Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 24

Future Dib

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Future Dib
Professor Membrane has just unveiled a world changing machine that will completely remove the entire need for fuel, though if the machine were to malfunction, it could cause a giant shockwave that would destroy all life on Earth. However, Professor Membrane refuses to turn the machine on until his children are present, in which Dib is absent because he is attempting to prevent Zim from sabotaging the machine. However, things soon take a turn for the worse as Dib falls into one of Zim’s traps and the crowd in front of Professor Membrane beings to grow uneasy over the fact that they’ve waited so long, so Professor Membrane decides to send Gaz to go find Dib and put an end to his foolishness.moreless

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  • Horrible!

    I absolutely hate this horrid excuse to be called an episode. Dib gets locked in a cage, only to never be rescued by anyone. Zim abused a monkey and made it beat on Dib in a cage match, GIR was extremely annoying and gross (the butter bar on the popcorn), and Gaz was an idiot for thinking that Dib is a robot. She, along with Zim, were more cruel in this episode than the others. Zim actually locked Dib up and Gaz didn't rescue the real Dib in the warehouse.

    The end of the episode was dead terrible. The Dib Robot-Spy is served as Gaz's maid and it looked horrific and disturbing with a single eye in a maid outfit, as if it were from a TV-MA show. WHAT WAS THE CAST THINKING WHEN THEY WROTE THIS AWFUL EPISODE!?!?!?!

    Do not waste your time watching this episode! Watch the other Invader Zim episodes instead, like Germs, Walk of Doom, and Dark Harvest. This episode, along with Mysterious Mysteries, killed the Invader Zim series. Even a single second for me is torture.moreless
  • ZIM fools Dib with a robot replica

    ZIM fools Dib with a robot replica and uses it to get past lab security to blow up the world. Gaz pummels it into oblivion for acting strange, then makes it her slave. Meanwhile, the real Dib is trapped in a cage with a monkey. GIR and ZIM eat popcorn while watching his torment. The world is not blown up. Yay.
  • Professor Membrane invents a machine to cure world of all energy problems.

    Professor Membrane creates a new ingenious invention that can give the world unlimited energy. However, he said that their was small margin of error occuring during this process and could cause the world to go into complete chaos. Zim hears this and immediatly hatches a planto cause the machine to not work. Dib however is told he will be going to starting of the machine. Dib returns home to find a Dib from the \"future\". It is really Zim telling a pathetic story that he had caused the machine to explode and successfully destroying Earth. He leads him to a trap. using the robot he cuts through security. However, his sister follows him and destroys the robot after Dib hacks the sound system and acts really weird overall it was great episode.moreless
David Herman

David Herman

Security Guard / F B Guy

Guest Star

Brad Abrell

Brad Abrell

Membrane Announcer / Audience Member

Guest Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Professor Membrane

Recurring Role

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