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Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown May 04, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Dib finally manages to be permitted to present his findings on Zim to the Swollen Eyeball Network, he believes he will be able to put an end to Zim’s schemes once and for all. However, when he discovers that he needs his father’s permission and since his father is busy working on his television show, Dib must venture into the studio where his father is in order to attempt to get the signature he needs; though he soon discovers that speaking to his father isn’t going to be as easy as it should be.moreless

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  • Dib tries to get to his infamous father, Professor Membrane, to sign a permission slip to show information about the existence of Zim

    Like I've said before, Dib-focused episodes are generally no good. Dib just doesn't work as a main character. But the writers of this show are always good, so there are still some shining moments of the episode, even if Dib is stupid. Shunk Wugga and his hilarious misshapen character design scream hilarity. The security guard electrocuting Dib just for talking to him, basically. The funniest jokes in the show are the ons that seem the most hilarious when compared to real life, and a security guard electrocuting an 11-year-old (or whatever) for no point is gold. Jhonen's computer announcer / monster truck announcer voice is also a shining moment of any episode. Writing reviews for every episode is going to be harder than I thought.moreless
  • The introduction of the Swollen Eyeball network.

    This episode introduced the Swollen Eyeball network. This episode, I really loved. Why does it only have an 8.3 rating here? It's one of the all time greats!

    I mean, one of the most memorable quotes for me was in this episode. When they are in the testing room, this lady turns in her test, and the computer was like, "You got 94%." Then the lady smiles. "Your score is:. . . . . REJECTED!" Then, her chair flies back into a door labled, "Rejects" THAT was HILARIOUS! I will remember that quote for the rest of my life.

    9.4 out of 10, great episode.moreless
  • Dib is foiled again

    This is a Gaz vengeance episode. Here she foils Dib's plans to get their dad's permission to go to the Swollen Eyeball network because he stole her pizza. And no one comes between Gaz and her goals - NO ONE! I liked how she kept taking the staff entrance. Dib should've thought of that.
  • Fine example of the great series

    This is a weird episode at the start because Dib and Gaz's dad accounces that he is going to launch a machine named P.E.G. that will make energy. But may destroy the earth. When Dib goes home to his room he finds his "Future" else laying in the bed and says that he needs to go stop Zim from messing up the machine so it won't setroy the Earth. When Dib goes he finds out that this is all a trick by Zim and that was no future self it was a robot that Zim made. So Zim sends the robot to go out and mess the machine up while he is in space. Soon Dib tries to hack the system to stop him when the monkey comes.

    This is a must see episode and I am not going to tell the ending so find it and watch it for yourself.moreless
Andy Berman

Andy Berman


Guest Star

Brad Abrell

Brad Abrell


Guest Star

Matt Ballard

Matt Ballard

Gate Guard / Fan

Guest Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Professor Membrane / Slip

Recurring Role

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    • Dib: (Seeing Gaz after being violently pulled into a classroom through a vacuum tube) How did YOU get in here?
      Gaz: The staff entrance, duh!

    • Dib: How am I supposed to know what Dad's first sentient thought was?
      Gaz: It was "I will poop now". It's here in his autobiography.

    • Dib: What does this have to do with science?

    • Dib: (to Shunk) How did you pass the verbal portion of the exam, anyway?

    • Dib: What? You mean I can't save the world without my dad's permission?!

    • Test Computer: (evaluating a child's results) 94%, your score is unacceptable!
      (The child's chair moves to the back, an explosion is heard)
      Test Computer: (evaluating Dib's results) 94.1%, your score is acceptable! Congratulations!
      (Victory music plays as confetti is blown on Dib)
      Dib: (after the music and confetti goes away; he brushes his brushes off his head) Well that was annoying.

    • (When Dib asked Gaz why she came with him, a flashback plays)
      Gaz: Let it be known that from this day until the end of this day, vengeance will be mine. Dib, you will not know the meaning of peace, for I will rain misery down upon your pizza stealing heart!
      (The scene goes back to the present)
      Gaz: I thought I'd help you out.

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