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Invader ZIM follows the exploits of an alien named Zim who is hell-bent on conquering Earth. Fortunately for Earth, Zim has a human arch-nemesis named Dib who is equally bent on stopping him, but unfortunately for Dib, everyone thinks he's crazy.
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  • Invader Zim

    Gaz is life.
  • E***wwww! :C

    This is one of the worst TV shows I have seen in my life it is worse then Adventure time I don't mind shows being weird ( heck my 4th favorite show is the Amazing world of Gumball) " but the plots at least have to make sense and be logical all the episodes I have seen of this garbage are overly werid and the plots don't make sence most of the timemoreless
  • One of the short lived.

    One of the best things to come out of . Invader Zim had the humor and the charming animation style to easily be one of my favorite Nicktoons. Every plot for this show was golden. The characters were so memorable and the voice actors made them like that. Michael Richard Horvitz did PHENOMENAL as Zim. GIR being mostly the funniest but I also loved Gaz. Invader Zim had the humor to make me laugh until I coughed and had the gore to make me cringe. This show got cancelled too I would be very happy to see this show back even have to be Nick. I'd love to see what CN could do with ZIMmoreless
  • No doubt, the greatest Nicktoon ever created.

    Why Nickelodeon chose to cancel this show still remains one of life's greatest mysteries to me. Invader Zim was by far the greatest cartoon Nick ever created, and it's a strong contender for greatest cartoon ever made. The characters, the humor, were all amazing. The whole show is just brilliantly written. Only a few cartoons have such smart writers, and Invader Zim is one of them. And Richard Horvitz was amazing as Zim. The art style, while a little creepy at some points, is also one of the show's coolest attributes. It also had some great CGI, something you don't really see in many cartoons.

    As for the characters, I like all of the main ones. Zim is really funny, Dib is really crazy, and Gaz can be really insane. All three of them are funny in some way, but none of them are anything compared to GIR. He's just the funniest and the craziest of all the characters. GIR just might be one of the best cartoon characters ever conceived. I'm a guy, and I think he's just the cutest thing imaginable, especially when he's in his dog costume.

    I will say this about Invader Zim. As incredible as it is, its not for everyone. Sure it's a kids cartoon, but it's a very mature kids cartoon. It's got one of the darkest atmospheres in animation. The humor, while really funny, can also be really dark. And the whole show can be pretty creepy. You want an example, just watch the Halloween episode. I sometimes wonder if it's because of all the dark moments (And there many of them) that Nickelodeon decided to cancel Invader Zim.

    But being dark is alright, that's what makes this show so awesome. And I'll gladly take the dark comedy of Zim over the gross humor of shit like Fanboy and Chum Chum or the completely "devoid of any kind of humor" style humor in Uncle Grandpa, as I'm sure most kids will. Invader Zim is one of my favorite cartoons ever. And I still think it should of had the chance to end properly, instead of just being cancelled. Oh well, it's a fantastic show nonetheless.moreless
  • More like Invader Awesome

    "Invader Zim" is honestly one of Nick's best shows. GIR always make me laugh, and Gaz is cool. I was a little upset that Nickelodeon cancelled the series. The real reasons why Invader Zim was cancelled, and I believe it's pretty simple: 1) Ratings for the show have gone poorly, 2) Parents complain that the series contain dark, creepy and violent content, and 3) The budget for the production started rising, so that's all I had to say. (Also, Nickelodeon has been particularly disturbed by the concept of the Bloody GIR image, which is not the reason it was cancelled) And yes, I know, Jhonen Vasquez should've picked Cartoon Network a long time ago, instead of Nick. But when Nick cancelled the series, they left 23 episodes and a planned TV movie (intended to be the series finale of the show) unfinished. What I like about this show is, no one believes Dib which is what makes this show funny, Gaz knows Zim is an alien and GIR is a robot too, but she doesn't really care. I love the show, and I wish it was back!moreless

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