak and went off to battle the band of seven. When the band of seven threw a bomb into the cave the thought they were all dead. But inuyasha showed up and push him along himself into the firey lake. Did a huge explosion happend and kogame begin to cry, and when inuyasha turned out to be ok, kogame ran up to inuyasha and hugged him and started crying asking him if he was really alright all in front of koga.moreless
  • Fine example of romance, comedy and action.

    Kagome, InuYasha, Shippo, Kouga and the other two wolf demons that no one really likes are all taking shelter in this cave by a river. An injured Kouga is trying to put his best moves on Kagome and InuYasha is ready to beat the living hell out of the mangy wolf. One of those poisonous bugs flys by and InuYasha decides to chase after it so no one finds where their hiding. Long story short it was a distraction set up by Renkotsu so he could take the shards from Kougas legs without any hassle. He dumps a large amount of oil into the river so that it bursts into flames. He then proceeds to open fire on the cave with some cannons and rifles. InuYasha sees the smoke and rushes back as fast as he can. When he arrives he meets with Kagome and gives her the top half of his robes for protection. (Fire proof cloth pretty handy) He busts out the Tetsusaiga and jumps out of the cave to battle Renkotsu. Renkotsu is ready and fires a couple of cannons off at the advancing dog demon. One shot finally lands and Renkotsu thinks that InuYash is dead. He then makes his way to the cave to find the five laying there not moving. He draws his sword in hopes to cut the shards from Kougas legs. InuYasha appears behind Renkotsu and alerts Kouga. One swift kick knocks the sword from Renkotsu's hand and tosses him a fair distance. InuYasha dashes to Kagome to check on her and then we see that Renkotsu has a fist full of fire bombs and he is prepared to blow them all to hell. InuYasha.. Being InuYasha charges him and drives both himself and Renkotsu into the river of fire (Bombs lit) Theres this huge blast followed by Kagome Kouga and the other two wolves running along the river bank looking for InuYasha. Kouga.. Being Kouga says something about InuYash being blown into little bits. This part of the episode is very moving and extreamly sad. Kagome stops dead in her tracks holding InuYasha's robe and starts to cry uncontrollably blaming herself for his death. Kouga trys his best to convince her that it wasn't her fault. About halfway through "I saw it, you didn't want that stinky shirt of his." Kouga gets clocked in the back of the head by a battered and mangled InuYasha. They start to fight with one another and state that they are gunna finish this fued between them right there. It cuts away to a flash of tears and Kagome running past Kouga into InuYasha's arms. Deeply moving (Even though its a cartoon) InuYasha embraces her and Kouga looks on in disappointment. They hold eachother (Can you smell the love in the air!?) And then Kouga and InuYasha have a battle of words over Kagome's love. Brilliant and moving! One of my top five favorite moments in the series.moreless
  • For me, also, this was one of my favorite episodes. It was so sweet, in more than one way, to see Kagome run to Inuyasha and hug him right in front of Kouga. The rest was good too...moreless

    Ginkotsu is dead and Renkotsu equips himself with an extra shard, grabs some equipment, and goes after Kouga for revenge and for Kouga\'s two shards. Kagome is trapped in the cave with the wounded Kouga and his friends, and Inuyasha is lured away while Renkotsu arrives. Returning just after Renkotsu\'s first attempt to blast them away with explosives, Inuyasha gives Kagome his robe of the fire rat to protect her and saves them all by tumbling himself and Renkotsu over the cliff and into the river, just as Renkotsu\'s bombs go off. And the best part of the episode...after that, Kagome running along the riverbank with Kouga and his friends, crying into Inuyasha\'s robe as they search for him. Kouga starts to say something stupid, trying to discredit Inuyasha even now to Kagome, when Inuyasha himself appears, a bit battered, but alive, and whacks Kouga on the head. He and Kouga start to argue again and Kagome runs into Inuyasha\'s arms, crying because she was so scared and so glad he\'s alright, while Kouga holds his tongue and looks on because Kagome is upset too. And then....Miroku and Sango find another cave up on Mt. Hakurei and are about to stumble upon Kagura and a huge stash of Naraku\'s demons hidden within the mountain..when the episode ends.moreless
  • I noticed something while watching this ep

