Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 28


Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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When Zim is attempting to explain to the Almighty Tallest that the humans are both dumb and tall, he gets interrupted when the doorbell rings and his transmission to the Tallest is cut short. The two individuals at the door claim to be human, but Zim doesn’t believe them and he attempts to tell them that their spaceship is jamming his signal; they respond by merely sacking both Gir and Zim and taking them to their spaceship. Will Zim be able to get back to his base and finish his report to the Tallest, and what will Zim do to the two aliens who dared to capture him?moreless

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  • A very funny episode

    This is one of the IZ's strongest and funniest episodes. I laughed the whole way through it.

    I liked the ship's cloaking device and how it made the ship look like a flying whale. So funny. I also thought that the fusion experiment was funny. The aliens were pretty interesting. They're the ame aliens that appear in Jhonen Vaquez's "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Squee!" comic book series with the same personallities. They were funny in the comics and in the show.

    This is such a great episode. All the humor seemed to flow so well. This is why I miss Zim.moreless
  • Probably the first one I saw

    Probably the first one I saw (don't judge me - I didn't have cable the year the show started!). I like how stupid and funny GIR is in this ep. He even ate one of ZIM's contact lenses. This time when ZIM told him "defensive mode" he jumped into the sack; in the Halloween ep he jumped out the window (serving the same basic principle).

    GIR: Wooohoooo! Hi there!!
  • Not my favorite but stil really funny.

    Personally this is not my favorite episode because of the story but because of the characters it is stil a good episode.

    Zim is talking with the tallest ones when the door bell rings. Zim goes up to find out who and aliens think he is a human and are going to use him for experiments. When he gets in the ship they "fuse" him with a gopher. Afterwards he escapes and is going through the ship. Well going through he finds a small blob which tells him how to escape but Zim leaves before he asks for help to get out. Once Zim gets to the escape pods he calls Gir which walks through one room and meets Zim in the escape pod room. Which the door was unlocked. Then they get in and land in there yard. After Blue and Green decide to look for the Earth weasel and abduct Dib.

    The episode isn't my favorite because not as much action as in other episodes but stil a funny episode that people should watch.moreless
  • ZIM was talking to the tallest when the transmission was cut,at the same time some horrible looking people come to their house but their really aliens and abduct ZIM and GIR. can they escape from the filthy horrible stupid alien scum?moreless

    this 15 min. episode was the greatest one other than ZIM eats waffles. the fact that their is something even stupider than GIR made me laugh. I love the Abductee green and his long random stringing he says with the oooooooooooooooh ooh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh and the fact that GIR can just walk by them without resistance and can open the door without security flaring and lasers going off. also a gopher gets killed of exploding. plus they think metal crud is actually human and of course that random blob thing ZIM sees while he's trying to escape and then the great score Kevin Manthei blessed me with.moreless
Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

The Blob

Guest Star

Brian George

Brian George

Blue-Eyed Abductor

Guest Star

Jim Wise

Jim Wise

Green-Eyed Abductor

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Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez


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    • Zim: Wait! You're flying over a human neighborhood!
      Blue: Oh don't worry, we've got cloaking technology!
      Green: Humans won't suspect a thing!
      (Shows outside the ship is disguised as a whale, hovering over the neighborhood)

    • Zim: (To imprisoned alien) What are you?
      Alien: I don't even know anymore! I've been fused so many times!

    • Red: How could anything tall be stupid?
      Purple: (With a mouthful of food) Yeah! Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    • Zim: (over loudspeaker) Gir! (Gir falls from tube) Gir! Remember with your brains! You must behave like a human dog monster! Do you understand?
      Gir: (gets up; shakes head) I really don't.
      Zim: Gir! (looks at monitor; sees that the Tallest are watching) Human dogs don't speak!
      Gir: (flails arms) Oooooh...
      Zim: Now go answer the door.
      Gir: (inaudible; runs away)

    • Zim: Sorry, my Tallest. I may have found a species even dumber than the humans.
      Tallest Purple: Were they.. tall?

    • (When the two aliens attempt to kidnap Zim and Gir)
      Zim: Gir, defensive mode!
      (Gir jumps into the sack)

    • Zim: How did they get away?
      Blob: That duct up there leads to the emergency escape ships. If only I had an arm or a leg, or maybe... Yes! Someone to help me get there; would you please help me?
      (Zim left before the blob finished talking)
      Blob: Hello?

    • Zim: Could you just, maybe, drop me off?
      Green: Impossible! We've gone past the point of no return!
      Zim: My house is right down there! (Zim points down) I could probably just jump onto the roof!

    • Blue: Eh, but enough philosophy.
      Zim: We haven't been talking about...
      Blue: Let the hideous experiments begin!

    • Blue: Foolish human. You have fallen victim to our clever plan.
      Green: He sure did.
      Zim: You threw me in a sack.

    • Alien: (pretending to be a human) Howdy, perfectly normal human worm-baby!

    • Zim: Gopher, go for help!

    • (When Blue and Green are playing a tape)
      Dib: I know what you are, Zim!
      Zim: Yup, that's me! Human, human, human! Just look at my neck!

    • Green: If it helps you to pretend I'm stupid...
      (Green fades out and begins to drool for several seconds, dropping some pieces of metal but then picks them up, when he regains thought)
      Green: Then go ahead! I'm gonna go fuse these other humans to the blob thing.

    • Zim: Gir, human dogs don't speak!
      Gir: Oh!
      Zim: Now, go answer the doorbell.

    • Tallest Red: I see! Fascinating...
      Tallest Purple: Yes, fascinating... But, I don't see!

    • Blue: We shouldn't have fused him! We made him twice as powerful! Twice as deadly!

    • (When Zim is trying to prove he isn't human to the two aliens, after taking his contact lenses off)
      Zim: It's nothing more than a clever disguise!
      (Gir picks up one of the contact lenses and he eats it)

    • Green: We should have given him the juice test!
      Blue: Well, maybe the juice strengthens him! Did you ever think of that?

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