Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 9

Gaz, Taster of Pork

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • That Dib, Will He ever learn?

    Gaz, Taster of Pork was a good episode. It was no "The Nightmare Begins", But it's just one of those episodes that puts a smile on your face and shows how crazy/Silly the show can get. (Do you recall the quote: "I Got' Monkeys in me!", the Beaver suit Scene, And the Ending?)
    Personally I think that the Pork Place (or whatever it's called, you know what i'm talking about, Right?)was a little bit too pink...Cause' When I think of pork colour, I think Dark Red or BBQ Steak Brown, Not Pink. But, Otherwise the episode didn't have that many flaws, Unlike some past ones.
  • Cool.

    This episode was funny at times, but sometimes it got a little boring. I mean, it has a great storyline, but, well, it could have fit into a 15 minute episode if thw writers really tried. It kinda got stretched out.

    "That was the greatest escape ever!" One of the best lines in this episode. When they came out of a car wearing a beaver ssuit! Too bad it didn;t show what they actually did, but I guess that is the point of the joke, and they did that really well. I was laughing so hard when I saw that for the first time!

    Watch this episode! -10 points for the stretched out storyline, though.

    9 out of 10.

    I also liked when ZIM was fighting that beast and said, "Now that we struggle to get the information" or something. That was funny, too.
  • Everything tastes like a pig! A PIG!!!

    I love this episode. It's one of the best, and darkest of the series. Doesn't anyone else just love Gaz's death threats?

    Damn, I sure wish I had an army of robot dolls to devour the flesh of my enemies. I liked finally seeing more into Gaz's world in this episode, especially since she is one of my favorite characters. I also liked her pink pajamas. I liked the search guy part. "It's too late! They transformed into a book! I told them this would happen!"

    Probably the best part is the ending. It is both one of the darkest and funniest moments of Invader Zim. When I watched it, I was like, "whoa, that was an awsome episode." Poor Dib, though. Tee, hee, hee, hee. All the bad things happen to the good guys in Jhonen Vasquez's world.
  • We get to see more of Gaz's world!

    Another Gaz ep! YAY! The plot was kinda stupid and I hated the way Professor Membrane exploited her condition. It was worth it though to see that segment of Gaz beating up Dib after he freed her from the isolation chamber. That and we got to see her in her room and attacking Dib with her own army of flesh-eating robots.
  • This episode proves the greatness that is Invader Zim. Pork!

    This episode is about Dib cursing Gaz with the power of the Shadow Hog. Now anything she eats tastes like pig intestines. This episode is one of my favorites even though Zim and Gir are only in one scene. In this episode you finally get to see Gaz's room. Her room has many dangers in it, especially her "Security". This episode you can really see Gaz's darkness. Professor Membrane soon exploits Gaz's plight in a hilarious way but while still finding the cure for her Pig Mouth. This episode also has the funny song, "Gaz and the Shadow Hog". Dib and Gaz then have to go into the Realm of the Shadow Hog to cure Gaz of her Pig Mouth. Will Gaz be cured and will Dib be forced to do something horribly humilating? Watch to find out! I bet you taste like a piggy!