Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 12

A Room with a Moose

Aired Unknown Aug 17, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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A Room with a Moose
When Zim formulates a plan to get revenge on his skoolmates and especially Dib, he gets them all participating on a fieldtrip. Dib, however, realizes that the driver of the bus isn’t real, but due to his constant theories, the other students disregard his warnings. Zim decides to gloat about his magnificent plan and he informs Dib of every detail in confidence that Dib can do nothing to stop him, though Dib refuses to give up and he does everything he can to save his skoolmates and himself; despite the fact that he doesn’t know why Zim’s plans involve a room with a moose.moreless

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  • So stupid, it's hilarious

    In this episode, Zim once again tries to destroy the children in his class, this time by taking them to a rooom... with a Moose!? It's an odd and quirky situation that you can't find in any other show, and it benefits here. The kids being stupid enough to be led to the room was funny, and I love Dib's reaction when he found where they were going. Zim is at his top evilness here, and GIR, of course is there for silliness and all the characters are great here. Overall, one of my favorites of the show. 9.5/10 A-moreless
  • The greatest episode of all time.

    This episode is the one that mde the website, This episode, is the one that got more people watching Invader ZIM. This episode, helped ZIM bring in cash. But, sadly, it wasn't enough for Nick.

    Anyway, I love when ZIM says, "A ROOM with a MOOSE!" and then scary music plays, then dib says, "A room with a moose?" Then it shows the walnuts being crushed. Funny, funny, funny.

    The effects are great, too. The bus and the black hole looked amazing, and I like watching it over and over again.

    This is a review by AangPhantom, giving this episode a 10 out of 10, a perfect score. See ya!moreless
  • Zim decides to kill all of the school children (especially Dib!) in a little field trip to....A ROOM...WITH A MOOOOSE!!

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of Invader Zim. I was laughing out loud at about 5 parts. Anyways, Zim sends all the kids in Miss Bitters' class on a surprise field trip to...A ROOM...WITH A MOOSE!!!! Of course, Dib is the only one aware of this plot. He tries to stop Zim, but it is too late. The moose is too powerful. He eats walnuts!!!! Not the walnuts!!! The highlights of this episode include Zim's dramatic entrance to the classroom after his bathroom break, the explosion in the bathroom, and the room with a moose part. I love that moose.moreless
  • I love this episode. My custom license plate reads MOOSYF8 in honor of Zim s bizarre torture.

    This episode sticks in my mind more than most of the other episodes. We have the whole collection on DVD. I really enjoy the absurdity of torturing Dib with a room with a moose. The cutaways to the moose contrast well with the urgency of Dib s fate. I also love when Dib resigns to his unpopularity and moves to the other side of the bus so everyone else will move away from him to change the direction of the bus and send them home. Now, Dib, I leave you to your (moosey fate! say moosey fate!) your moosey fate.moreless
  • GIR was great

    GIR and walnuts and changing the channel! I also liked the scenes where he hijacked the PA system and read ZIM's message and then started beatboxing. "I like food. Now check this out!" "I shut it off, GIR, it worked. Now let's go home. Phase two is underway." "That's my favorite phase!" "LEAVE NO EVIDENCE!"

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