Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 27

Battle of the Planets

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Battle of the Planets
When Zim goes to Mars to attempt to find a way to destroy the Earth, figuring that whatever killed the life on Mars may work for Earth as well, he stumbles across the face on Mars, which he later discovers that is actually the controls for a spaceship, in which the entire planet of Mars was the spaceship. Dib learns of this and he attempts to go to NASAPLACE in order to get them to see what Zim is doing, but they refuse to believe him as they can’t look at the monitors. Will Dib be able to find a way to stop Zim before he uses the red planet to squish all the life out of the Earth?moreless

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  • Pretty good, but not my favorite

    The best part, as always, is GIR. And of course ZIM too "Get off my head GIR." "GET OFF MY HEAD!" "I hate them! And I hope they die!...Heh, oh yeah." My friend and I love that line. The other great scene was where ZIM sent GIR to mess with Dib. That was classic.
  • The butt on Mercury? Why didn't we learn tht in science?

    On this episode the Irkens and celebrating there first planet take over. When Zim sends a message saying he thinks he has found a way to destroy Earth. Then him and Gir go up to Mars and find out that Mars is a giant space ship. Of course Dib has been moderating the cameras. Dib runs to the NASAPLACE and tells everyone the story. No one belives him so he runs into a janitor that may be the secret person he works with. He tells him that Mercury is also a ship. So he sets off while Zim pilots Mars toward Earth. Dib gets to the other ship in time to stop Zim from crushing the earth by raming into him. There is a big battle which is a great scene in the episode.

    This is one for the better episodes because of the well written story in it and some humor. Also there was a funny scene which was taken out but oh well til a great episode.moreless
  • Zimedicine

    If you've never heard of Zim, then somethings wrong with you. And you need to be fixed. This episode will do it.

    The pilot may explain WHY Zim is on Earth. But Battle of the Planets will explain WHY you need to watch every episode. Buy every DVD. And curl up with a stuffed GIR.

    Using Planets in a dog fight blew my mind. Its inspiring. This is the sort of stuff we Zim fans weep over as we morn the loss of one of telivions greatest shows.moreless
Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez

ZIM's Computer / NASAPLACE Screaming Guy

Guest Star

John de Lancie

John de Lancie

Agent Darkbootie (disguised)

Guest Star

Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi

Holographic Marzoid Head/Invader Skoodge (voice)

Guest Star

Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez


Recurring Role

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Professor Membrane

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The screaming man who gets his soda can crushed by Mars is staff writer Courtney Lilly, although Jhonen Vasquez does his voice.

    • Goof: When Zim launches several moons at Dib's Mercury ship, it causes a large crater to appear on the front of the planet. However, the crater disappears after a few scenes.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Zim: Some of this landscape looks unnatural, as if nature was not involved in its formation, but the sensors show no life-forms. Whatever wiped out these… Mars-iods must have truly been incredible!

    • Zim: Whoever they were, they left no clue of what wiped them out. They just left these stupid structures here to taunt me! I hate them and I hope they die!
      (Zim kicks a Mars-ioid skull)
      Zim: Heh, oh yeah.

    • Zim: Mission accomplished, my Tallest. I have rid this solar system of the planet Mars.
      Tallest Purple: I thought you were trying to destroy the Earth.
      Zim: Oh, yes, that... You heard wrong, this time I was trying to get rid of Mars. You know, just a little warm-up before I destroy the humans! Yeah, I'll do Earth next time, I'm an unstoppable death machine, you know. Well, Invader Zim, signing off!

    • Zim: People of Earth, prepare to taste the mighty foot of my planet! (Zim begins to laugh)

    • Zim: You should never of bothered to followed me up, because you won't win!
      Dib: Yeah, well you should have never come to Earth, because I'll stop you at every turn!

    • Tallest Purple: Heh, remember, remember the time Zim called us and he was, he was covered from head to foot in meat?
      (Tallest Red begins to laugh)
      Tallest Red: Yeah, the meat ended up fusing to his flesh, heh, and he almost went blind when it invaded his eye sockets!
      (Tallest Red continues to laugh)
      Tallest Red: Meat!
      (Tallest Red and Purple both laugh)
      Tallest Purple: Meat!

    • Dib: (When Zim heads into the asteroid field) That's just stupid.

    • Gir: I gotta go pig, I'll see you later!

    • Zim: Get off my head, Gir!
      (Gir wakes up and leans upward)
      Zim: I have a good feeling about this lead!
      (Gir slids off of Zim's head and lands in the floor, where he curls up and falls asleep)
      Zim: I can almost taste the humans being destroyed. It's delicious! This Mars holds the key, I just know it! New words of praise will have to be invented just so they can pr... Get off my head!
      (The camera zooms out to show that Gir went back onto Zim's head)

    • Professor Membrane: Son, where are you going?
      Dib: Uh...
      Professor Membrane: Off to save the world?
      Dib: Yeah. (Dib runs outside)
      Professor Membrane: My poor, insane son.

    • Dib: Look, he's on those monitors!
      NASAPLACE Guy: Sorry kid, since they cut the funding, we're not even allowed to look at those monitors.

    • Mars-ioid Hologram: Welcome pilot! How ya doin'?

    • Dib: Watch everybody, he's gonna destroy the world!
      Guard 1: Was that the, uh...
      Guard 2: Mmhmm.
      Guard 1: Crazy UFO kid?
      Guard 2: Yep.

    • Zim: Gir, go take care of the Earth boy!
      (Gir salutes and then flies out towards Dib, sitting beside him)
      Gir (pressing random buttons): What's this do? What's that do? What's this do? What's this do? What's it do?

    • Tallest Purple: And we all remember how he messed up Operation Impending Doom I, am I right?
      Random Irken: I don't!
      Tallest Purple: Size that guy and, uh, throw him out the airlock!
      (Irken soldiers fly out from behind Purple and into the crowd, an Irken begins to scream)
      Tallest Purple: That was the wrong guy, but, that's okay! I think everyone gets the point, hmm?

    • Gaz: Your voice is stupid!

    • (When Dib refused to follow Zim into the asteroid field)
      Zim: Look at that cowardly human! We'll see who's stupid when...
      (Zim screams upon having his spaceship hit with an asteroid)

    • Zim: (asking why the Mars-ioid's turned their planet into a spaceship) What would you do all that?
      Mars-ioid Hologram: Because it's cool!
      Gir: Mmhmm!

    • Zim: Now, slowing to squishing speed!

  • NOTES (1)