    Well,Right before I watched this episode,I got to see the 3rd movie.In the movie while Inuyasha's mom is in labor,The house starts burning,and Inuyasha's dad puts the cloth of the fire rat on Inuyasha's mom.InuYasha does the EXACT same thing to Kagome while in the cave!I smell a maraige! totally
  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    This was definitely one of the best episodes of the fifth season. Inuyasha risked everything to protect Kagome, Shippo, Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku from Renkostu. Inuyasha gave Kagome his cloth of the fire rat, so she would be protected from the fire even if it meant that he was vunerable. He even pushed Renkostu off the cliff when he had the fire bombs in his hand. Inuyasha knew that there was a good chance he would have been killed, especially since he didn't have his cloth of the fire rat to protect himself. Luckily, Renkostu decided to throw the fire bombs away before they went off. When Kagome saw that Inuyasha was alive, the moment they had was truely touching. It shows that they belong together, and they already are together, especially with the the dialouge that took place. This was one of the most touching episodes of the series.moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Koga (E)

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Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud

Kagura/Kanna (E)

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Taiki Matsuno

Taiki Matsuno

Koga (J)

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The episode preview was done by Sango, Miroku, and Kagura.

    • After Miroku's final attempt to grope Sango, Sango says, "Okay, I'm ready for an explanation." In episode 56, "Temptress in the Mist", InuYasha says the exact same thing to Kagome when they begin spying on Sango and Miroku.

    • Inuyasha acts like a dog, squatting and shaking the drops out of his wet clothes after complaining that he had to wash the wolf stench out of them.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Kagome: (crying) It's all my fault, 'cause he let me wear this.
      Koga: It's not your fault Kagome! I saw what happened. You didn't want to touch that stinky robe, but he forc...
      (got whacked on the head from behind by Inuyasha)
      Inuyasha: You were saying? Who didn't want to touch it..!?

    • Koga: Get this straight, though. Don't go thinking you've defeated me, mutt, cuz I'm never gonna give up on winning Kagome.
      Inuyasha: One glance should be enough to tell you it ain't gonna happen, you idiot!
      Koga: (growls) Heh! Look who's talking! You're all smug just cuz of one little hug. You're the idiot!
      Inuyasha: Heh! You're so jealous. Serves ya right, Koga, doofus!

    • Kagome: (to herself) It's kinda getting hard to cry.
      (Shippo, Hakkaku, and Ginta comment that Inuyasha and Koga are idiots )
      Inuyasha, Koga: (to the back) What did you say?!
      Kagome: (to herself) My tears are drying up fast.

    • Miroku: I have to do something about this barrier. Here we are finally alone together and I can't even make a move toward her!

    • Kagome: What the heck happened to you? You're totally soaked!
      Inuyasha : Whaddya think? I had to wash off that wolf stench. It was right through my clothes!
      Koga: What did you say?!
      (Inuyasha actually dries off like a dog and water drops go everywhere.)

    • Kagome: Inuyasha! I was worried, were you really Ok? You're not hurt?

    • Koga: [about Inuyasha] Besides, if that idiot doesn't make it...
      Kagome: starts crying

    • Koga: You ever hear the saying, 'Idiots never Die' ?

    • (regarding Koga and Inuyasha)
      Shippo: One stupid guy calling the other one stupid!
      Hakkaku: Yeah, they're both stupid!
      Ginta: Dumb as a sack of hammers!!

  • NOTES (5)


    • The cloth of the fire rat:
      In this episode, Inuyasha puts the cloth of the fire rat on Kagome to save her from the flames in the river. Inuyasha's father does the same thing to Inuyasha's mother in the 3rd movie.