Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hilarious but a bit extreme.

    This episode was very well put together. I liked the little movie in the beginning about how germs defeat aliens. ZIM was acting extremely crazy in this episode. I'm glad humans can't see germs or otherwise we'd be the same. I laughed my butt off at most things in this episode. ZIM kept spraying every germ that he'd see. (and of course they're everywhere). Oh I forgot to mention the advertising thing for the goggles. That was really unique and maybe thins will be that way in the future. In the end, ZIM found a solution, some kind of space meat that was germ-repellant or whatever. The ending scene was classic when he showed up covered in the meat. This episode was great overall.
  • Germs!!!

    I love this episode. Its about Zim knows about germs and Zim wants to know what they were. Zim bought a demo of something he can see the germs. When he putted it on, he got scared of all the germs he saw near him. He bought the all thing to keep it. Zim bought all these other cleaning things to destory all the germs. Gir took Zim`s spray and Zim chased him to a meat resturant. When he got his spray back, all the people had germs all over them, except for the meat. The next day, Zim came to school with meat all over him so germs wouldnt touch him. It was a weird and enjoyable episode.
  • There should really be a classification for "hilarious" because I laughed through this entire episode.

    When Zim sees and advert on his computer about the threat of germs to aliens, he orders special goggles that allow him to see the germs. He becomes obsessed with cleaning his base/house to kill all of the germs. After much scrubbing, Zim's house is clean! Then Gir comes in with germs all over him and decides to roll in the floor spreading the germs. They grow and grow until Zim ties Gir to a tree to stop the germs. He soon realizes that he is running out of disinfectant so he gets Gir and heads out for more. Gir gets distracted (as usual) and runs into McMeaty's. When Zim follows him in, he sees that the humans are covered in germs, but not the food. Zim takes all of their meat products and covers himself in it to prevent the germs from interfering with his mission.
  • Zim becomes afraid of germs, after watching a movie where germs destroy aliens.

    This is a classic invader zim episode. He becomes afraid of germs, and buys some goggles that let him know where they are at all times. He germ-proofs his house, cleaning it entirely with disinfectant spray. Then, after spraying a safe path out of his house, he goes to McMeaties and discovers that the meat there (made of napkins) is germ free. he then coats himself in it. THis isn't one of my favorite episodes, but it was okay. I didn't laugh out loud at this episode. The best part was, by far, the napkin part. I want to eat napkin meat!
  • Another obstacle to ZIM's mission

    This episode had a lot of great lines, like GIR's hugging lines and rolling around on the floor, ZIM's scary rant to the Tallest, and "Clean lemony-fresh victory is mine!" Also: "Hooray for Earth!" "GIR! The Earth is our enemy." "I understand." And Jhonen makes another cameo in the restaurant scene.
  • Germs is one you must see.

    Germs is one of thoughs episodes you hear about and have to watch for youself. In this episode Zim sees a movie on whihc shows an alien invasion being stopped by germs. Because he sees this he tries to stop the spread of germs in his house. After finally getting rid of every germ in his house guess what? Gir comes in with pig and rolls all over the place to spread the germs again. Later in the episode there is a story about Space Meat and Zim decides to use the meat in a special way so the germs won't come after him. Also there is some funny quotes like "Someone Needs a Hug" by Gir.
  • One of the most humourous episodes of Invader Zim.

    After learining of germs, Zim orders a pair of germ vision goggles, and to his horror, sees that they are everywhere. He becomes so obsessed, going as far as to wear tissue boxes on his feet and a showercap.
    Eventually, he finds the perfect germless aid in the form of McMeaties' burgers, so he covers himself in them.

    Watching Zim go from normal to crazy over the course of this episode is really hilarious to say the least, with him screaming and spraying germs left right and centre. And waching a germ-covered GIR roll about the floor, spreading germs is one of the highlights of this episode, along with him hugging Zim saying "I love you!" and "Somebody needs a hug!" with the line "I'm gonna roll about on the floor, 'k". It's definately one of the highlights of the series.