Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 4

Bestest Friend

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Bestest Friend
When Zim makes a huge scene over his inability to eat lunch food, he overhears one of the girls at skool talking about how inhuman he seems to be and how he has no friends. In an attempt to appear more normal, Zim decides to spend time with a student named Keef, though Zim soon finishes his plan and he considers himself normal, so he tries to get Keef to leave him alone. Much to Zim’s chagrin, however, Keef continues to follow Zim around, so Zim decides to take unorthodox measures to ensure Keef leaves him alone.moreless

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  • Favorite episode

    So funny and such a delightfully terrifying ending. Jhonen and Roman Dirge (he helped out a little on this one) are truly amazing individuals. WARNING though, this IS the most screwed up episode in the series, even more so than Dark Harvest in my opinion. I wont spoil the ending because in my opinion its the best part of any episode in the entire show, but just be prepared. 10/10
  • This is the episode that got me watching this show.

    This episode is special to me because it is the first one I watched and it is the one that really got me hooked. Most of the time it takes me a few episodes to decide for a series but this one made me love this show itself. Now the story is really interesting and it is delivered in a creatively humorous way. I love humorous shows so this is really whow it got me. The animation reminded my of the old school Nick toons I used to watch as a kid, which is somewhere between Rugrats and maybe Spongebob. The way Zim tried to get friends was really funny and how he loses then is even more so. The scene at the very beggining really kills me(you know if you saw). This is a must watch - again and again and again.moreless
  • Either the last episode you\'ll ever watch or, the begining of an addiction that will never end.

    When I first heard about Invader Zim it was via an annoyingly vauge teaser before the show premeired. The thought of any sci-fi shows intigued me to no end. I really enjoyed the first episode (though felt it to be painfully short), the second episode left slightly disappointed. This episode, however, made me never want to miss this show ever again. It begins with a premise similar to Fatal Attraction with a twist, to make fit into the show\'s universe. This episode has the best of Zim\'s pattened beyond irreverent humor. The end is so unexpected, that you will not be able to believe what you saw.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite episode for the show!

    Zim wants to act like just a normal kid in school, so no one will find out that he;s really an alien. But when a girl talk about its inhuman to not have any friends, he gets all paranoid that someone is gonna find out the truth. So zim befriends a weird kid from his school, Keef, and best of all, he passed all of Zim's task! Zim thinks that everything is going well, until Keef wont leave his side. Zim tries everything to get away from him, but nothing seems to work. Keef thinks that he's been feeling bad, so he tries to throw him a party. When he hears it from Gir, he gets mad and gets rid of Keef once and for all! So he gives him something that makes Keef think that a squiral is Zim, and he starts to chase the squiral think that its Zim. Meanwhile, Gir is still baking the cake for the party.moreless
  • Keef is as clingy as my best friend's boyfriends

    ZIM made a grave miscalculation about friendship. Even though Keef is clingy, he is a good friend to ZIM and ZIM should have treated him better. GIR is funny about trying to hide the party stuff and stirring the cake batter. Keef kicks the bucket at the end of this ep, gets cameos in classroom scenes, and the season 2 ep "Return of Keef" got canned.
Danny Cooksey

Danny Cooksey

Keef / Melvin / Dirge

Guest Star

Richard Horvitz

Richard Horvitz

Purple-Goggled Scientist

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Antoinette Spolar

Antoinette Spolar

Jessica / Gretchen / Reporter

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