Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 21

Game Slave 2

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Game Slave 2
When Gaz sees an advertisement for the new handheld gaming console, the Game Slave 2, she decides that she really needs to go to the mall in order to get one. However, when her father insists that she takes Dib to the mall as well, he forces her to wait until Mysterious Mysteries goes off, which causes them to arrive at the mall late. Gaz, in rage, tricks Dib into running off into the underground parking lot while she attempts to get a Game Slave 2; though Gaz discovers an annoying kid managed to get the last copy so she seeks to steal his copy, all the while Dib must attempt to get out of the underground parking lot, which is filled with rat-like people who just annoy him.moreless

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  • An awesome episode

    Gaz sure showed Iggins! Also, I liked him better when he's deceased in that elevator crash.

    *Jhonen's criticism towards Nick:

    Back then, when Nick announced that they wanted a show that can attract older viewers, Jhonen stepped in and brought in Invader Zim. But when this episode came up, Nick wanted Jhonen to reedit the ending because they don't want intense killings in their network. Upset with how right now Nick wants the series to be in a happy tone, Jhonen creates a minor character named Nick (a child that's always happy), just to get back at Nickelodeon.

    GAZ IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Gaz doesn't need Dib to take care of her!

    Gaz doesn't need Dib to take care of her! If anything, he only slows her down or gets her into bad situations. This is my favorite Gaz episode, the best Gaz episode there is. I like when she stalks Iggins. He is such a twerp and deserves to die (even though Nick said they can't do that and he ends up getting arrested for loitering in Walk for Your Lives). Gaz rules!moreless
  • One of though episodes that freak you out!

    This is just one of episodes not for little kids. Personally this is one of the scariest Invader Zim episodes ever.

    There is a new game out and Gaz must get it but Dib makes her wait so she is almost last in line. After she finally gets to the front there is one but the other kid behind her takes it. So she goes and follows the kid trying to get it. She does alot of things that were really weird like sending him into a nightmare world,apearing outside the windows and finally nearly killing him.

    This is one of my favorites for the dark feel of it.moreless
  • Gaz battles a boy named Iggins a.k.a. Clarance Wong over a new video game.

    \"Game Slave 2\", in my opinion, is one of the best episodes of \"Inaider ZIM\". There are not alot of episodes about Gaz and she is my favorite character so this episode really held my interest. I also think that this episode had a very funny and interesting plot. Who wouldn\'t want to see Gaz invaide a boys house over a video game? The ending of this episode also intested me. Dib is my least favorite character so seeing his \"doom\" made the subplot for me.moreless
  • This was a really good episode. It really should just how far Gaz would go to play games.

    Gaz sees a commercial for the Game Slave 2. When Dib makes here late, she forces him to leave. Unfortunatley, a boy named Iggens takes the last one. Gaz is determined to get it from him. She haunts Iggens wherever he goes. Near the end, she's willing to have Iggens killed just to be able to kill some vampire piggies.
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Andy Berman

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